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    Just had to snap this pic of my home as I was coming back in from the tree stand. Didn’t catch the 3 doe standing in the backyard as I took the picture. The front porch serves as the hunting lodge where friends gear up to go hunt or wind down with an after hunt beer.
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    I got out Thanksgiving Morning with my stepson for our 3rd, and possibly final sit for the year together. The 35 mph winds and snow squalls wasn't stopping him from wanting to fill a tag. We chose a ground blind that i felt would be tucked in out of the wind more than most places and not far from a bedding area.. First whitetail to show was a fawn, it stepped out from cover and fed out in front of us, a few moments after entering, another bigger bodied deer appeared right behind it feeding away. We watched them for awhile waiting on more. After 15-20 minutes, nothing else showed up. And these 2 had made their minds up that they were moving on, So we decided to attempt a shot at the bigger of the 2. He had a buck tag, a doe tag, and I had 2 doe tags that could be filled for the area. So we elected to get him his first deer by rifle regardless. Well what we thought was a doe, especially by how it was acting with and around the fawn. Ended up being his first buck ever, he was super pumped. I can't explain how happy I am for him, how happy he was for himself! We could literally see zero sign of antlers over the deer's head, Not that it matters it was his first and he is pumped to say the least! I couldnt be more happy for him. Bucks tagged legal and in the freezer! I brought my tripod I use for predator hunting to help him to my best ability. He split that bucks ticker in 3 pieces with a 140gr ELD at 120 yrds and it still ran a good 50 yards!! Kids a sniper in the making! That morning he learned what it was like to enter the tip of a sharp knife into a nice warm deer stomach! that irreplaceable sound and instant smell of a stomach deflating! LOL!! i hadn't laughed so hard in a long time, I tried to warn him to turn his knife around that you'd be better this way especially working around that stomach of his with the initial incision lol. He insisted it was how his dad showed him.. Lucky for him Im a good guy, and instead of only one set of blessed field dressing covered arms, there were 2 since he couldn't hold his own stomach together lol!! It'd be nice to get out and fill a doe tag or 2 before seasons end together. And a selfie after the shot!
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    17. Gentle breeze. Few inches of fresh snow. Covering the trees. I can already picture a buck trying to sneak through and me full send. Good luck to everyone going out.
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    As suspected she was a he. Found it weird came in all alone. Button buck. Just stood up and meandered our slowly. I hit the grunt tube and he did not like that. His name was L O L A walked like a women n talked like a man
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    Out in 8H on the brassica field i missed a nick buck at last week. My muzzleloader ended up being about 2 feet off at 100 yards so I feel a little better about the miss. I’m guessing it got banged going up a tree or walking around. Anyways, back dialed in and ready to send it! Good luck to all those out. Feels like a good afternoon Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The new kid went out on his own today got himself a spike . I am so happy for him . Wish I could of got out there with him but jack daniels had me at noon . So no driving for me . Wtg my new hunter. Ps. He said he couldn't of done it without the knowledge I gave him . So sweet lololol.
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    Absolutely beautiful afternoon to be in the stand. Just need the deer to move... Please let me see a deer. Please let me see a deer. Please let me see a deer. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    I have had miserable experience with them on broadside lung shots. Small hole in and small hole out. Here is how much punch they have though. Last day of ML one year. I had a group of does patterned all week. I snuck in and set up in the hedge row at about 40 yards from where they were coming out. They showed up like clock work. The big one in the lead and I drew on her in a seated rest. Another good doe walked up and was actually standing side by side at 40 yards. They were about touching and lined up perfectly. 2 tags in my pocket I took the shot becasue I knew it was going through the first with ease. I didn't expect to happen what did though. I shot and the one in the back folded in her tracks and the one in front made the 75 yard run to the wood line and disappeared into the woods. I checked on the back one to confirm it was dead and followed the tracks of the first in the snow. A few drops on blood and about 30 yards into the woods she was there dead. Tiny hole in and tiny hole out. The one in the back had a tiny hole in and about a hard ball sized exit.
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    You know i just wanted to say with all the craziness going on here lately it’s really nice to be able to say that you and I have come a long way! You are a good dude my friend Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beautiful pic @46rkl, looks very inviting, you mentioned post hunt beer, I’ll bring a case, just give me address
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    I’ve posted before that we’ve got a four year tradition of filling my landowner’s tag on Black Friday with our grandson Jake from Rochester. On Friday we got a little screwed up with the combine cutting the corn that we border. We sat in our money spot overlooking a five acre old hayfield that I keep brush hogged, but didn’t see a deer on that sit. They were cutting again Saturday morning so we didn’t go out and figured we’d go for an afternoon sit over the cut cornfield. They were still cutting in the afternoon, but on the other side of the field so we opted to go back to the same stand we sat in on Friday. About 4:00 pm we had a short snouter come out milling around, followed by another, and then mommy joined them. Kept checking them out through the scope and mommy wasn’t much bigger than her fawns. I told him let’s be patient and wait for others. A few minutes later he spots a bigger deer slinking through the woods following the doe group. Get the scope on it and see small antlers. He comes out sniffing around the doe and she takes off back into the woods with her fawns following. Deer are gone from the field. Damn. 4:25 now and I’m regretting my decision to be patient. Legal time was 4:38, so Jake is watching the clock, and a couple of minutes later we see a small doe come out of the far corner about 200 yds. Watch it through the scope and see mommy in the tree line. She comes out to feed with her fawn and they are facing us, no shot opportunity. Clock is ticking and she will not turn broadside. Head down feeding, occasionally up to look around and back to feeding always facing directly toward us. 4:36 now and Jake calls the two minute warning. Cmon doe, turn, will ya? Finally she quarters slightly, and Jake says is that your shot? Bang - doe drops in place. What time is it Jake? 4:37, no, just clicked to 4:38. Shot clock expires and so did the doe. Forgot to take a field pic, and he was cold so we went back to the house and I went to get it with the tractor. Four years/four does in a row with him now. Can’t wait til he’s old enough to pull the trigger himself!
