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    45 yard shot went 30. Super happy with him. His body looked huge when he was standing there but he only weighed 120 pounds. I had to check 2 different scales.
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    Not live from the woods, but got this Allegany county 7 1/2 point on Sunday. Let him get to the top of the mountain before I shot, but he rolled down anyway. MAJOR PIA getting him out, I am getting too old for this....
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    Harvested a nice doe Sunday PM in 4A hunting from a ground blind. 50yd broadside shot with the .308. Nice shot placement through the heart and lungs. Ran out of sight but I heard the crash - found her within 30yds just before she got into some thick cover. No blood trail that I noticed - was lucky to find her with just the flashlight. Had tenderloins for dinner last night - she's tasty!
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    First time hunter this season. Got a small doe on opening day, perfect shot through the heart at about 50-60 yards. One on top is mine, bottom is a buddies. Will definitely never shoot that small ever again but what an amazing weekend it was. Not much movement at camp though. Will be heading out again soon to hopefully tag out. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    Live from the Rio Grande, walked miles today and found some Bighorn sheep. I'll post up pics in a few days! Such an awesome place. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    For those that give a hoot about score. I had 2 people green score my buck. Numbers put into the Boone and Crockett online calculator. Grossed 155 2/8 Netted 143 7/8 Will have him scored officially after the 60 day drying period. So happy and thankful to have him. Just got home from my taxidermist. Ill get to see him again in 6-7months.
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    3 buddies, and a slow start to gun season. Wind bumps all day today. Thank you tompkins county doe management zone!!!
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    Jay having trouble posting pics so here he is in all his stunned glory. Always fun to see a friend get one!
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    My dad took a shot at what he thought was a doe but turned out to be a button buck at 375 yards. Landed a lung/liver shot and dropped him were he stood. Upset it was a BB but impressed with the shot and grateful for some meat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stay at home nomad text me my problem for posting pics. I had 100% attachments space ( 781.25 MB) all used up on forum. Using regular computer - click on your forum name / then attachments. It’ll show how much percentage you’ve used. Can sort by date and or file size and delete 25 at a time. Test pic coming up in 3,2,1.
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    ... Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Wait until you knock down a slob ...you’ll be marketing Aunt Cynthia’s Lavender deer attractant by Dec 1st! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was about to give Team #1 the lead mysteriously overnight like Joe Biden.
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    Just saw a absolute slob at 160 or so yards too bad it’s bow only here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    1st year using a saddle too , coincidentally ? Hang in there bud
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    He's going to a very reputable taxidermist tonight. My first worthy of it. 2 nice'ish euros but this one is getting the treatment
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    Well decided to take the day off today and get a bunch of small jobs done around the house and spend some family time together. Around 3:45 my boys started to get punchy so I asked them if they wanted to take the 20ga. for a walk in the vineyard we hunt. Deer can usually be found in the grape rows and the boys have wanted me to shoot the deer we have seen in there numerous times with the bow.....but I had to explain they were just out of range. Well today we hustled and got their before 4:30 so that gave us a solid 15 minute walk at a stiff pace to cover some ground. On the way down the access road we didn't see any deer in the grapes and made it to the end of the vineyard but kicked up two doe who were in the edge of the hardwoods and bolted off in a hurry. Well we kept walking and looking down the rows from the other side now and my boys made sure to keep checking the dips for deer. We passed my Dad's stand and my 4 year old wanted to sit and chat about it and I knew time was running out so I had to hurry him along. After walking another 30 rows we end up looking down a row and a deer was standing broadside. I alerted the boys, dropped to a knee and settled the Savage 220 on the shooting sticks and put the cross hairs on the vitals....she was around 50 yards out and after I told the boys to plug their ears I let the 220 bark. She took off like a bat out of hell and now being in a vineyard from the ground you can't see where she went to save your life. The boys and I got to point of impact pretty quick and only found a puff of white hair.....now I went into mini panic mode since the drizzle picked up and I knew letting her sit may wash away anything if there was blood. Since it was around 5 I called my buddy who was close, went home real quick to get some flashlights and met him there approximately 1 hour after the shot was taken. We got back to the puff of white hair and quickly got on blood the next row over. Well the blood was good to start and then got real real thin. She ended up doubling back and at one point we were only finding pin drops until it totally faded. We figured she was headed to the woods so we got off the track and made last ditch effort by searching the wood lot....well we came up empty and the boys who were completely bought in for the entire track were now starving, soaked and getting tired. We came up with one more game plan before leaving for the night.....my buddy would head down a grape row and make his way east to the road and hopefully stumble some sign and the boys and I would walk the road between the woods and grapes until we got to the end and eventually make our way back to the truck. So after walking another 12 rows shining the flashlight down each row we hit the jackpot. There she lay.....white belly facing us piled up under some grape vines. We shouted for my buddy Fish and my boys were screaming Uncle Fish we found her!! These boys were absolutely unreal tonight and totally bought in from start to finish. Some of you know and have seen I take them out anytime they wanna go. They eat a ton of snacks, talk loud and are using causing some type of ruckus! But in the end I would never trade any of that time for a deer. This time it all came together.....not a huge doe but this deer means to world to the boys and the I! With such a bummer of a year 2020 has been, this just turned it around in a blink of an eye....went from a zero seaon to being a hero Dad with the click of a trigger! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    I drank some as celebratory beverage Sunday night with BBD. Now that I can post pics expect one of Samantha sleeping in treestand tomorrow
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    You did such a good job on the guest house we may just have you do the main house
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    If its any motivation, my cams have been dead for weeks and this morning I had 3 different bucks in minutes (all moments ago) on the same cam. I assume a hot doe in area, but it can happen anytime.
