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Luna and Kunox's Tracking Journal 2018


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I was called at 9:30 this morning to track a bear in Pierrepont. Luna and I arrived at 11:00 and headed deep into the woods in a wagon being pulled by a 4 wheeler. The hunter had been walking out after morning watch when the bear coming running by at 70 yards. He believes he hit the bear too far forward, using his 300 win mag. He had only tracked for 30 or 40 yards before backing out and calling me.  We started at the hit site where the bear had gone down, and had then jumped up and ran off. There was a small amount of blood and hair. Luna immediately locked on and off we went. We followed a very light, sporadic bloodtrail for half a mile, then nothing for the next quarter mile. Temps were in the mid 80's, so I stopped Luna many times for water and a breather. This bear had not been pushed and never bedded down in 3/4 of a mile, so I called the track at that point. Hopefully the hunter gets another crack at it.

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9 hours ago, Padre86 said:

How did you get your dog trained for bear?


I have been laying artificial deer blood tracks for my dog and as well I have used deer hide.  Did you use a similar method for bear?  I've heard that bear don't leave the same sort of scent trails as deer.

I didn't do any special training for bears. It just comes naturally to the dogs. I believe it's easier for them than a deer, although the scent is lost quicker in rain. Luna has found three bears in her career, all still alive.  The first one we didn't know it was alive until Luna refused to go any further. I took a couple steps forward and saw the bear laying in thick stuff 5' away. Luckily it wasn't able to get up and the hunter moved up and finished it.

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I received a call at 9:30 this morning from a bowhunter that had shot a bear while hunting in Santa Clara at 6:30 last night. He stated the bear was quartering away at 35 yards, and he thought he made a good hit on it.  After losing the blood trail last night, he went back and searched for 2 hours this morning before calling me. 

It was Kunox's turn to track, so much to Luna's chagrin, off to the Adirondacks we went. This was Kunox's first bear track, and the hunter's first bear.

We met the hunter and he led us back in the first 4 miles, then the road got narrower so I parked and rode with him to avoid beating up my truck. 

Once we arrived at the hit site, Kunox was shown blood and started working 5 yards downwind of it due to a breeze dispersing the scent. In short order he worked his way back to the blood and stayed on it for 125 yards until it ran out. Kunox continued on, weaving his way through the woods. 75 yards later I saw the bear 10 yards ahead, laying behind a blowdown. I called the hunter up and told him to make sure it was dead before I approached with Kunox, which he reported was the case. Kunox was initially hesitant to approach, but about 2 minutes later he was chewing and tugging on it. It was laying just outside it's den, which was dug out under the blowdown. 

The hunter said he would never have found it without Kunox, and also admitted to having serious doubts about him being on the right track once the blood disappeared. 

Very happy with his performance on this 18 hour old track.






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