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    Pygmy, Nytracker, Just lucky and myself had some great conversation and food at frans landing. Pleasure meeting you two guys and talking with you again Dan. Looking forward to next time and hopefully a few more guys can make it.. i am on the left looking like a doofus operating my phone, to my right is Just Lucky, the handsome vertically challenged fellow in the middle is Pygmy and last but not least is NYtracker.
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    Braised short rib and brussel sprouts carbonara at Webster's Bistro in NT.
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    After several hunts with my new sbe3 it is officially de flowered. Morning started slow and only a hand full of ducks flew. One small flock of four or so landed out in front of us. Pulled up on them as they took off and splashed one!! My lab swam out and did a great retrieve. Nothing else all morning. No other shots round me. But a great morning. chased snow geese after but something odd today. The snows flew and flew and flew. We saw flock after flock but none landed. Very bizarre. No snows today.
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    Venison chili Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I will be heading east tomorrow for some dogs with Moog. We will probably flop a dozen strickly because I'm not in this year. Lol. I'm OK with that scenario ! Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Shrimp on the barbie Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this is a “passive” arm, it does nothing. It is purely decoration, to make you feel “complete “ and minimize buttholes from staring at you. I would wear this in high school. I graduated in 2004, so this arm is getting some age to it. The painted arm in the background is the arm that is currently changing my life, and I cannot be more thankful for it.
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    I'm pretty sure he already has the t shirt for the old 69er too.
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    The guys who run the coyotes with dogs just called me yesterday. They are going to hunt all day Saturday by me hope they nail some. Last year I believe they got 17. I'll post picts when I get them.
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    1/2 pound burger with bacon, swiss, LTO. Fries, and general tso’s wiiiiiiiings no pics, just to be mean
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    The grendel is all dressed up for the occasion
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    Went out of the way to get my favorite reuben for lunch. I've tried to duplicate this at home, but can't do it. Takes as good as it looks.
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    Huge fan of the standing goldenrod here! Even when I don't see deer in it, I know they're in there! Later in the season when the leaves come down and all the corn gets chopped I know where they'll be able to hide until the snow knocks it down. One of my favorite early season ag fields to hunt butts up to this 22 acre goldenrod field. The deer just pour out of there like cockroaches as the sun starts to go down from September right on into the late winter.
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    After tallying up the points, Id like to announce the winners of the 2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Challenger! First place goes to Gencountyzeek with 56 total points! Second place goes to chefhunter86 with 52 points! Both of you, please message myself, landtracdeerhunter and burmjohn with your address info so that we can ship your prizes. Unfortunately, none of the youth that entered the contest submitted entries, so there are no youth division winners. I will be opening up a separate youth only contest in the next week or so, and we will use some of the prizes for that. The rest will be saved for the youth spring turkey contest. The Hero Shot winner will be announced soon. I will be having my son Evan look through all of the pictures submitted, and he will choose the best one. Unfortunately, he wont be with me till next Tuesday, so youll have to wait lol. Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to everyone that entered, as well as landtracdeerhunter for handling all of the prize packages and other help in running the contest. A special thanks goes out to everyone that donated prizes for the contest. Without you guys and gals, we couldnt have done this!
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    Dug this out of the basement for friend to use as dummy cam as someone’s screwing with his canine traps. Dropped a boulder on one yesterday mangling it. Real cam will over look set trap and dummy cam.
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    Finished up the second side and just need to touch up the feet and attach the tail to the bird now. I want to carve something in the base but not sure what yet. Not even sure how I'll finish this one yet to be honest with ya's, but I've got some time to think about it before I get ahead of myself..
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    lol. Yeahhhhh, the 3 zip lock bags of white powder, which is Jenn’s protein powders, and meal replacement crap is my main concern. I was like you dumb ***k lol really? As far as my arm, and TSA. I spoke with a guy who wears a fake arm, and travels for work for this company weekly. He said its cake, they swab it with a liquid for drug residue, and I think xray he said. No need to remove, but if they force me to remove it in front of everyone, you will see me on the news. I will have a total 3 fake arms on me lol
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    Not really dinner but....pickled eggs with some cherry peppers today.
