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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!


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Nothing seen for me yet.  I heard what sounded like raccoons moving around in the little patch of brush behind me.  I can almost see a box trap on the corner of my sweetcorn from this blind.  I will check that, and the other one back there, on my walk back for the afternoon hunt.  

A bit of trouble as it looks like there is some poison ivy growing up in along the inside wall of my blind.  I don’t think I touched it at all, but might need to shorten the hunt a bit and wash up good, just in case I did in the dark.


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I have been playing with my laser rangefinder.  The field on the other side of the creek is narrower than I thought.  It’s only a 77 yard shot to my sweetcorn from this blind, and the tall poplar tree, in which I have a blind 7 ft up, is just 98 yards away.  

The county rerouted the creek, in the late 1970’s, to eliminate two rusted out road bridges. An “inner loop”, which ran thru our farm, had crossed under those old bridges.  Google maps still shows the old creek bed.  

These fields were sized by my German great great grandfather, in the typical European method, with hedgerows 110 yards apart.  Erie county threw that middle field width off, when they rerouted the creek.

If a doe comes out of that high grass to feed in the tender, recently trimmed white clover, the window and stool height in this blind is just about perfect for a good rest.  About an hour to go and nothing seen yet though.  

I am a little concerned, that maybe the coyotes have run the deer off.  They have exhumed all (7) of the “damaging” coons, that I buried around that sweetcorn patch, so far this summer.

The morning deer action was nonexistent last September also.  I am leaning towards hunting my back plot area this afternoon.  The wind direction is SE now, which is good for my pop up blind back there.  I can walk to that blind, without spooking anything, with that wind direction.  Hopefully, I will be able to give my new shooting sticks a try.  

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Just remembered, the Democrats new rules on firearm transport are now in effect.  I need to look for an old padlock, and drill a couple holes thru the edge of one of my cheap plastic hard cases, before I drive over to my parents tomorrow.   I might stop for gas on the way and have to get out of the my truck.

 I was going to put a rear window gun rack in that, but I guess that’s not going to happen now.   

I also need to replace last years green back tag with this years orange one.  I imagine that it is illegal to hunt with last years back tag so I might as well quit now before I get busted . 

My primary objective of this morning’s hunt was to not spook the deer out of their bedding areas and blow my chances on the evening hunt.  On that I believe that I have succeeded.  Between that and the old green tag, I think I will pull the plug an hour early.   That will also give me a better chance of getting rid of any poison ivy oil. It sure is comfortable out here in the warm weather and no problem with skeeters so far.

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Boggles my mind that my area isn't included in this early hunt. I counted over 125 deer the other evening by driving by fields that were no more than a 6 min drive from my house.  

30+ of the deer were in two field only a few hundred yards apart on the farm I hunt. 

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I didn’t see a deer in the first 1.5 hours hours this morning, then drove to Rochester for daughters college field hockey game and lunch after.  I am back home now.

Mt buddy is having a birthday party at 5, so I will miss “prime time” hunting this evening.  I am out in my natural blind now, looking over the back plots, for a half hour or so.  Wonder had to walk back out o check the coon traps (nothing in n them), and I brought my ML.  Nothing but skeeters so far and I didn’t bring spray or thermocell, so I’ll be pulling the plug for the day soon.

The turnips back there have gone bonkers with all the recent rain.  The corn is starting to brown out, so it must be to the mature “full dent” stage.  

I will take a closer look at that,  and the fresh wheat/clover planting behind it, after a couple hour “sunrise” hunt back there in the morning.  I don’t want to get too close to it now, because I don’t want to leave any scent over there.317E9D14-8A77-4D6C-9AE2-7FDB7C3B12AB.thumb.jpeg.5c75386439e1479356885a91457b19c6.jpeg

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I made it up into my poplar tree blind about 1/2 hour before sunrise.  I decided to hunt this stand for a couple hours, before church this morning, because of a report I got at a party last night.  A guy drives by our house every morning on his way to work at 4:30 am.  He says there is always a group of deer in our field, in front of the creek, between our house and my aunt’s next door.     

If they are bedding in the 7 ft tall grass in front of this stand, I might see something, but nothing yet.  The new chair I put up here a couple weeks ago is very comfortable.  It will be hard to stay awake these two hours.  

I did hear what may have been a deer crossing the creek from up front and moving into that tall grass about 10 minutes before sunrise.

 I brought the tree umbrella with me, because there is about a 50 % chance of rain, but nothing yet.  I will also bring it along this afternoon, over to my parents place.  I killed my first deer from under it, while it was raining, over there on January 1 of this year.

That was with this T/C Omega that I am hunting with right now.  I guess I will bring it over there this afternoon, rather than my Ithaca 16 gauge, as I had originally planned.  That way, I won’t have to repack my bag of gear.  


If I don’t kill a deer today, then I will keep hunting the weekday evenings at home (rain or shine).  I have yet to hunt my foodplots during “prime-time”.  That might happen tomorrow afternoon, if nothing shows up in the next hour here, or the last two over at my parents later.  

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No wind at all this morning and only one mosquito so far.  I also had a fat grey squirrel climb up my tree.  I should have brought my pellet gun.  I will bring that along with me over to my parents this afternoon.  

A few squirrels for the crockpot would be nice.  It’s been a few years since I had any of those. Extra deer hunting lately has cut into the time that I used to spend hunting those.  I always see more squirrels, over at my parents place, than I do here at home. Hopefully, that holds true today.  



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