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    Still true today https://youtu.be/PUu2HKZGxJ4
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    Picture from our fishing trip a month ago. Just before I broke my wrist and needed 2 1/2 hours of surgery to repair, effectively putting my fishing on hold. Darn it! Can't get fish pics to post right. I'll try again tomorrow. Wait...wait...I think I got it! Halibut and King salmon from Cook Inlet, on the Kenai Peninsula where I live these days.
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    Any of you ever jumped out of a perfectly good airplane ? The wife just left to pick up her sister and head over to frontier skydiving for her first time. She didn't want to get a video because it was like an extra 100 bucks , i told her we've waisted 100 bucks on worse things and she should get it on video.
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    When you look at the "solution", you really have to question the entire climate change assumption. Why do all the "scientific" studies suggest humans cause it, then support the US government instituting a major confiscatory tax program that amounts to wealth distribution from the world's rich countries to the world's poor countries? Why is the US the only country that is willing to go along with the plan? That's not a scientific solution to a real climate problem. That's a political ideology being forced on free societies against their will. That's the main reason most analytical people do not support the climate change prophets.
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    my God, you really gotta wonder what some people were thinking when they posted their photo......
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    you're taking a lot of chances once you strap another man to your back.....suicidal may not be the worst of them.
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    I've never been in an airplane in my whole life let alone one i was planning to exit mid flight.
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    So I am not in this thread didn't read any of it but this pocahontas video makes my daughter freak out lol...Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I've found it quite easy to post pics via IPhone. How do I post a short video as easily ? Say of me "stalking" a "dove"
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    I need help with VOTES in a photo contest again this year. You guys helped one of my friends win one of the cameras last year... even though I fell a little short by entering late, we put the heat on the leaders big time! Here's the link to the contest page: https://acm-summer-scenic.pgtb.me/2VCWdH Here's the pic I entered titled "Periwinkle" Hopefully I can close the gap on the leader who is over 100 right now. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
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    While 14 ft deep V works great for 2 with all our gear, we where able to fish 3 but it was not very comfortable. If you are talking 3 people I would go with at least a 16ft, 4 I would get at least 18ft. Good luck with whatever you get Doewhacker!
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    Listening is all rigged. I'm in fear when I imagine what is going on up the ladder after seeing what goes on at the bottom,having been a voter inspector in a small town. It's set up to utilize as much smoke and as many mirrors as possible. To keep the general population placated, confused,depending on where you stand on issues. All so the top tier can gain and increase their power and affluence. That's both parties. All we can do is manage to maneuver through the game to feel we've done the best we can. My biggest problem is seeing we are on an irreversible path that started in the 50's and 60's. See the Republicans were going after big business ,power, and world dominance..look at the origins of Nam. At the same time the Democrats were rolling out the magic carpet for all those downdraden masses..They went after education and lawyers.Who do you think taught me at 18 in school, to vote and make a difference,join the party that I think would make an impact on the world. We were in a war with a draft! Don't get me going on higher education...They taught us, our kids and their kids. The old guard was actually old and retiring when I left school.They then went after parental control. Letting all these poor kids know all their right's and telling them what few rights'm s their parents had,and backed it up with those layers and law. Now even when the Democrats have primed the pump for a reverse flow of events,they can't pull down the wedgy they have over Trump having the popular vote and instead of working with him they are helping the Democrats with their infighting. See there are still patriots in the General population...but few left in the government..on both sides.
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    I can't believe I clicked on a site with Ralph and Vicki "Give me free hunts".... My favorite hunting couple. You should see those two behind the scenes......oh boy. Anyway, voted for your pic.
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    How fast are these bass?!
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    My fishing boat. I've had a lot of fun and spent many good fishing days on her.
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    Mine is gone from here getting a new canvas cover so I'll have to go into the archives................ She's a 20 year old Sea Nymph 165 Back Troller. 16' long with a 2006 25hp Mercury 4 stroke outboard.
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    First let me say that that the 7MM Rem Mag is a very popular and effective chambering. However , in the hunting I have done over the years, I have never been a fan of any of the belted magnums. There are many " standard" cartridges that will do 90% of what the magnums do, and while doing it, they will burn considerably less powder and have considerably less recoil and muzzle blast. The belted mags have their niche, which is delivering relatively heavy for caliber bullets to game animals at long range. However, at the ranges that most of us feel comfortable shooting, let's say out to about 350 yards or so ( which is quite a poke) standard chamberings will get the job done as well as the magnums and more efficiently, considering the amount of powder expended.
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    Short answer: a lot of people don't know, and simply don't care, about what made this country great in the first place.