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    Looks like most of the guys that are coming are closer to the westchester area and some like me from NYC and LI. Anything more than a 45 Minute - 1 hour drive from NYC I think you loose the LI and NYC guys. Could be wrong though
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    Was Andrew trying to touch your knee to “comfort” you? I had to nip that in the bud!
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    Work today. Headed out tomorrow to gun show. Thinking of Franklinville after for weigh in. Want to see some dead stink dogs
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    No dogs seen last night. Had a pack sound off just before midnight, couldnt entice them over. Hunted from 10-130am. Awake at 515 to go setup at the hamburg gun show. So come on over and keep me awake at DDs ranch tables. Be back out tonight.
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    Sloop Simcoe Bomb - double dry hopped. Plenty of aroma then you get slammed with simcoe with citrus rolling right into the dry hop flavor and bitterness. Then it fades fast to a smooth hardly at all bitter finish. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Cooked up gyro meat , purple onion , tomato basil feta , local Greek dressing Green stuff
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    Took lil Billy out after the rain this morning to look for some eagles. He found one soaring in a big ol' beech log so we took a few pics of todays father-son time spent together. I hate to play favorites, but little Billy is probably my favorite of all my kids! So strong and fast, and eats like a horse! His work blocking out is done for now, and he's a real natural at this stuff. Tomorrow I'll take the other bratts out and beat on them for a bit,lol
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    Shameless plug alert... BHA NY is hosting a Pint Night out in WNY at Eli Fish Brewing Co in Batavia on Wednesday, January 9. Swing through, get to know some folks who hunt public, fish public, travel west to hunt and fish the big public, oh... and drink beer. Folks who drink beer. Easy going evening full of spun up yarns about impossible hunts and fish the size of your leg. No, twice the size of your leg! You'll also meet up with folks who take preserving our public land heritage, be it out west, or here in NY, and the North American Model of Conservation seriously. It'll be good conversation on topics relevant to sportsmen and women across the country in a laid-back atmosphere. Hell, at the very least, there's beer... Indulge your curiosity. BHA NY Pint Night Wednesday, January 9 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. Eli Fish Brewing 109 Main Street Batavia, NY 10420
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    Trying out a rotational voodoo brew. Ok brew.
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    THREE FAKE ARMS!!! You should learn how to juggle!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Out with friends last night. We ended up at Polish home drinking Okocim and vanilla Crown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picked up 2 four packs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea great road to drive at night long distance with a few beers in you lol No thanks
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    F IT! 2/2 7:30 at THE GOAT!! Or an ice fishing BBQ in Biz’s pool! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What about the Taconic guys! Don’t be selfish with that 684 nonsense lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This state is going to hell!
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    A barrel did get stuffed in the dirt the other night, and since moho made it home alive, it obviously wasn't him ! Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks moog. This was the 43 acres I had the run in with when I bought it. Then got really lucky when the landlocked owner behind me sold me his 22 acres. So 65 acres now. And now opportunity to lease more. Pieces just falling togeather after a bad start.
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    Congrats! Zeek and Chef had a helluva season!
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    The Mrs grabbed this, so so . Like some better then others .
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    Let me check my schedule. Sounds good. Sent from my ASUS_A002A using Tapatalk
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    18% slow sipper. Green caps mean can cellar Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If it is Osso Bucco, I will be right over.
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    C’Mon with the Sloop!!!
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    110,318 people voted for a wild eyed marxist lunatic who would barely be qualified to work as a server leading the happy birthday chant for your child at Applebees. How far this republic has fallen...
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    I would think a dozen for a turn out would be pretty successful. Always some who don't show up for one reason or another. I'm on call for snow plowing, but short of that issue, I'll play.
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    Congrats to everyone that had a successful year. As a thank you to the site for the generosity im becoming a supporting member. Thanks again to a great group of guys and gals!
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    Adding some details to the first side. Still have the entire other side to do.., need to attach and carve a tail.., finish doing whatever I'm gonna do to the base.., finish the feet.., and a bunch of other good stuff on the head.
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