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    First time, long time. 8pt in 4j. First bow kill. Great success!
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    1 lung, liver and intestines. He travled a total of 125 yards. Walked by him snd found him on our way back. And ofcourse the pics are upside down
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    Got to my favorite stand at 330pm. My brother in law sat in it in the a.m. but only saw a spike. I sat thinking about how little time i had left to hunt this archery season due to work. I had seen nothing but a squirrel but at 540 i caught some movement 65 yards ahead of me. I could see antlers as he crossed a path and was walking away from me. Took out my grunt call and gave him 1 grunt. He stopped immediately and turned my way. He came in and stepped into a path in front of me at 16 yards. I should have tried to stop him but i took the shot. As he spun and ran i saw my shot was farther back than i would like. I stayed in my stand for 20 mins then climbed down to check for blood. Real small amount at th he hit site, i followed my path around in the direction he ran. I ended up seeing my nockturnal glowing ahead, just before i got to it he stood up and walked off. Damn it!! Checked the arrow and backed out. Got back to the house and waited for 2 more hours. My son really wanted to come help track so he came along. We started were i saw him get up and moved on. It had rained for those 2 hours and finding blood was not going to be easy. So we faned out and just started looking for a dead deer. We walked for 45 mins and ended up pretty far away from where we started. I decided to head back to my arrow, we were almost there and i spotted WHITE BELLY! He ended up going my 50 more yards from where i bumped him. We walked within 15 yards of him at the start. Sorry for the upside down picks.
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    Thanks for all the support yesterday huntingny! Ive been starting to get a little burnt despite not hunting that much relative to previous seasons. My mother reminded me I can't control the weather on Friday so I made lemonade out of pee on Saturday by hanging a new set (in freezing monsoon conditions) in an annual breeding area but with very little in sign yet. Ive had this tree on my list a long time so I settup for 2 hours then prepped the trail in and out of the thickets in my lanes with antlerice hot doe and buck (it was pouring so I doused the trail) and made a mock. Sunday AM went as planned I got in early/quiet/downwind and I set a stink stick of hot doe over the scrape and hung one of buck by my boots in the tree...all was perfect...then I realized I forgot my release at home....ugh I left all my heavy gear on and my bow in the tree and raced home and back and was set again by 6:57, overheated and under-confident. Around 7:30 I snapped a pic of my lure lanes and posted it on the live thread it was just legal so I decided to tickle the bag and give one very light grunt in hopes it would explain all the commotion the previous hour. A few minutes later I catch movement at my 7 right where I expect it, I see main beam around ears. He is nosing my trail hard but every couple seconds does a quick pause. I draw when his head is obscured he pops in my first lane (15 yds) on his way to the mock. I fire seated (my preference) I see it's back a bit he gallops a 180 then stops and slowly walks back into the brush a couple wobbles. It was raining, the shot exited a little back. I got down to check the arrow good pass thru but a bit of liver smell. I waited an hour then found first and second blood then backed out called dog search to be safe and asked for permission on adjacent property and waited til 2:30 (7 hrs) on the liver. Braylee the dachsund followed the exact trail with no blood (all in the carcass) and I spotted him easily after about 80 yards and 3 minutes on the same trail he walked out on. 140 on the scale and a nice marbled chocolate vanilla swirl typical 8 rack maybe 85-90" net. Nice 2.5 for the county parcel I'm hunting. Good hanging weather today as well
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    Got back from a buddys house dropping off my bucks head for a euro mount. Look in my field and theres a flock of turkeys. Threw on camo pants grabbed the 835 and the rest is history.
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    Luna was pulled off injured reserve for a 300 yard track this morning of my deer:-) He ran by my camera after the shot.
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    I'm up above where I was yesterday. Last I saw of the buck and doe they were headed up here Lots of bedding close by. Wind is blowing pretty good as usual, but in my face. Jumped a big doe and two fawns, laying along the edge, on my walk in. Fells like deer thirty! I'm even off the ground!!
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    Doe for the freezer, another heart shot, went about 100 yards. Those slicks tricks are lethal, always a pass thru with those heads. Gonna fill the freezer fast with these big does.
