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    Not live but.. this morning i doubled up on 2 longbeards with my step son!! A hunt i will never forget.. one of my favorites for the memory books.. ill have the story tomorrow when i have time.. what a day! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Here is a summary of my two Canadian gobblers... Day two....I had my blind set in a very open patch of mature hardwoods, which is fairly tough to find in the area that I hunt due to the predominace of thick cedar and ash cover, interspersed with large pastures..I knew from previous experience that this woodlot was a favored roosting and strutting zone on this property...Due to the fact that birds might be roosting literally within gun range of the blind, is was necessary for me to approach the blind as quietly as possible, in full darkness...I plan not to use a decoy...The woods were VERY open, but I have had limited success using decoys in the woods.. I was settled in the blind at 4:30 AM....At 4:45 AM, a gobbler sound off in front of the blind, no more than 75 yards away...Then another gobbled BEHIND the blind, at about the same distance..I was bracketed between two gobblers, a good position to be in...After those two birds had gobbled back and forth for a few minutes, a pack of coyotes lit up about 200 yards away, howling, barking and yipping...Suddenly the woods was FULL of gobbles, all around me...There were seven gobblers gobbling on all sides of me..I was effectively surrounded...Hehehe... After a few minutes, the gobbling slacked off, with the bird directly in front of me and the one directly behind me doing most of the gobbling... When flydown came, the bird in front of me started moving away, toward some fields that were a couple hundred yards away..The one behind me flew down, and that bird started moving directly toward my blind...The bird appeared in sight, but he was just out of range and it appeared he was heading past me toward the other turkeys..I did some soft clucking and purring, and he stopped strutted and gobbled for about ten minutes, but refused to come within range. He finally turned and walked toward the other turkeys .. Things settled down and throughout the morning things settled ,down and I called on and off and received an occasional answer, but nothing seemed hot...Then about 11:00 AM, a bird out in front of the blind gobbled at about 100 yards away.. I called softly and we he gobbled a few more times, but seemed to be moving off...Meanwhile I heard a few soft hen yelps behind me, but heard no gobbling from that direction... At NOON, I heard a hen PUTT behind me, and I looked out the back of the blind to see a hen running away.... A full minute later, crow cawed right overhead, and a gobbler gobbled DIRECTLY behind my blind..I looked out the back to see a gobbler in half strut, walking directly in the direction the hen had gone, at a pretty fair pace.. I got the gun out the window and shot him as he came out from behind a tree about 30 yards away..He dropped like a rock.. I approached the bird and he was sort of squatting, bleeding profusely from his mouth..I figured he was dying, and just watched for a couple of minutes expecting him to start flopping any minute..After a couple of minutes, he seemed to become more alert and started looking around...I decided I should wring his neck to finish him, and reached down and grabbed him by the neck. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE..!!>> The bird started flopping and pummeling me with his wings, knocking my half off and rotating me in a complete 360... He broke loose and started flopping down through the woods..I At this point I knew it was no time for a finesse shot, or he might get away...AT about 25 yards I centered him in the scope and plastered his rear end...He rolled and stopped, but his head popped up again, so I sent my last shot downrange...This time I walked over and stood on his neck until he stopped flopping..I was shaking like a leaf by that time..I am getting too old for full contact turkey hunting....21 pounds, 9 1/2 inch beard and inch spurs.. Gobbler #2....The next morning I was back in the blind before daylight again and a gobbler started gobbling in front the blind...I could swear he was in the same tree where he had been the last 3 mornings...Another bird cut in on him now and then, so I knew there was more than one.. Flydown came and the birds did some gobbling and I did some calling, but they did not seem hot and gradually gobbled less and less.. About an hour later I got a response about 100 yards out, and eventually I could see a gobbler strutting through little gaps in the trees... Eventually, two gobblers and two hens worked into sight..One gobbler was glued to the hens, but the other one decided to come over strut for ME, and I wait until he stretched his neck and dropped him at about 40 yards..Good thing I had my shooting sticks, because I had my gun up a LONG time , and never could have made the shot without the rest.. When I shot, one hen too off, but the other hen and the gobbler ran over to the one I had shot, checking out the action as he flopped..The second gobbler was HUGE...Easily a 23 or 24 pound bird...I had to get out of my blind and shoo him away, telling him to come back next year.. Despite being the subordinate gobbler, he was a true trophy..21 pounds TWIN 9 1/2 beards and spurs of 1" and 1 1/8"... I would like to know the weight and spur length of that BIGGER one...Perhaps next year....