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    Slow day in the woods in 8H. To make it even more painful, as soon as I got to my spot I received these cell cam pics from a property I hunted yesterday. Gotta see what the wind does tomorrow but will most likely try to make a move on him as he was trailing a doe and hopefully is still around Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, it happened. I harvested “the big one” (as per my youngest daughters orders, and the one that me and my oldest daughter came across once). Day two of rifle season 2020 is one to remember. Coming onto this handsome buck who was strutting his stuff as the king of the hill was an an amazing experience. I walked from my spot towards a path several deer crossed, and there he came down a hill. I stopped in my tracks as my heart began to pump harder and faster. He had three doe right behind me and one spotted me. I thought I was toast. Then another smaller buck pushed the three doe out and walked over to this big fella. The two bucks stayed in one spot over 40 minutes. I didn’t have a shot and there were deer all over. Moving at this point was not an option. Sure my legs went numb after watching them hang out over 53 minutes without presenting a shot, but I got him. The two bucks finally made their way down the hill towards the opening for a shot but my rifle misfired. I had to pump it the get the next shell, but they spotted me in doing so. I had to rush the 75-85 yard shot without a scope. My body went into shock mode. Did I get him? To top this crazy morning o ff the shot was a clean shot, and he didn’t travel far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Loo
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    Didn't need the long lens for these ladies! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    Kids, they have no filter. I wanted to hunt some new places this year and one of the places I had on my list was my cousin’s farm in 7M. She and her husband had purchased the old family homestead awhile back. I grew up hunting it when I was young so I wanted to get back there and hunt. They are devote Christian homesteaders who home school their seven children. Their farm is a menagerie of cows, goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, cats and dogs. All of the children understand where their food comes from because they tend to it daily. The two boys, “O” (12yo) and “R” (9yo) are very interested in hunting but their father’s time is limited working six days a week and he’s self-professed “not really a hunter.” Well don’t you worry boys, Uncle E’s gonna show you this fall how we gather up and cook some wild game! I started showing up at their place this summer and put up a pop up blind in a nice spot not far from the house. The place was thick with sign and I knew chances were good something would walk past the blind at some point. My plan was to get father and his sons in the blind for opening day so they could get some quality time together watching the sun come up, eating snacks and goofing around. Killing a deer was secondary really. Fast forward to Saturday morning, opening day. I was pumped! I get dad and the boys in the blind at first light, all set up ready to go. I left them and settled in not far away on a hedge row in the same field. Well I don’t have to tell you that we hunted most of the day Saturday and saw nothing! Not a tail, an ear or let alone a deer. Drats! We all talked on the walk back to the house that night that we all had a good time even though we didn’t shoot anything. Before I left I made sure it was ok with the father that I could come back the next day and hunt in the morning. I knew the family would be busy with church and didn’t expect them to hunt with me, just wanted to get his thoughts about hunting on Sundays. He told me I was welcome anytime. I told him I’d see him in the morning when I would need to grab the boys quick to have them help me track my deer. His eye roll spoke volumes lol. Sunday, 11.22.20. 7AM. I’m in the blind less than 20 min and out pops a doe, broadside at 50yds. After the shot she face plants and plows back into the brush where she came from. I was very confident she would not and could not have gone far. If you’ve read this far you know the feeling. We’re on the board now baby! Ain’t nobody goin’ hungry because we just put some jerky DOWN! Somewhat high on adreneline I text my cousin at 7:10AM. No response. 7:20AM I find myself knocking on her back door. I think it was about 7:22AM when the first of the family was up, and then very quickly EVERYONE was awake, including a not so happy father. Apparently not everyone gets as exited about killing deer as we do, especially very early Sunday mornings before church! Now the humor begins. I grab the boys and off we go in our orange vests, down the tractor path to where I thought we’d find the deer. I’ve got my rifle because you just never know. First thing young R decides he gonna take a header in the creek as we cross it looking for the trail. Soaked him head to toe lol but onward we go! I’m trying to coach them some telling them to go slow and look for blood, a white belly or a white tail. About 15 yards in I see the deer laying stone dead right off the tractor path. I asked the boys to stop and look real hard. “See anything?” I ask. “Nope” they say and off we go walking right past the dead deer! We get 20 yards further down the path and I tell them I KNOW she’s back there, we just need to look harder. Turn around, walk back and O see’s her and lets out a whoop. I don’t believe either one of them had seen a deer that close before. R walks up to the deer and says “Hmmm, it doesn’t look that big. Not much bigger than a goat really”. First time on a deer track courtesy of Uncle E and now he’s a hunting critic! I tried to tell him it was an adult deer but he wasn’t buying it. O asks “Where’s it’s horns?” “Antler’s you mean? This is a doe, a mother deer, not a buck or father deer.” I say. “Oh” he says, “I can see she’s got teats but that’s a small udder. She probably wouldn’t give much milk.” R starts in on me again about how small it is and how much meat is on it ‘cause they have “three freezers and one’s empty. Looks like all that would fit on one shelf in there” he says. At this point I’m starting to feel deficient lol. A quick picture and back to the house we went. Dropped off the two new hunters in time for breakfast and church. I was laughing to myself on my walk back to the woods to take care of the doe. Young kids are sooooo funny because they have no filter. They just tell it like it is. My last words to them was I’ll be back soon to kill a buck. And we’ll keep on putting them in the freezer until it’s full. All smiles when I left.
