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    1 degree in the hilltops of 8T. Good luck to everyone this morning! I'm not out this morning, instead I'm running to Rochester and back to pick up our other 3 grandkids for the next couple of days. Our 11 yr old grandson will be hunting with me for our third Black Friday hunt in a row. Going to do the the Friday afternoon sit, and as much as he's up for for on Saturday. We got a doe together the last two years in a row, but this year I've got a buck tag left. If the opportunity arises, I may just be willing to take a buck that I'd normally pass on to send him home with antlers along with a pile of steaks. He's very involved with sports so it's getting tougher to get any time in the fall with him. I'm trying to set the hook so to speak for hunting before sports, girls, and high school sweeps him away in a couple years. Havent been out since Tuesday afternoon, so I'm ready! Good luck today!
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    The deer in a canoe shot would be an awesome picture. Just saying. good luck
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    Among us, it has always been whoever draws first blood, tags the deer. Doesn't matter where or how the first blood was drawn. Or who fired the final shot. I've tracked deer a couple times, I hit, that went off our property and was shot by someone else. I stuck out my hand and congratulated them. One, was a very nice muture buck, on state land, during bow season. I shot him, he ran, and bedded under the tree of a kid, I had no idea was there. He put another arrow in him. After following a good blood trail, a hundred yards or so, I came upon the young hunter, standing over "his first bow buck"!! I even helped him drag out his trophy.
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    Plus a monster round loaf of terranova bread; mozzarella knots, sun dried tomatoes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fork and six for twenty minutes S close as ten yards , till a snow mobile in the field 100 yards away some by . They ran out other side of woods . I hate hate them in gun season !
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    I think tomorrow will be the day, temps really going up and a small rain system coming through in the afternoon (that is forecast for cap district anyway) will make for a lot more movement
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    Well...... I blew it on a wall hanger. I tried to force the shot through a bunch of brush. I should know better. I'm glad it was a clean miss right over him instead of wounding him. Hope to get another crack at him sometime.
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    I can't believe nobody has taken a deer on here the last 2 days! It's amazing how fast gun season slows movement.
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    Sure, even on public land, we try to do some serious scouting and usually pick out a spot as being pretty darn likely to be the best spot in the area. We know what kind of sign we are looking for, and eventually get convinced that some rather intensive scouting has produced THE spot. And yes it happens that the same sign and deer activity has caught the attention of other hunters. That is why these confrontations can frequently occur. We put our entire opening day strategy on a single spot and when someone beats you there, it can be devastating. That is why I put in extra effort and develop several spots. It means extra scouting and more time invested, but often it will result in more options so that if someone beat you to that primary hot-spot, you have three or four other places to set up at. There really is nothing you can do to effectively reserve a spot on state land, so instead of trying to bully another hunter out of his stand, put in some extra effort and have good alternate options. I have had situations where other hunters set up in what I consider to be unsafe proximity, and I have moved because I am concerned. Perhaps that was their intention, but I see those kind of people to be potentially irrational idiots that I really don't feel comfortable hunting that close to. Again, alternate stands are a good option. I don't want to even see another hunter because if I can see them (even as a tiny orange color), that means to me that there is a hole for a bullet to get to me. That's too close for me.
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    This is getting too complicated. Whether you condone it or not. Whether you accept it or not. Fatal shot is simple = Deer expires because of tne shot, doesn't matter leg, gut, neck, heart, etc. You go back to camp after tracking a gut shot deer for 24 hours, someone asks is it fatal? Your answer should be yes, that's a dead deer. Unfortunate and painful for sure, but it's still Fatal 100% of the time...
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    A fatal shot, is one where the hunter that shot, walks up to a dead deer. Simple as that.
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    Years ago I hit a nice 13 pt. One lung liver. Ran on to the neighbors property . Ran passed their son who missed and fell down in front of mom who finished it off . Tracked a decent bloodtrail in the snow and get to kid who says deer wasn't hit till his mom killed it. Laughed and pointed to blood trail. I left it to them . Next weekend posted signs went up between our properties. Mom and dad came out as I was leaving. Told me there 20 year old son claimed he hit it . If they had known they would have given me the deer. There was no reason for me to post the property. Told them that posted signs make good neighbors . If they hit a deer call my cell and I would track for them. Told them to remind their son of the borders. Following year during bow season had 2 cameras come up missing . One camera that was in a bear box locked and anchored to a tree had pictures of the son. Delivered copies of it to parents and told them I expected both cameras returned to the.stump on my property in 24 hours or police would be coming . Apologies from both . Cameras returned. Haven't seen the son in years . Parents and I have a cordial relationship at best.
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    Took this doe on Wednesday, 11.14.18. There was a dusting of snow. Been getting trail cam shots of a tanker and I held out for him as he was running and trailing does. But alas, only a six-point yearling was following her, so I with time running out, I let the arrow fly at her at 10:30 am. A bit far back, liver hit. Got on the easy track in the snow. Bumped her from her first bed at about 75 yards. Backed out. Gave her three hours. Came back and found her next to an old farm implement in the thick stuff...after another 75 yards. She had bedded and gotten up twice more. She bedded in honey suckle and multiflora rose. Easy steady trail. Hand pruners were handy cutting through the rose stems. The six-point presented a better shot than she did, but still hoping for a shot at the big guy. But the snow moved in. But I have a buck tag for muzzleloader/bow, and some venison in the freezer.