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    Perhaps if Mike Rossi got his head out of his azz and actually READ some of my posts. He would see that in no way, am I an anti hunter. But Mr, Rossi's biggest problem is that he is so absorbed in his own fantasy world and himself. That he has no idea what a REAL HUNTER is!
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    HAHA...If anyone should pay it should be him. Thump is putting it softly. Everyone has something to put forth and many of us have help the cause with our donations for years. This kinda crying because people dont see it the way he see's everything is a joke, You would think one would see when you have a pile full of people that do not agree with you there may be a reason.
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    Welcome to the Internet Mike. Pretty arrogant of you to come into the site suggestions thread and proclaim that you wont donate to the site where you thump your cause day in and day out, and then tell the site owner that they should appreciate your "information and content". JMO
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    Unprecedented? Jet Stream Crosses Equator. I know, I know, They can't tell you what the weather will be like tomorrow how do they know anything, yada yada yada... So why spend so much on all those satellites, weather balloons and you know...science stuff.
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    Sitting in my yard drinking a cold Bud with the dogs chicken on the grill and then our steaks go on. Took some pics but I am on my phone and don't use Tapatalk. No internet for a while just phones. It's so peaceful I am loving it.
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    From last summer We camped at Fish Creek Pond
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    Thanks guys for replying so quickly. Appreciated! Hi Steve, I am more interested to hunt antlerless deer, Need good and natural meat! And more than one if allowed But, if I have the chance to get a nice buck it would be awesome, as my only buck is a 4 pointers... I will follow the Cornell's website, Growalot. Thanks for the info.
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    oddly, that doesn't sound all that much fun
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    Unless you have a license, it'll be a tandem jump. Just make sure the person you're jumping with didn't catch his wife cheating and become suicidal.
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    I bought the Mrs. skydiving from here a few years back for her birthday. I even paid extra for the parachute for her We did get the video. It's to Kryptonite and Free Falling music .(you get to pick the music) After being too windy twice the third time was the charm. Although that day it was too cloudy and weren't allowed to jump. We went down the street for breakfast and halfway through my phone rang. "There's a hole in the clouds, you can jump" We boxed eats up and quickly went back. Yup, she jumped through hole in clouds. She's also bungee jumped and now wants to zipline across Niagara falls. I'll pass on all of the above.
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    New edit, added reverse angles and latest footage... all self video!!!
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    Fastrack give you something like 10 cents off a gallon with their card . No cost for the card but it works like a Debit card . On Sundays , they give either an additional 7 cents or 10 cents off of a gallon . FREE coffee on Fridays . They also have Ethonal Free gas . I see a lot of the Landscapers filling up at Fastrack .
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    We fished this past Sat, Sunday, Monday, Tues on the St Lawrence, below Alex bay. The smallmouth action was a little slow on our usual drifts out near the shipping lane, but the fish seemed extra big, stuffed on round gobies I suppose. We kept 5 on Sat and on Sunday, all very healthy looking, even the fat 20 inchers. On Sunday we also hit a 24" and a 27" walleye at the deeper part of our drift (25-30 ft). The last 20 years , it had been 5 years almost to the hour in walleyes for us taken in that part of the river. I rarely target them since learning how to properly care for and prepare bass, so the only ones we get are strays while bass fishing. Monday, the strong west wind blew hard, and just like they say, the wind is from the West, the fish bite the best. We pulled into a protected bay and took our limits of largemouth on spinnerbaits in less than a half hour that morning. That action was faster and fish more aggressive than I have seen up there in many years. I suppose they were recovered from spawning and we hit them right at that "summer peak". That afternoon, with the West Wind still blowing hard, we tried for more walleyes out in the river, but only managed a few more smallies (which had to be returned due to the largemouth limits we filleted in the morning). We froze our fish from the first 3 days, ending up with 12 vacuum sealed quarts of fillets. We only had a couple hours to fish on Tuesday, having to pack up for home. With no wind blowing, action was very slow out on the river with just one fat Smallmouth. Back in the bay at Monday's Largemouth hotspot, just one 15 incher took the bait. Fortunately, a 27" Northern pike hit my brother in laws's spinnerbait, so we managed enough "fresh fish" for a fresh meal when we got home. I only keep them bony things if we don't have enough bass or walleye to make a meal. So far this season, the smallmouth action has been off a bit, but the Largemouth, Walleye, and Northern Pike action is way up from prior years for us on the St Lawrence at least. We landed about 7 other Northerns over 22", and about the same number of shorter "hammer handles".
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    Updates already hit. Like I said the fridge was busted and I had to buy a new one. Borrowed a small one from the g/f's parents to get us through until Tuesday when the new one is delivered. It's OK though, we knew what we were getting into buying an older mobile home. Truck rental was a PITA! We had a reservation for 3pm, get there, no truck, Waited two hours before they got it to us. I was going to light the guy up but the g/f went off on him before I could even say a word ( for those who think I am a mouthy pr***, she is just as bad ) and got a good deal on mileage. Picked up the new sofa and dropped it off, then came back here to start loading. The only things left to put on the truck are the things we needed tonight. Coffee table, bed, my PC and desk, our small upright freezer, and the microwave. Tomorrow night, steaks on the grill, some cold beer, and then staring at the stars with the g/f and the dog.
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    Good advice above on the safety gear. 16' puts you in a new category where you need a fire extinguisher
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    I don't think it's really much of a photo contest as it is a "most clicks for their sponsor" contest. I'm getting help from 4 different forums so far including you guys. I'm saving a few other sites for the final days if I need them to bail me out since I wont be around much this weekend to encourage votes. I do appreciate all the help from you guys so far. Don't forget to vote every day while I'm away getting Schlitz-faced,lol Make me proud! Out of likes for the day so I'll catch up with you guys later.
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    Screw the 'enhanced' BS; get a passport. Been offered several hunts lately with free second hunter and quota......could drag you along for airfare money. Or I'll just shoot it all anyway......
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    ^^^^^^^ This !! Love all the cameos by people thinking to myself they are this hard up for $$$ to be in this movie. Just looked: Tara Reid, Gary Busey, Steve Gutenberg, Ian Zierring, David Hasselhoff, Gilbert Godfried, Gena Lee Nolan,Cheryl Tiegs,Paul Schaffer and a few others are going to be in it.
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    JHC that looks like a Nitro Race Boat. You fish during the week and race on the weekends?
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    Yeah, Larry, I kept a few of the bigger ones and filleted them up. Rock bass is good, but they taste best to me when I cook them by themselves. If I have them on the platter with perch or bluegills, the rockies taste a bit bland. That is why often when I am perch fishing, I put the rockies back...
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    rating of 75. Wasn't a fan either but have had worse beers sadly
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    You've just been reported for harassment! I might even BLOCK you while I'm at it! I should have used the pic of me in pink pants,lol
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    I had that issue, and switched to SSTs and Accutips
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    Oh look, you know how to use Google. Good job.
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    Why would the site send you an advertising prospective? Theres a clear and simple way to become a site sponsor thats posted right on the site. The owners of the site dont go looking for sponsors or donations, contributors come to the site asking if theres anything they can do to help out. I havent signed your petition because I have no interest in a dove season. I dont see anything wrong with it, but why would I sign a petition for something I have no interest in and that will never affect me in any way shape or form? Scanned your social media? You dont know who has looked at your Facebook page unless they have followed or liked it. You are truly delusional. This site was great before you and it will be great after you are gone.
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    Romo's pizza or Angela's in Glenmont are the two best for pizza in your area. I work right down the road in the port of Albany and live in Greenville so I guess you can say your in my neck of the woods lol. Any questions on local places give me a shout. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm not sure what I do now would be considered scouting, but I do spend quite a bit of time getting familiar with a lot of the bucks in the neighborhood this time of year. I've sort of given up with the cameras myself...., unless I'm the one that decides when to trigger it. So far I've gone 3 seasons in a row seeing and killing bucks that I've watched and photographed over the summer. I just like knowing which of the better deer have potential to become "home bodies" as fall approaches. It has helped me get over shooting the first legal buck to step out many times now.
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    That would be a contact form. Each tab gives the site owner a slightly different message so that they know what the member is contacting them about. There is nothing on this site keeping anything toward the top unless we pin it. There is no conspiracy going on here, the newest posts stay at the top. Ran their email addresses? Through what exactly? If you are having issues with users that are supposedly from other countries, etc, then why wouldnt you bring it to our attention and we can look into it? Honestly, you seem to have trouble figuring out basic functions of the forum, I find it hard to believe that you know how to track down the source of an email. Listen, if you dont like the site, then stop coming here. If you dont want to donate, then fine, but theres no reason for you to make a big announcement about it.
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    Maybe you would donate because of the amount of support you have garnered for your cause through this site. Didnt you pretty much use this forum as a start to help launch your crusade? The site doesnt have to allow you to post all kinds of threads about your dove hunting stuff, or allow you to have a link to your outside site/Facebook at the bottom of every post. If you cant handle criticism, then maybe you should reconsider putting yourself out there where you are a target for it. Have I donated? Ive put more time and energy into helping out with this site than just about anyone. I did in fact donate right off the bat when the owner offered it up.
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