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    We have 3 hammering. All off about 250 10 o’clock position, 2 and 5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having sold my convertible several years back out of stupidity and later my motorcycle out of fear that a teen texting would leave my kids without their dad, I have been looking for an open air vehicle to use in the summer. Got a sweet deal on this rubicon recon with only 1,300 miles. Who knows, if I like it enough, the carpeted bed sissy truck may be sold. Going to give it some time to decide whether I really need both. Might be a toy or just a daily driver. But liking it so far.
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    I was 4 when I started shooting this weatherby off “chuck sticks” Tripod laying down in prone position. The day this pic was taken, I leaned in too much since gun was hard to shoulder and knocked a few baby teeth out. I saw blood everywhere and immediately thought I shot myself somehow. I was gunshy for a few months afterwards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sat here tonight and watched this woodpecker get dizzy as hell he was spinning for 5 minutes shoveling the seeds down was funny to watch
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    Need I say more......8P.
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    Ide say around 2nd grade is when i got my first daisey bb gun. So 7-8 ish. By 10 i was walking around my grandmas farm with a single shot 22 taking out starlings and frogs and a squirrel from time to time. My daughters have been shooting since they were 5. And at 8 they had permission to shoot bb guns without me being with them all the time. I decided to teach them as young as possible simply because i wanted them to learn gun saftey as early as possible so it stuck with them for life.
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    Meeting cousin at 4:30 in morning. He’s never shot a bird. He kills 5-6 deer every year. Never had a bird all wound up in front of him. This will be great if it works out. Stay tuned. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was able to convince my father to go out today and not a gobble yet. Were Hunting my best deer spot to try something different. This area is loaded with birds in the fall, but for some reason it’s hit or miss in the spring. Some huge gobblers around here though. Probably going to be the only time I can convince him to go out though. Had a young buck at 15 yards for 20 minutes and I’m currently watch g a rabbit from my car. I decided to go around scouting for deer spots this fall and I found a few really nice spots. I’m already excited for this season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Had 2 real close. Currently playing quiet game and stare down with deer at 20 yards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nice. From ages 12-15 I always said I wanted a Jeep Wrangler as my first car, but then I went sports car route when I turned 16. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good game today for my son. 3-3 multi RBI at the plate. Played short stop (first time ever-doesn’t have the range or quickness IMO) and had multiple put-outs and no errors. He usually plays the corners if not pitching. He ended up closing out the game as well. 2 run lead; inherited a man on first and had to face batters 2, 3, 4(all play on his travel team but go to a neighboring school. K; groundout to 3rd and pop out to second. Think he threw more warmup pitches than game pitches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    We had paninis again, had to use the Salmon. Goat cheese, pesto and asparagus
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    I'm going to explode lol After leaving here See my seafood diet
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    Ok , who ya trying to kid here. were not the misses, you don’t have to do the whole well maybe I’ll sell my truck cause you know I don’t really need both. We’re all guys here and we all know one who dies with the most toys dies happy God call with the light bar, enjoy the new toy with the family..
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    Heck ya!!congrats to you both,thats awesome!
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    That is frickin awesome congrats!
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    10th time mowing back. Just broadcast more weed and feed after. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I use Sawyers Permethrin religiously every spring. Unfortunately , I didn't use it during bow season years ago and contacted Lyme disease. Sometimes I can feel them biting me and other times I can't. The worst part is when I find one imbedded in me and I have to ask my wife to remove it with a pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. She flips out and starts screaming how disgusting it is. I bet I've dug out more than a dozen of them in me in the last 20 years or so. It usually itches like hell after I remove them and always get a rash ( see photo). I always have bloodwork done every year to check for Lyme along with the usual diagnostic blood testing.
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    Few weeks back buddy and I were tying down a ground blind he placed in a spot 10 feet off main field. My clothes were treated with Sawyers; his were not. 5 ticks on his pants, none on mine. That’s about as scientific as I can be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk