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Live from the rifle range

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Well check off another thing that is done for the hunting season, should have been done before now :rolleyes: . Super redhawk is sighted in finally with the new Leupold. First photo is 50 yards wrists on a rest second 75 yard wrists rested, that lower right one in the target was all me . The gun sure does like the 270 grain deep curls , and I’m getting used to the scope float  . 



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Joe and I shot our hunting rifles today at my range . A little scope adjustment and things are dialed in well . Then blasted a few boxes worth of handgun ammo . No pictures as cameras aren’t allowed on the Webster Militia Proving Grounds .

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Range day and one week from my annual hog hunt.

Left side top super black hawk 44 mag  hunter. Lower is super redhawk 480 ruger . Left side top to bottom  are blackhawk 41 mag ,single six 22,bottom is balck hawk bisley 45lc convertible. 


Playing with the revolvers  trying to decide which one gets the nod .

 Toss up between the 480 ruger and 44 mag at the moment.

41 mag has to goto a smith as it locked up on me twice  . Have no clue why .. Will take it down and give it a good cleaning . Im betting I have a broken or week spring .

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4 minutes ago, airedale said:

Love the Bisley, for me the Bisley style grip has about as good a feel and natural pointing characteristics as one can get with a handgun. Good luck on your hunt.


I have a blued 4 5/8" barrel Ruger Flat Top 44 special Bisley I'm going to sell one of these days.  LOL, I just don't see myself spending any time shooting it and certainly not hunting with it.  Just no real interest.  It feels good in hand and sure is a well built gun.

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