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    Froze my nuts off this morning. Girls are out shopping so I ordered Tiger vs Phil and enjoying a dry aged ribeye, berbere seasoned sweet potato wedges and a salad from my recliner. Sierra Nevada too. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Mine was the Saturday after thanksgiving. It was warm that ur. We were hunting up behind nccc. I didn't have any doe permits. 3 doe came thru. I thought of course! 2 minutes later here comes this 8. I emptied 5 shells out of a win 1300. Spine shot the deer. No more shells. My buddy Gordy comes running up and slits the Bucks throat. He had taken many deer. Few years later he took his own life! He might be the reason I still hunt to this day
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    Liver hit for sure. That is a dead deer,but it might take several hours. Don't go bumping it,they usually bed down not far from the hit site. Did you see it hunch up a little too? And.what was the angle f the shot? If you got a.lung as well it should be dead pretty soon.
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    That's not dirt it's frozen buggies lol.Haven't shaved in 5 years myself to be young again with a baby face Good luck Jerkman.If we all had paved roads to our stand that wouldn't be to much fun
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    Ur not that far from me, wanna come to my camp and build one of those lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sick bastard lol looks exactly so
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    Ding ding ding!!!!! I’m not getting involved in this black hole of a thread but I will say I’ve killed deer with a 222- 500S&W and I’ll say if efficiency in killing is the number one factor give me a mid bore 25-35cal from 2700-3000fps. By far I’ve tracked deer farther when shot from 45-70’s than I have from a 270 and I’ve shot piles with both. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well miday seems to be right. Sitting in the house and my neighborhood doe group is milling around and feeding. 2 are bedded. I know its cold out when they sleep on my bank. Always facing into the sun. When ut gets like this.
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    I’ve been deer hunting for 37 years and have shot a lot of bucks with some being pretty good. I honestly am not sure I could keep it together long enough to execute a shot on a deer like that. That is freaking amazing
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    I remember an Alsheimer video about how the rut can actually wear out a buck and kill it, I wonder if that’s what happened here? The wounded leg wouldn’t help. What a monster Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I bet Charlie Alsheimer is smiling from above......................RIP Big Buck
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    We sold Baffins in our hunting store for years. They are some of the best boots out there. Good luck with them
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    I've tracked both. And both were equally, just gut shot deer. Just saying.
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    I'd buy a TC Encore muzzleloader just like Moogs….<<SMILE>>…..
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    I like it..justification for the x frame 500 s&w
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    Yes ones bob and the other is bill Cant you tell
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    First time sitting out a Thanksgiving morning hunt, in a long time for me. My buck tag is used up, my grandson and hunting buddy opted out, because of the wind and cold. Got a house full coming for dinner today, so helping grammy where I can. Will go down and wipe down the rifles in a few, get everything set to go again. Still a lot of hunting to do this year!
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    And a time machine ! Very nice buck congrats , I’m out of likes for the day .
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    There is no right or wrong in this question of ownership...but it does tell us what the hunters are made of. What type of people are the two hunters when it comes down to a difficult ethical choice? Deer hunting brings out the best and worst in people and in direct proportion to the size of the rack. There is an old rule...not mentioned yet in this thread. Well, more of a guideline. "First arrow, last bullet gets to decide." I've been on both sides of the equation. Had a young hunter leg-shoot a nice 8 pt. many years ago. I didn't know it was hit when I dropped it. As I was finished dressing it out, the kid comes up. Luckily I had not filled out my tag. 'Course I gave him the deer. But it would have run forever with that hit. Lost a 10-point during archery season to someone else who claimed it. Years later he came clean and gave me the rack which I always have been grateful for. Good and bad in all of us, it is what we choose to act on that is important.
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    I was too chicken to go out. Got the second fireplace going and dogs are loving it!
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    Haha, no not yet. Sound is what we refer to our real hand as, sorry habit to say that. Plus my feet are currently in ziplock freezer bags, at least I will have to ziplocks real close by for the leftover turkey
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    Got email this morning from Remington. 35% off all items Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i guess if the meat goes to a good cause I can understand antler only hunting. I try to be pretty open minded, but I'll be honest... as a hunter it's hard for me to support the "trophy only" hunters.
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    Sako or Sikka in 270 or 7mm-08. Rifles meant to last more than one lifetime.
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    I need a bunch of ladder stands ,let me know if you guys see a deal anywhere.