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    if you shot them all would make a hell of a stew! lol good luck, hope the next critter is a buck!
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    ... Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    had some stuff happen with the wife's surgery being postponed, purely administrative but annoying none the less. Anyhow, gave me a chance to go out this AM and my heart just isn't in it. Coupled with maybe 1 glass of wine too many and a restless sleep. I'm sure I'm not the only bow hunter that feels this way. I lose my drive during gun. I will admit that it's not normally this early. But I'm careful to balance the line between "driven and determined" and "ruining what should be fun" by making it a chore. So that's my pontification for the day. Going to head out for the afternoon.
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    If she blows she must go !
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    this just sucks. Best of luck and hope you feel better soon. People always think like that til they get sick, but i guess thats also the only way to stay positive too. Its like the term "minor" surgery. Its only minor if its not you. Good luck and get better. This too shall pass.
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    Congrats on a bruiser @turkeyfeathers. I had the case of tissues I was shipping you cancelled and returned.
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    Add a point for Team 4. And yes she’s dead not just my best bud. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I feel fine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Damn, I was thinking of inviting you to hunt one of my spots in the next couple days.
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    New spot today, rookie mistake, I realized the spot I decided to set up at this morning was an afternoon spot for deer and I’d be better farther down the travel corridor. Moved spots around 8 I’ll probably sit here till noon. At least the feeling of trying something new will keep my hopes up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good luck! I’ll tag along into this thread. I rode in Jay’s truck 40min. Each way to hunting lease on Saturday and Sunday. I also slept in a bed next to Jay Friday and Saturday night- separate bed, but closeby in same room. We used same bathroom, etc. As of now, I have no symptoms but got PCR test yesterday afternoon and quarantining in an empty family condo that is waiting to be sold. When I went for the test I had 97.8 so no fever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I don’t think mowin was judging you at all, but more wondering why hunters in general feel bad about taking a Button versus a same size/age doe. If anything he was saying, “why feel bad (if you were since you presented some “apology” that it’s a button) about taking a button? Shoot what you like (legally) and like what you shoot! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Up and at 'em ladies and gents! Deer aint gonna shoot themselves. Got high hopes today.
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    Didn't want to say BBD because I am rack shy with all you western NY guys!!
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    Trust me, he will catch hell if he doesn’t shoot the nice buck next time instead of just texting it’s coming my way. For those still not certain, obviously just breaking chops if you read all the posts.
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    Never understood why one would be upset with a BB, but not a doe fawn? Both eat the same so why? Potential P&Y? Same doe fawn could have the same or better genetics as the BB. But every BB taken is considered as the next world record, but the doe fawn is just that..... a doe. Sorry, but it takes genetics from both parents to make something special.
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    Point for Team weak, kinda like my hunting thus far!! Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    I think you need to review the NY hunting regs my friend one can not shoot 3 bucks in NY Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Opening morning started with 4 deer coming in early, picked out the biggest and shot, she ran 30 yards and down she went. The 3 others scattered and then made their way back to me. Looked them over and picked what i thought was a good doe, bang flop. Unfortunately it was a button buck but we will definitely enjoy eating him. Best part was my son was with me, he was shaking from excitement. This morning went out with my son again. Had a group of doe and a spike working around near us then a 4pt came out and walked by at 30 yards. Around 815ish a buddy txtd me to see if i could come help track a friends buck he shot the day before. He has let me hunt yotes in his fields so i was definitely going to return the favor of generosity. My son was freezing so he was fine with walking out. Got to the house, unloaded the gun and walked into my kitchen. Looked out the front window in time to see a doe ripping across my front lawn with a horse chasing after her. I said "Holy sh*t"! Spun around ran to my rifle slid open the door, loaded the rifle, took a knee on my patio as the deer entered my field. He was running directly away from my and i took the texas heart shot, he dropped, tried to get up and i put 1 through his lungs and heart. First shot hit his hip joint and exploded. Very thankful for the opportunity, i know it wasnt a glorious hunting story of waiting out the buck in the woods but i hunted my ass off during archery, very happy to get this big guy on my wall. 21.5" inside spread Also i went to help track and we didnt find the buck. Most likely a brisket shot from the story and blood.
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    7 pointer this morning trailing two does. Dropped in tracks with 6.5 creedmoor shooting 120 grain hornady GMX bullet, entered high shoulder exited neck.
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