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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!

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Weekend warrior at this point with new job. Good news is I’ll likely be able to get out to Missouri for bow opener next year and not miss a day of work. Can work it remote for a few weeks no prob. But hard to find a way to get out a few hours  early now for a quick hunt lol.

Got out Saturday with the FIL who is now turning 74 and losing mobility fast. Climbing stands are out so it’s a ground game from here on out for him. Had a plan for the PM after a deerless morning where I set him up. Was really confident in the PM. Problem on the home front with my wife going to urgent care pushed us getting out late and we had to watch from afar a spike and a yearling exactly where he would have been set up. I’m going to have to get him out again before season close for another shot at it.

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