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    It’s here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    She’s still bedded. She must drive a Subaru Forester as no bucks came to play. Another doe n fawn just scooted through off my other shoulder. Gorgeous morning !
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    Now, that's nice!!! Looks like Christmas card!!!! You are blessed!
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    Moog put me where I needed to be for form and setup. Great advice. I was able to take two deer with it this year. That first one meant more to me than any I have mounted. It took more practice but I felt confident with the set up and my effective range and stuck to it. One was not the prettiest shot but it worked out after a very long track and drag. Thanks for help on that Moog. The second I felt much more confident. Knew where I wanted the arrow to go and it went there I will say that I got a reality check with penetration compared to what I was use to on my compound
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    Rock climbing harness, you’ll never go back to full Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Who did this to my yard today?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hunting a ~2000 acre property that only allows gun hunting for 5 days and limits to 25 hunters/day by lottery draw. In the first 4 days of season, only 3 does were killed!! WTF!! Absolutely PATHETIC!! I walked ~1/4 mile to and from my stand this afternoon in the fresh snow and never cut a track. When I checked out tonight, I was told that no deer were seen today by any of the hunters. Moral of the story, be thankful and don't take for granted if you have a decent place to hunt. A wise man (Jack Daniels?) once said, "Sometimes you just need to say, WTF!?!?"
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    There is no excuse for this "hunter" !! He should be prosecuted, and do hard time! My grandson and I had a monster buck standing on the top of a ridge on Saturday. Only thing we could see behind him was sky. I called off the shot. Easy call. No idea where that bullet would have ended up had my grandson missed, or had a pass through. This non shot, is stressed at every hunter ed course we give! I sincerely hope your neighbor fully recovers. My prayers to him and his family.
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    Happy Thanksgiving ! We used to do a family hunt Thanksgiving morning, which was a tradition in my family dating back well before I was even thought of. My uncle is the only remaining blood that hunts and he's had a pile of surgery's and side effects won't allow him in the stand. My bro in law and father in law hunt, but aren't typically able to make it so this year I decided I was going outside the "legal" family and just asking my buddy's who love to put in stand time. So,[mention=5278]The_Real_TCIII[/mention] , my fishing buddy and my dad headed down to our camp in Franklinville. We were greeted with high winds, some rain, some snow, some more winds and some ice pellets. It was a tough sit this am for sure. Once the wind died down I had a great feeling we were gonna have some action. All I kept hoping for was to hear somebody's gun roar, all am long.... Not a deer seen by the 4 of us, so TCiii and I did a slow mooch towards my dad and my buddy. Cell service is awful and TCiii and I were slowly making our way along when I got a text from him and knew I was a bit ahead of him on our parallel drive. Then the phone rang, and TCiii had a a couple doe sneak between us right back to where we had come from. I decided to get up a touch higher where I could see a clearing in the hardwoods and wait. A few minutes went by when I caught a glimpse of a deer heading up the hill right at me from the opposite direction. I saw a rack, that was at/outside the ears and looked fairly tall. At that moment, regardless of age, size, or inches I knew I wanted to take him. I dialed in the scope and waited for a shot. The only one I got was a walking, heavy quarter too, and when I sent it I immediately saw a giant hole in his side as he piled away right down towards TCiii. I started my track and had good blood right away and a clear disturbance from him running. He went about 80-100 yards and I found him laying under an apple tree trying to get up. I gave him some time to "go to the light" and he finally mustered up enough to get up on all fours so I sent another round his way (still have to do autopsy to verify I hit/missed). He gave up and I waiting to TC to come so we could walk up together. Turns out, my dad had gotten out of his stand and headed to the ridge for a better view and must have bumped this deer back to me. He was full of #1 and #2 more than I've ever seen on any deer, so he must have been laying there all morning. What a great Thanksgiving it was, and I was glad to spend it with my hunting Family. I am blessed to have punched 2 buck tags, that's for sure ! First kill with the 308. Hornady SST 165grain did awful things to him.... #Team1000 Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Ok now I’m really sad I didn’t get one of his weird messages Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yea, I’m left out too, Thank god!
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    The biggest issue with 16 gauge would be ammo availability (in steel or non-toxic) and ammo cost. .410, 28, 16 are much more expensive to shoot (like almost double the cost) since they only run limited runs of shells.
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    Got some on cams all season (not quite like that monster) but almost exclusively at night. I'm def getting burnt out. But....I have a lot of hope for the last weekend of muzzleloader. Still think it's going to happen then. Post rut and cold weather with a stand on a cornfield I am thinking are gonna be a good setup.
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    Well maybe I wasn’t stupid for sitting through the frozen rain after all. He came sneaking out at about 4:15, I was seriously thinking about quitting a few minutes early as I am leaving for a work trip tomorrow. I took one last look around and wo now. About 80 yards with the 7mm mag. Dressed out 160 pounds. Just got him hung up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That is exactly what I have found also.. Not a fan of their performance on the animal. Punches right straight through with minimal blood trail. The last few put on their shoulder and that worked well.. I have 2 left. This will be my last season with them as well.
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    Looks like they come in only full sizes Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    1,000 (not 1,100). and it was a lofty goal (not prediction). I can't hunt this weekend due to a good friend's wedding. We are stuck at 885 right now! I may have to bowhunt on december 31st stateland in westchester to get one more buck.
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    This is my current harness: ABC Guide Harness This will likely be my next harness: Black Diamond Vario Speed Harness
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    It's gun season, just stand on the ground .
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    Check out https://thepushpodcast.libsyn.com/ Lots of good trad info including coaching moments with Tom Clum Sr. Good luck.
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    Man it's cold this morning. Hopefully this sun warms things up a bit.
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    Tell your wife and family that it is now equipped with eye scanner to open the door ... you get some creepy (but funny) pics of them trying to access. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I already asked him if he was papist. Days ago another thread. He said something about liking nice people and some invite and if my shoes fit.
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    I think it's hard to answer, some places just have the right soils, right genetics and habitat, and naturally it's a good area to produce nice deer yr after yr. I hunted a property like this fairly early in my hunting days and yr after yr there were multiple and multiple big bucks cruising the property. Now a days the property I have doesn't have the best soil..... so you have to work for it, food plots, habitat improvements..... and maybe even some help from your neighbors letting smaller bucks go.
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    I think we got almost 6 inches in Retsof. It's heavy snow, I still haven't bought a shovel but I did get new tires!
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    I wanna see the homemade ladder
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    That's a yearling can still see it's milk teeth Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Dream hunt right now. Worked closed at noon. I'm in #ontheground and still hunting these perfect conditions. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    I have a 1957 Browning Sweet16 that was handed down from father. I use this gun more than any other of my other (4) 12ga and (2) 20 ga. Spectacular rabbit. grouse, goose gun. I also use for deer with the Federal Power-Shok slug 2/34 " 1600 fps. Hit a deer in the neck and they flip. The slug ammo is approx $5.50 a box. I would not have any hesitation recommending the 16ga.
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    Funny you make this post. The other day my friend who i hunt with, and grew up hunting with, was reminiscing about my first hunting outfit. It was my old mans. A solid blaze orange pants and jacket. I was a big ball of blaze orange in the woods. And i did score a bunch of deer with that get-up.
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    This is why I went with the BO camo. At least it has some blackened areas in the fabric that break-up your outline even if the deer really can NOT see the red/orange hues. I justify BO camo thinking it breaks up my outline or profile, esp if you don't has as good a s/u as in the above photo. Other times I'll wear a BO vest & hat to/from the stand and remove when I'm up in the tree. Who knows...?
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    Look closely in this pic ......you can see my dad in his trestand in full orange......had the crosshairs on this little guy for a bit a have him a pass. He has hunted in a full orange suit for as long as I can remember. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Saw some nice rubs in this area. Hunted this spot hard and it paid off.
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    Side by side from the woods to the fridge on this one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I did mine for under 200 .... 600 must have been some mailbox you put up.
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    We like to camp and go kayaking. Usually camp at our land once a year, and go on a few trips up north every summer. Living in the finger lakes, we have a lot of opportunities to kayak. Made sure to pick hobbies that would include my wife. She's a good sport about me being gone all hunting season, so hanging with her in summer is the least I can do!
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    I’ve heard from a few different sources that those are hornady SST’s, rebranded and yellow for TC. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Waiting on anything resembling these, all of them are shooters.
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    I bought my wife the boot blankets, they go over your hunting boots she likes em.
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    Went to scout some state land near one of the smaller lakes in the area to see if I could “track” a buck once we get some snow on the ground. Iv never set foot in the area, only fished the lake. I brought my bow just in case. On the walk back toward the car I could hear a deer walking “below” me on the lake side. I stood behind a tree and this little guy passed me. Shot him quartering away. I was trying to “aim for the opposite leg” and hit a little further back than I wanted. Took out off-side lung and Rage did tons of damage. He ran down the hill but dropped in sight. I carried him out and decided if I ever get a buck in that area I’d drag him down to the water and get the boat. Incredibly steep and overgrown. Weighed just under 100lbs. Should be delicious.
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    The boots you have are reputed to be very good for cold temps, for various reasons there are folks that just do not tolerate the cold well. A friend of mine uses these toe warmers for ice fishing in the bitterest of weather and he swears by them, they are small and thin. A whole box of 40 pair go for around $30.
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    4 generations killed this is horrible. South Dakota hunting trip. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/12/02/south-dakota-plane-crash-kills-winter-storm-warning/4350086002/
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    It just keeps them around and encourages more of it. I know my ignore feature has been activated for a couple of members. Would love it if their threads stopped surfacing. But to each his own. I learned my lesson already.
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