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Unofficially....Live from the woods 2021 turkey hunting thread.


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Up until yesterday, I intended on carrying the bow, but then it dawned on me that my fathers 11-87 hasn't seen any action now for 15 years. Time to bring it out! That man loved turkey hunting even more than deer hunting...

Far from an ideal morning, but a hell of a lot better than yesterday anyways!

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7 minutes ago, Biz-R-OWorld said:

Way colder & windier than expected . Decided to get into blind out of the wind and drop call. It broke. Not i got nothing lol


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That wire should just need to be slid back in there.  I had that happen with that exact call.  Unless more is broke of course .... 

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Tucked in and ready with my 7 year old in tow......buddy is setup 100 yards away hoping we get a shot at them coming or going. Wind really died down from last night which makes the 38 degree morning feel decent. Man the woods is alive with songs birds.......this beats sleeping in anyday!

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It is a beautiful morning here on the SE corner of wmu 9F.  The wind is right very light and the temp is 35.  The other birds are all waking up and chirping but I dont hear any turkeys yet.

I am in position, in my popup blind, watching my decoy 25 yards away.  Hopefully the wind will pick up soon and get her moving a bit, and maybe a tom will show up.

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Posted (edited)

It's 32 degrees with a dusting of snow on everything.  Wind has died down a lot, but it's really quiet.  Not even little birds making any calls.  Good Luck to all.

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