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    All you can do is keep letting them walk. they don't all get shot. When you can show neighboring properties some nicer bucks you kill on your land, it can spread voluntarily. In my eyes, the best thing you can do is make some of your property as thick as possible for cover to hold the deer there as much as possible. The rut throws everything out the window, but it is a good start. And, don't be upset when your neighbor shoots the nice buck you have seen all summer. Lots of times, this will be the thing that gets them wanting to let the younger ones walk. But, and it's a big but, some hunters are perfectly happy with the first buck they see, and some will never shoot a doe. That's how they enjoy deer season, and why take their joy away because it is different from yours. It is frustrating at times, but remember to enjoy yourself. It beats the hell out of being at work.
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    Let me start off by saying in my 21ish years of hunting I’ve never seen a buck this big alive in the woods. My biggest buck to date is a small racked 7 pointer. I was already having a pretty decent opening day. Saw a doe early then a spike around 12 and another small 4 pointer around 12:30-12:45. Things went quiet around 1pm. Around 2:30 I decided to have a pee then get out my lucky skittles and settle in for the last 2 hours of the day. Right around 3 I hear a few shots go off 200 or so yards away followed by very heavy crashing. I figured what ever the deer was is going down in some thick nasty stuff and I’d be helping drag out a deer after sunset. Just in case though I grabbed the gun stood up and waited. That’s when the surprise kicked in. This buck with a big rack comes smashing through the thicket with a broken rear leg. At this point a completely forget about the rack and settle the gun on the vitals and follow him waiting for him to hit my shooting lane. Now he’s not moving very fast because of the broken leg. He gets through my first shooting lane as I still follow him cross hairs on the vitals. He gets into my second lane and I squeeze the trigger. He folds up in 20 yards head facing away from me. That’s when I remembered Holy Crap! This dude had a rack on him and a big one! When I finally got down to check him out I was in complete shock! In fact I think I still am! Thanks for all the kind words gents and congratulations to everyone that took a deer today. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    my brother broke the ice on the new property!!!!
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    Killed mine Friday morning......6pt at about 10 yards. The shot angle was steep and he was quartering towards me. Hit the back of either one or both lungs and down through all kinds of things. At the shot he took a couple bounds then started walking slowly away and waging his tail in that "odd" way. I watched him for probably 2 minutes before he disappeared in the goldenrod. I figured I'd give him at least two hours and then take a walk. I went back to my buddies and had a cup of coffee and some toast. At the 2 1/2 hour mark I figured I better get moving, it had started to snow real lightly. I went down into the basement to get dressed, my buddy came down and we ended up BS'ing for 20 minutes or so. I climbed the stairs and opened the Bilco door to a BLIZZARD. SOB........ I quickly drove over and got into the woods were I last saw him. (back up for a second; when I was still in the stand after shooting him I could see all kinds of blood where he was walking with the binos so I knew he was leaking good) I got on the blood fast but it was covered in 2-3" of snow and it was coming down harder and harder. Making it more difficult was the way it was piling up on the branches, brush and ME. Sometimes the only way to see the blood was after walking a likely trail then going back and seeing it in my boot tracks. I'd catch some blood on the goldenrod and other brush too after I got into a second stand of incredibly thick pines. I was soaked, beat up and getting dejected with all the snow. It was getting worse..... I took the trail to a power line right of way and for the life of me couldn't tell if he stayed in the pines, crossed the ROW, back tracked, zigged or zagged. From the shot he'd gone about 150 yards and never bedded that I could see. I quit..... The day before I'd shot a coyote and couldn't find it. Between the 'yote and this buck I was beating myself up pretty good. I went back to my buddies, took my soaking wet clothes of, hung the bow up to dry out and had some lunch. I laid down for 15 minutes and couldn't sleep. I had brought two rifles with me and wanted to confirm zero so I did. It was about 3:00 now and the snow had changed to rain. I noticed that much of the snow on the brush around camp had either blown off or was dropping due to the (slightly) warmer temps and rain making me think I better get my ass back over for another look. I quickly swapped out some clothes and headed over. Within minutes of getting there I was at the spot I "lost" blood. I went to the north just 15' past my mostly gone boot tracks from earlier and there he was, deader than a door nail. I assume he was covered in snow at the time and so was all the surrounding brush making him darn near impossible to see. I quickly dressed him of in the failing light and headed back to camp for my buddy the Honda Foreman. I honestly can't remember the last time I was so soaking wet, from the waist down I was drenched from the rain and wet snow. Sorry the pic suck as I was not in the mood to snap any hero shots in the sow hole where I gutted him. The barn was drier....... My face looks like I'm having a stroke, I think it was just 'cause I had snot pouring out of my beak. Persistence paid off and I was thrilled with the outcome.
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    so good news . i took the bring a case of beer and venison hot dogs. stopped by his house. introduced my self. we talked for two hours. he has been hunting that hill since he was 14. he is 61 and has squated on the land as far as hubting. absent land owner. he just claimed it as his own. been running everyone out for years. so long story short he understand we bought it. gave me the keys to the chain locks he put on the access ways. going to take out his stands. still does not explain why he was an asshole but left in extreamly good terms. told me where he hunted. showed me 3 140 inch bucks he has shot there. also gave me his cell phone if i need help tracking
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    1 shot 2 shot we were all younger but why.My best friend took his life aswell at only 31 and I still and will never no why he left so soon.
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