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    So tonight I was rewarded for not allowing my stomach to make me stick the Doe that came in at 3:30 when I climbed up at 3:25. At 4:50 I hear a stick snap to my 4:00. Interesting. At 4:55 I hear another snap just a bit closer and look to my right(the direction deer do not usually travel). I see bone and more bone than I have ever seen on stand before. No need to count; if the shot comes I am taking it. He then meanders off the TRAIL(not a hiking or biking trail but a deer trail!!) and kicks the shit out of a sapling that wanted nothing to do with him. If he continues off roading he will be under and behind me with no shot - that’s my typical luck. But not tonight! He caught a whiff of something yummy (BUCK BOMB!) and makes a slight turn on the correct course. At 10 yards from my tree, I have no shot but I draw and hope he continues along the course. A few more steps to clear the saplings and some brush, slightly quartering away 7 yards from the base of my tree, one 1/2 step to move that front shoulder and .....zip! (5:05pm) He ran off through a thicket they use regularly, crashes around, breaks right and I lose sight of him; more trashing bushes and then silence out of my sight. And now the doubt creeps in. I cannot see my arrow but I KNOW the shot was good even though the angle was steep. Climbed down at 5:45 good blood but no arrow at hit sight. Pack up and head to my car on a different path then he ran. Call my buddy who is at work and he starts over after picking up his 10 year old son for the journey. 6:30 we start the track at the point I know he last was seen. Find good blood where I expected it, and more and more and there he lay! My best deer ever, shot from the same tree my buddy killed a big 8 (11/2) last year and I killed two doe(10/31 & 11/3). That’s the exit- double lung..no more than 100 yards. Entry was high but clearly blew up front lung as well. 188 dressed weight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Shot my first ever bow deer tonight. 5 points, with one little nub trying to be a 6. 135 pounds dressed weight. Had dinner reservations for my wifes birthday, which were promptly cancelled! She understood, but tomorrow's dinner locale is getting upgraded! Two things to celebrate now Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Live from the shed...son is bugging me for tendies gotta get these chores done Shot was more like an 8c on the chart entered lung exited liver easy track 80 yds I spotted him but the dog deserves the credit to...no blood trail really
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    I am at a loss on this post. The deer was dead and had to have been gutted. What did you hit? The answer was right in front of you
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    You and me both, this one still haunts me in my dreams! Had him in bow range 5 times in 2 years and never got a wack at him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    some people do not know internal anatomy. ran. into a hunter near my.uncles in east otto who had hit a deer i helped them track it and we found a nice 1.5 basket rack dead.. i watched the hunter gut and place the lungs into a bag telling me how he loved to eat the liver and these would be dinner that night..thought he was joking but watched him drag deer and his bag of lung away leaving liver and heart in the gut pile... still smh thinking about it years later...
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    Awesome hunt! Just got back the other day and was just about to update this. It was a rough few days of hunting in beautiful country and my legs are finally not sore from all the hiking. We did tons of hiking in some pretty steep canyons and spotted a bunch of cows and a few decent bulls. We got into a few spot and stalks with nothing working out or the bull not being the right bull. Finally on day 3 of my trip after getting deep into hills we spotted this bull across a canyon. We watched him bed and slowly made our way to cut the distance. Its amazing how hard they are to spot especially while bedded down. We actually lost him a few times but were able to pick him up again after changing angles. A few hours later and after finally cutting the distance I was able to get my shot as he stood up broadside. The 7MM did its job and I shot him right behind the shoulder. He dropped and tumbled down a bit. Much longer story but I'll post that some other time. I'm told he's a pretty good bull for this year as it was a pretty dry spring and backs ends have been lacking compared to the front ends on mature bulls. No altitude sickness at all which I was worried about (most of our time spent between 7,500 and 8,500 ft), but it was difficult to catch my breathe on those steeper hikes. I've attached a few pictures below. Overall great trip and can't wait to do it again someday. Now back to chasing whitetails.
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    Got him 10/19 coming in about 45 min before dark. Came down into a ravine rubbing some good size trees. Great to watch and great to have the opportunity to harvest him. 8M
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    I'm hoping I'll have time to do one more of my own creepier designs instead of this traditional stuff,lol
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    My buddy and I both filled doe tags today for the land owner today on the horse farm we have been hunting a little this year. Both were easy 20-25 yard shots and clean pass thrus with blood trails easy to follow even though it was misting and raining. We even had time to get them skinned, quartered, and put up to finish cutting up this week. Farm owner was happy as he would just as soon every deer be gone off his land.
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    I have deer fridge to hang quarters at a consistent temp. This year I am going to try 4-7 day hang times Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I got off work around 245 yesterday afternoon and rushed home for an evening sit. I was not expecting a sit like this... had a doe and fawn trot through around 530 acting like they were being dogged by a buck. All in all, I had 4 bucks in the area and ended up getting a shot on this brute at 30 yards. He went another 30 after the hit and I watched him pile up.The biggest buck of my life. I can’t put into words how grateful I am.
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    Furnace service guy is wrapping up. Will be in a spot by 1:30 and sit to last light. Got deer! Saw my #1 yesterday trailing a doe, but way out of my bow range. Just need a little luck to make the harvest thread!
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    My favorite is the one I'm not going to say on a public forum! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    Today was probably the most action packed sit that I have here at home, on my own land. No legal bucks, but lots of small bucks, and does. Its all or nothing here it seems. I needed this mentally.
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    I've heard Sterling too for timberdoodles
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    I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. My wife calls me the eternal optimist. I would like to think that there was some legitimate explanation for this. To your point he may have shot off the property and tracked it in. All sides of the property are clearly posted with a name and number on the signs. The pic was taken within 5 yards of one of my stands, and is 300+ yds from any property line. If he did shoot off property and trail it in, I would have been happy to give him permission to track it. Hell I would've helped him if i was in the area. All he needed to do is give me a call to let me know what's going on. But, since he didn't, all i have are a few pictures and a bunch of frustrating assumptions.
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    A few bucks on one camera
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    So got a little chilly in the stand this morning. Came back to camp for lunch! Found a can of tomato soup in the cupboard! Threw a grilled cheese together! Haven't had this in a few years! Forgot how simple and good that meal is!
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    Finished up the pumpkins with the kids this afternoon. Mine on the left then my 8 year olds self designed and self carved next. Followed by my wife’s classic jack-o-lantern carving and last but not least my youngest daughters hand picked design and carved by my wife. They turned out good and as usual I got a few good laughs from the kids as they dig into the guts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    With all the rain we've had this year, this has got to be the weirdest fall hunting I have ever experienced in my nearly 50 years of hunting. There was and is virtually no fall color on the trees this year. I think the leaves were too wet to dry out and turn colors. Half the trees have shed their leaves while the remainder still have green leaves on them. Many trees still have green leaves on them right now. It makes for a weird day of grouse hunting and many of those days are wet too. Turkey hunting has been a bust as well. I haven't seen a single turkey this fall at all. I can't see very far in the woods with all the leaves still on the trees. I have only bow hunted once this year, as I prefer sunny fall days where the ground has noisy leaves that tell me a deer's coming. There hasn't been one day like that this season when I could've gone hunting. It feels like the Catskills have become a rain forest this year. Even hunting for furry predators like coyote, coon and fox is a bust so far. I'm told we hit the average yearly rainfall total by September's end and October has been another above average month putting us on track for a record rainfall year. All this rain is really making for a weird hunting season so far. I can only hope we get all the precipitation we are going to get while it's still too warm to snow. If it means we won't get much snow this year I'll be grateful, but right now I'm amazed.
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    I really enjoyed the crockpot venison chili the other night, so I made it again with beef. This is going to be how I make chili for now on. I added corn bread on top. It was suggested on the package. Came out great.
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    I was in Fla last weekend, we didn’t exactly kill em like we did last year but it was a blast anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Great lunch today at the Saki Cafe on Transit... I had torn into the soft shell crab before I remembered to take the pic. Lobster roll in the back
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    Yes. If it’s close to the stand you have to hit top of the close side lung,or you can miss the offside lung . I aim for the exit.
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    Wild thread but I will add my 2 cents. I live on Long Island where shotguns are required. I hunt with a large gang of hunters doing drives. I have seen every shotgun and slug combo possible. You don’t need 3” slugs. They don’t kill and better that 2 3/4”. They also shoot to a much different POI that standard slugs. When shooting a shotgun with a bead it’s the luck of the draw if it will shoot to Point of aim. Remember shotguns are regulated to shoot shot not slugs. You might have to try many brands until you find one that shoots to point of aim or not. That’s why sights and scopes are used to dial shotguns in just like a rifle. I hunt the big woods of the Catskills. Not as big as the ADK but still large. I don’t hunt on farms or small plots. I hunted with a 742 for over twenty years before the rails wore out inside the receiver. Remington had a trade in program and I got a 7400. The most unlucky gun in the world. I went nine years without a buck, ‘96 to 2004. Heard about the Benoit’s read all their books and started buying 7600’s. 35 Rem, 35 Whelen, 25-06, 7mm-08, 257 Roberts. Sold the 25-06 and 7mm-08. I also bought a 750 in Whelen. My luck changed. I have shot some good bucks mostly with the 35 Rem. Those rifles carry well and swing well. I tracked my first buck the Benoit way with the 750 a few years ago. Basket 8pt. My opinion, never limit yourself to a single shot gun except a ML, never choose a shotgun over a rifle and never choose a gun without sights unless it’s an emergency.
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    I have always butchered same day if possible or next. Never had tough or bad tasting venison.
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    nice damn setup! now just need a tap in the front door for summer use
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    hoping for a stretch of indian summer , but would take two days in a row without rain!
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    Pics man we want pics! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hunting behind the house this morning (9h). 2 spikes walked past me around 9:00 then at 9:45 this guy walked out. Personal best with the bow! Quartering away shot, got liver and one lung. Wasn’t a pass through so blood trail turned into a grid search. He ran about 300 yards but I was able to see him for most of it because it was a crp field. Very thankful the neighbor didn’t mind me looking around on his property. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I took this pic of my twins at a 200 year old hotel in the poconos Still cracks me up Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Decent size doe for LI, back straps for supper.
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