Seems like ny ( well at.least western) is a great buck state!!Combined b&c and p&y

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This color coded map show wny is not that different from a lot of the must hunt big buck states! Of course many will spout off nope but numbers dont lie

Screenshot_20190429-143413_Facebook.thumb.jpg.56a75455e41148c21209d53165595cb5.jpg this being said many in the state do not enter deer in recordbooks so this is only a comparison of those that do. But wny is right in the mix.

Link to full article.. https://bigandj.com/blogs/news/what-is-the-best-state-to-hunt-whitetail-deer

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I've hunted almost everyday of my life.. the rest have been wasted!

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thats pretty neat and also data to send to WNYBuckHunter for this years whitetail classic that everyone east of Rochester gets a +2 handicap, Dacks a +4!  lol 

But really interesting to see.  I am sure there are bucks not entered across the US but dont think it would be much higher in one area or another.  You folks in WNY got it good! This prob lines right up with a deer population map as well.  I am always happy with the deer hunting i have regardless and never know when a big one might step out but have seen only a handful of big ones in my lifetime of hunting.  

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My area is in a 1 to 3 range. Makes sense, as a three year old buck here is usually just over 100 inches. But now and then we may get one bigger.

I'm very fortunate to have the acres we have to hunt. And have hunted here since I was a kid. So it's home. Makes a big buck that much more special here.

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I'm located in the area of NY that's predominately white bordering the southern end of Vermont.  Hunter mindsets don't stray too far from the concept of zero book bucks either.  The struggle between showing what you've killed and keeping it a secret to everyone but harvest reporting system is very real. lol  you'd think people would learn by real world proof something works but instead you get road hunters, drop and go tresspassers, and headless bucks that grow anything older than 2.5 yrs old.  slowly changing... maybe but we'll see. still it's hard to change the dirt not in a food plot or ag field.



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