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    Not live but.. this morning i doubled up on 2 longbeards with my step son!! A hunt i will never forget.. one of my favorites for the memory books.. ill have the story tomorrow when i have time.. what a day! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    We have 3 hammering. All off about 250 10 o’clock position, 2 and 5. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having sold my convertible several years back out of stupidity and later my motorcycle out of fear that a teen texting would leave my kids without their dad, I have been looking for an open air vehicle to use in the summer. Got a sweet deal on this rubicon recon with only 1,300 miles. Who knows, if I like it enough, the carpeted bed sissy truck may be sold. Going to give it some time to decide whether I really need both. Might be a toy or just a daily driver. But liking it so far.
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    Sat here tonight and watched this woodpecker get dizzy as hell he was spinning for 5 minutes shoveling the seeds down was funny to watch
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    Making the tough decision to get my black lab put down today. She was diagnosed with a believed to be cancerous tumor about a month ago and she has gone down hill quick. She's 11 1/2 and we had her about 11 years. She won't eat anymore not even human food and has all she can do to stand up. One of the hardest parts of the whole ordeal is watching my youngest son struggle with the decision as he grew up with her. Back when we got her I really didn't even want a dog but was out voted 3 to 1 but since I'm the one that ended up taking her out the most I've become very close to her. Always hard losing a love one but I do believe we are making the right decision. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Wife has $30K veneers. Mine are all real. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They are to busy working on this one: Dallas police investigate "similarities" in crimes against 3 transgender women https://www.cbsnews.com/news/dallas-police-investigate-similarities-violence-against-transgender-women-muhlaysia-booker-2019-05-21/
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    The mental picture I have of the tussle with the first gobbler is great. Pygmy in an old school style wrestling mask in full camp going toe to spur with a gobbler. GIVE HIM THE CHAIR! Congrats Dan!
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    I started at a fairly young age but really didn't learn "how" to shoot until I was 18. My teacher at that time was Uncle Sam and he made sure I could do it right.
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    I was able to convince my father to go out today and not a gobble yet. Were Hunting my best deer spot to try something different. This area is loaded with birds in the fall, but for some reason it’s hit or miss in the spring. Some huge gobblers around here though. Probably going to be the only time I can convince him to go out though. Had a young buck at 15 yards for 20 minutes and I’m currently watch g a rabbit from my car. I decided to go around scouting for deer spots this fall and I found a few really nice spots. I’m already excited for this season. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm going to explode lol After leaving here See my seafood diet
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    She loves popping wheelies. A little too much like the old man. But man does she love riding. Hitting the trails with glysophate worked well.
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    So that's how you keep your sissy carpet nice and clean! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Great report Dan! Glad you had a memorable trip to da Nort' country. That big ol' gobbler was damn lucky you were tagged out, aye? Two great birds, and in Canada to boot.
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    Ron Darling made a comment about this a few years back when asked about the frequency of Tommy John surgery now in MLB. That back in the day, athletes played multiple sports. Now, when a kid has a special talent, they focus just on that one talent. Then they circumvent the limitations little league have by enrolling their kids into two or even three little leagues so they get to play more. That is why now today almost every team has someone that can throw 100 mph when back in 80's and 90's, if you threw 96 you were out of this world. But it's also why almost every other pitcher gets Tommy John surgery before they're 30.
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    Cousin gave me a small hunk of Costanzas venison salami Nunda Cajun onion mustard. This is great combo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would think that the toothless one displayed some good suction in that movie. LOL
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    That really sucks. I'm sorry. We had to put our lab down last summer and it was one of the worst days I've had in a real long time.
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    In the mix of all excitement.. We dont even know which bird was left or right after celebrating.. nor do we care lol!
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    So sorry to hear this TT. It's a gut-wrenching decision, but one ultimately grounded in love to end her suffering. She'll be at peace soon, try to focus on that. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.
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    Sorry to hear. I have been through this as well with BEN my Black Lab. All Beloved Pets Go To Heaven.
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    Great birds, great story,great pictures....Congrats to you both !
