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    Thanks, My Friends, for all of your input and well wishes.... I am going to give the young lady who helped me a nice bouquet of flowers and a turkey for her family for Xmas... Going back up to the tower tomorrow, but a buddy is taking me up with his ATV and is hunting with me, so he'll be there to help if I kill anything or have any other problems...
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    My aunt killed an 8pt the other day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, not only is Lawdwaz a great hunter, he also had the keen foresight to give you up for adoption! LOL
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    Still at it every evening, not getting lazy on you guys....
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    You dont worry about it. Its not a competition.
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    I could pick a couple on this site who I think would qualify but the next person may not agree. Maybe we should think about this before even thinking about who may or may not qualify: Great hunters set themselves apart by demonstrating these traits Honesty This doesn't mean you have to tell everyone where you're hunting or how big that buck is that you have on trail camera. We do ask, though, that you avoid over-exaggerating your stories. Ethics You're not surprised ethics made it on a list of top hunting traits. but this one isn't as straight forward as it may seem. Here's one of those great examples where 100 hunters will tell you 100 different things. The best advice? Don't take a shot beyond your skill level. Don't cheat. And don't be wasteful A Habit of Thinking About Safety Many hunters get confused about this. The first goal of every hunt is not to bag a giant trophy. Rather, it's simply to return home to your family. Every hunt that ends safely is a successful hunt. Respect Respect, in this sense, has two parts. We must be respectful of the animals we're pursuing. They're not for our abuse. In the same regard, we must be respectful of people. Persistence Where persistence differs from patience is when circumstances don't go our way. Persistence is that "stick-to-it-iveness" that gets us back up after a defeat or in the face of difficult odds. It's often easier to be patient when waiting for that big buck you captured on camera. Persistence is missing that buck and going back again, and again. Never giving up. Practice Not so much an attribute, per se, but something every great hunter swears by. You must be diligent with your practice if you want to succeed as a hunter. This is true not just during the season. It's also not simply shooting. Practice and prepare yourself physically and mentally as well. Getting both your body and mind in the right place will help you maximize your odds of a successfully filled tag. Willingness to be an Educator You could also say hunters should avoid being selfish. This is perhaps one of the most important traits on our list. Whether it's your time, your skills, your knowledge or any other resource, don't hesitate to share with someone. Introduce someone new to the world of hunting. Educate an anti-hunting family member or friend on the benefits of hunting for both animals and people. Always be willing to help get the youth involved and teach them respect for the sport and proper techniques. Humility You won't bag a trophy every time. Become used to that idea. And if you do tag a giant? Well, don't be a jerk about it. Hunt long enough and you'll know that what goes around comes around. Whether that's with a hard time over a missed bird or gloating over the biggest bull of the year. Sense of Humor This trait is often overlooked, but it definitely deserves to be on the list. A great hunter will stay upbeat, positive, and be able to laugh off whatever error they just made. It seems like the folks who can relax and enjoy themselves are the ones who succeed.
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    Glazer hotdogs , Weber’s mustard and Teds hot sauce Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the best part of the pics for me isnt those huge, small or no antlers. Its how happy that person is and we get to share in it and the story. I check all the time to see how people did out hunting and am happy for each one of them. Some of the best pics this year were from Culver and those new hunters that got deer. Ive posted does and bucks- not to brag at all but to share with the folks on this site that we have chatted together all year with to see. And to share the story and my excitement! I'd almost feel guilty not posting them. lol I think the NY big buck board is a bit different - maybe some bragging rights there - which is fine too. But really i am just as happy for the new person that got their first doe, or a grandkid that got a deer or the guy that has hunted for 40 years and been giving me and other advice here that got a nice buck. No jealousy. But also glad you hunt for your enjoyment and if not posting any pics does that then very good for you too. Its about enjoying the sport the way you want to. Some want meat, some want antlers, some want adventure, some just want to get away, ... im kinda in for all of it and the stories that go with it.
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    Thanks for your kind words, Poppy. I enjoy sharing them and trying to educate hunters on what to do to increase their odds if they lose the track. Funny story - a few days ago I made arrangements to meet a hunter at a store close to his property and follow him in. I was making my call to the DEC while in the store parking lot when some guy getting into his truck must have seen my truck signs and hollered over “I’ll read about it tonight”. :-)
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    My son and I hunted the woods in the am and saw zip. Deer seem to be in the hayfields now. Saw spike and a doe same one from yesterday after lunch in field below my house. My son decided to do some still hunting in the hayfields along the edges and saw 4 deer and sneaked to within 50 yards of this lil buck. Not so easy with the crunchy ground! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have known alot of great hunters. I have always tried to learn from them as much as I could. I know who I put on the top of my list and when he gives advise I listen to what he has to say. When I was younger discouraged and hanging it up for the season he would show up with a deer. I have killed bigger buck than him but it was from listening to his advise that put me in the right place at the right time. He showed me how to be a good outdoorsman and a good man. It saddens me now to see him be unable to do the things he once could without effort it seemed. Thank you dad for all you taught me.
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    Strange, Larry....Your Mom told ME the same thing...
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    12/6/18 I was called by a friend and ex co-worker this morning asking me to track a deer he shot yesterday afternoon, and I agreed to re-open my season :-) He and his Dad had tracked a few hundred yards, bumping it out of a bed twice. Luna locked on and quickly found this buck after a 700 yard track. Happy to close out the season on a high note.
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    Found him trapped in a big pine log so I grabbed the chainsaw and set him free! I'll clean him up today and give him a quick grooming before he gets his hair and nails done.
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    If these numbers are accurate than the state loses 250k dollars a year on pheasant hunting. That’s not accurate because that would mean that all 23k hunters only hunt pheasant. How many of these 23k would be willing to pay and extra 25$ for a pheasant permit that would cover the costs of the put and take methods? I love how some of the arguments talk about how being against wasting money on pheasant is against the tradition of hunting, I don’t think there is too much tradition for releasing farm animals into the wild to shoot. To me that is not hunting if I want to hunt farm animals I’ll butcher a pig or cow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please please please start a live from Patagonia thread!
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    Wasn't she a Playboy Bunny......or something like that?
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    Tommy, please come home and shovel my flipping driveway. PLEASE.......
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    For you guys that get real bad cramps carry around a pack of mustard in with your hunting gear. I forget the ingredient in the mustard that does it but it stops the cramp almost immediately. Cyclists use to use that trick before the new advanced stuff has come out. Oh and eat the mustard DO NOT rub it on the cramp. That’s an important step. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pygmy - Hope you're getting better and the doctor figures out the cause of your problem . Damn kid , you are only 68
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    If you enjoy bow hunting, no.. if you are just as happy with a gun then it's great.. In most areas I hunt the deer are totally different animals after the guns come out..
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    Sister managed to seal the deal on the big 8 i saw when big bro pushed an area he had a hinkering he might be. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk