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    Wife and I stopped at bar harbor a few years ago on a New England cruise and we loved it. We decided we wanted to come back to really spend some time here . And by the way if you ever come up this way definitely stop at Kittery trading post. 3 floors of awesomeness . first few photos are at Kittery .
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    What a great day we had! Put over 40 bass in the boat. Weather was perfect. And my grandson and his best buddy had me laughing, from when I picked them up, to when I dropped them off. Best day I've had in a very long time. These guys keep me young! We already made plans for the next trip. If ya haven't done it in awhile, take a kid fishing! My grandson.His best friend.One happy grampy.
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    It was 10 hrs for us not bad most of the way, except out side of Boston. Snapped a photo at 3:30 am of the harbor..
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    Watching the Sox pound the Angels. Hilton Head in the morning for golf trip Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When i was a kid ,sticks and stones could break my bones but names could never hurt me . How times have changed.
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    I finally made it out on the water. The boat still runs albeit 5mph is the speed limit in the Erie Canal. Yea, I’m fishing but mostly just out to run the boat and empty a few beer cans. Eyes peeled for da bear.......
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    Is that advice for golf or the night out after golf? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yesterday, as I was walking on a woods road that connects my dead end road with another dead end road, I saw 2 nice sized Hen wild turkeys with their Broods. No telling how many as We were in the woods with plenty of skunk cabbage to hide them. The 2 Broods were moving with the cut grass of the new Townhouses behind where, I live. The poults looked Baseball size as another member put it. I had to keep walking as I was too close and every Turkey froze. Along with the newborn poults that I saw on April 26th-- things seem to be on the upturn as far as the number of poults surviving this year. June for the most part has been mostly dry and not that cool . At least in my area. There should be plenty of Jakes and Jennies out there this Fall!!! I think it is Oct 20th in my area and early NOV in NEW JERSEY. New Jersey only has a 1 week Fall Season and I hope a Hiker will not be where the flock is this year. So close last Fall!!!
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    Homemade Ragu from venison and pepperoni and polish sausage and seasonings. But for supper was cube steak and bacon potatoes salad anthropology salad watermelon and whatever we got
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    Simple tip. Shot by shot , hole by hole. Forget how you got there , hit the next shot and repeat. Enjoy.
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    Glad it is of interest to you. This arm, and hand it 6 yrs old. The white glove pictured is the inner glove, a seperate glove goes over top of that white glove. I fell on this hand during the winter from ice, heard a snap, and sheared some guides, gears, and other interior parts within the hand. You are a good judge, this hand seems very primitive, and old school compared to other high tech hands on the market. However, where this hand excells, and in my opinion outdoes all the others is exactly what you mentioned. I can make this hand open, and close so slowly, that you can see it barely move, to the point you can hear the gears meshing inside. The hand will move smoothly at speeds where it hardly moves....other hands, including the most popular bebionic, and iLimb hands cannot move this slow, the computers inside cannot recognize the low muscle signals, resulting in the hand moving in spurts. Pretty amazing. I started an Instagram about 2 weeks ago where I post mini videos, and such showing my life, and how I use my prosthetics.
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    Wow cool pics! Enjoy the sunrise!!! More pics!
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    Was looking for Westbrook key lime gose but sold out. . Not bad lawn mower beer at 4% Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    15 min after I left this morning, my wife sends me this. She watched him take 3 bags out of the dumpster. I found one all tore up... The other two.... No clue how far away those are.
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    Ok I had the Zweigle's and its a good dog but sorry my western buddies not the best. The Wardynski jalapeño cheddar dogs were definitely real good but I feel it is unfair to rate a specialty dog against a straight up dog. The Hoffman coneys are certainly good if you like coneys, and I do. For me my Glaziers still hold my top spot for a straight up real casing dog. I will find some Sahlen's though and give them a shot. Don't get me wrong I would have any of these dogs and a beer with ya all! We all have our own tastes and I would hate for you all to buy up my Glaziers and cause a shortage or price increase!!
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    After much consideration, I'm going with the 9mm. Cause experience tells me that in a few years, that 45 isn't going to fit in the case any more..
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    Toes in the sand. Beach day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good grief, I could care less if she's gay. I saw this story in the NY Post and got a chuckle out of seeing the name "BIZ". End of story. If you're offended making this into something it's not, that's your problem. Trust me, you haven't cornered the market on gay friends.