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    Last week, an illegal alien from Kenya was charged with murdering 12 elderly women in Texas. The murdered women ranged in age from 76 to 94. The man, who had been living in Dallas, was also charged with two other counts of attempted murder. The primary motive for his crimes appears to be theft, as the man would schmooze his victims and then steal items of value such as jewelry. According to Plano Police Chief Gregory Rushin, the illegal used his health care experience “to his advantage in targeting and exploiting seniors, some of the most vulnerable people in our community.” Rushin noted that authorities are reviewing some 750 unattended deaths of elderly women for possible links. This is clearly a large and developing story — one that has garnered headlines across the country. Yet, one national newsroom has apparently decided to ignore the story entirely. As of writing this story, CNN has yet to publish any article or TV report on the serial murders. Could the fact that the charged individual is an illegal alien and therefore doesn’t fit the network’s immigration narrative be the reason behind the lack of coverage? It will be interesting to see how long it takes before CNN offers any coverage.
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    sorry to hear it. you have to though. i'm sure discomfort is there only being able to simply stand.
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    I feel your pain, as this is never easy. In your heart you know what is best for her. In the past I've grieved more over a lost pet, than I have for certain family members. Keeping you in thoughts and prayers.
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    It is definitely one of the hardest and painful decisions a person has to make. Try to get some comfort from the fact the right thing is being done for the sake of the dog. I am sure none of us would want to live like that and the dog more than likely doesn't either. Good Luck.
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    Actually, maybe knocking out ones baby teeth with the recoil of a Weatherby rifle is good childhood preventive dentistry since Biz seems to have a good set of teeth in adulthood. He certainly likes to show them off in the numerous pictures he's posted of himself. LOL
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    I feel your pain..., So sad.... You and the family are in my prayers bro...
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    there's a solution to that.... lots of soccer moms here in the Capital Region driving around Porsche Panameras and even Macans with a back seat and just as much fun pedal. i mean not to be an enabler or anything. lol not sure the open air option applies though.
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    don't give in to peer pressure carpet that thing too and keep them both. lol
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    Happy Birthday! Belated....
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    He has such a big bed carrier in the truck you can barely toss in a couple cases of beer under the cover...lol. I think with his hitch hauler and trailer he'll be fine with the Jeep.
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    What in the world? Don't want to rag on your father, but who gives a 4 year old a Weatherby to shoot??
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    No way Jose. All those things do is eat, poop, and cost $.
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    Thats great. CONGRATS!!!!!. the smiles say it all.
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    10th time mowing back. Just broadcast more weed and feed after. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As good as it gets with out actually pulling the trigger! Sounds like a good day
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    I did not as it did not sound very exciting... lol I'm an IPA and dark kinda guy!!
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    He would be if jerkman didn't leave the table when negotiations stalled out at 20 mill.
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    man, last night the boys played but cold and windy. this is not been a great year weather wise.
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    That’d be awesome thanks. I love this site Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OK!-- I could not post any pics on The ( Live) Thread. This morning, I walked in at 4.38am which is 1 hour before Sunrise today. Walked in over 1 mile to where, I saw and heard multiple Gobblers only 1 week ago on a Long Ridge. No response to my Owl Hooter and later right at Sunrise- my Crow call. I walked to the other side of the Ridge. Plenty of new Turkey sign! I kept using my Primos Power Crow. No response. On walking West along a Slough, I heard a Blue Heron. A Gobbler shocked Gobbled to that sound. He was only 100 yards away. No good tree to set up against. I got between 2 Trees with a low Blowdown in front of me. I then pressed my Primos Jackpot Glass pot to my chest and Yelped 3 times. Then, I clicked+ Purred with the pot in front of me. GOBBBLLLLEEEEE! Closing in he was. I repeated that series and got ready. On my Left Knee and my right foot-- kneeling between the Trees with my shotgun barrel up on the Blowdown. On came the Gobbler fast! He came in on a half Strut while walking fast. I had to very slowly dip my head down so he did not see the whites of my eyes. I let him come in to my preferred distance-- 25 yards and Fired. Finally!!! 21 days in and down from 230 to 225. That's the good part anyway. Luck to all this coming weekend.
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    In Trump's hunting fields the hen turkeys would have silicone breast implants, so I'd stay away from the breast meat if you were to consume it. LOL The gobblers would have orange heads and combed over golden/yellow beards. LOL
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    Had him cutting me off then hen got in between us. He was going other way and then little towards Tried playing with hen but no dice. Then played silent treatment and dug some leaks. Going to take slow walk over to cam over fox den soon. Accomplished all I wanted too so far. Played with gobbler , leeks and got wet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hunted a few hours today but never had a response.
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