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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!


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Tree rats , turkeys and one yote .

They were working in the field way to the north when I walked in at 6 :30 AM. But every once in awhile some loud clanking thing drives along the west edge behind me , then comes back a few minutes later.

Drew back 4x to keep shoulder loose, it’s a struggle even on this warm day .


common Xbow !


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Quick, low impact sit in the blind.  Nothing seen.  Checked cam and had resident doe& fawn after dark the past two nights. Not sure if that's because of high temps or my hunting pressure.  Big 8 point was around on Halloween at 7:30 and 10pm.  Looked like he was scent checking the plot, not feeding.  

I'm off the family farm to check cameras, move a stand, pull another stand and hunt the evening.  Good luck everyone.  It's about time isn't it?

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On 10/31/2022 at 2:56 PM, The_Real_TCIII said:

Shot a buck at 7:30 this morning, he came in, worked a scrape then headed past me at 20. I knew the shot was a touch back. Arrow looked and smelled like liver so i gave him seven hours. He went 63 yards, turns out I heard him die. He made some light grunts which Id never heard before as he died

Congratulations! Excellent shot!

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Exciting AM so far, big 7pt came out down 15 yds from the tree I was in yesterday which put him at 45yds. He went back into bedding. Doe and fawns came in shortly after, only to get ran all over by a small 6, the noise brought the 7 back out at 30yds but he wouldn't stop, he ran them all over the ridge. Just had a spike come through, followed by 2 more fawns.

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