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    Haven't had this guy on cam since mid January. Glad to see he's still breathing...
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    It’s here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hope springs eternal here in 8H! The temps have rebounded since this morning (7 degrees) to the 30’s with barely a whisper of a breeze. I’m feeling it....
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    Just don't drop Andrew's name - sure way to see a price increase.
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    You must be married, otherwise you'd be doing that on the kitchen stove. Good call....
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    She’s still bedded. She must drive a Subaru Forester as no bucks came to play. Another doe n fawn just scooted through off my other shoulder. Gorgeous morning !
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    Now, that's nice!!! Looks like Christmas card!!!! You are blessed!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Moog put me where I needed to be for form and setup. Great advice. I was able to take two deer with it this year. That first one meant more to me than any I have mounted. It took more practice but I felt confident with the set up and my effective range and stuck to it. One was not the prettiest shot but it worked out after a very long track and drag. Thanks for help on that Moog. The second I felt much more confident. Knew where I wanted the arrow to go and it went there I will say that I got a reality check with penetration compared to what I was use to on my compound
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    Rock climbing harness, you’ll never go back to full Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Send your wife/girlfriend over to check it out...<<smile>>...
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    People should stop feeding those that post craziness. It’s all an attention grab.
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    Well it was a good hunt but not a great hunt. Saw fresh tracks right where I expected them to be but couldn't get to the piece of land I knew they were in as I ran into another Hunter so I back tracked and hit a few other areas but didn't see anything. Was still fun and got some exercise. Thought this was cool where the deer crossed this log. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Tapatalk
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    Ok I don’t usually post doe kills but ..... this one is a bit special. For what it’s worth, Natalie was kicking my butt at Descendants trivia when 3 walked in. 2 left.
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    If you where close by I’d push the woods for you every time you went out. It’s gotten to the point that I’m depressed for you. #thankGodforalcohol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The group text covers any and all topics ,not just hunting. Larry is still reading texts from april trying to catch up.
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    Heck yeah no better time and guess what I just had lolol just got home from work and poured me a nice shot . Lol.
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    Those can be easily found in the children's section of your local department store Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Current situation. Doe bound down into golden rod / brush at 80 yards. She’s bed down right in front of me. Almost plugged her but waiting for hopeful trailing buck.
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    Who did this to my yard today?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fixed! I just sent you a message.
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    Hunting a ~2000 acre property that only allows gun hunting for 5 days and limits to 25 hunters/day by lottery draw. In the first 4 days of season, only 3 does were killed!! WTF!! Absolutely PATHETIC!! I walked ~1/4 mile to and from my stand this afternoon in the fresh snow and never cut a track. When I checked out tonight, I was told that no deer were seen today by any of the hunters. Moral of the story, be thankful and don't take for granted if you have a decent place to hunt. A wise man (Jack Daniels?) once said, "Sometimes you just need to say, WTF!?!?"
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    I think its time you end his tenure at 5.5. lol
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    There is no excuse for this "hunter" !! He should be prosecuted, and do hard time! My grandson and I had a monster buck standing on the top of a ridge on Saturday. Only thing we could see behind him was sky. I called off the shot. Easy call. No idea where that bullet would have ended up had my grandson missed, or had a pass through. This non shot, is stressed at every hunter ed course we give! I sincerely hope your neighbor fully recovers. My prayers to him and his family.
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    I work on my collection of Bus Plunge articles, as well as add to my extensive yard stick collection . I was into collecting celebrity toe nail clippings , but the Chinese have been flooding the market with knock offs lately.
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    Happy Thanksgiving ! We used to do a family hunt Thanksgiving morning, which was a tradition in my family dating back well before I was even thought of. My uncle is the only remaining blood that hunts and he's had a pile of surgery's and side effects won't allow him in the stand. My bro in law and father in law hunt, but aren't typically able to make it so this year I decided I was going outside the "legal" family and just asking my buddy's who love to put in stand time. So,[mention=5278]The_Real_TCIII[/mention] , my fishing buddy and my dad headed down to our camp in Franklinville. We were greeted with high winds, some rain, some snow, some more winds and some ice pellets. It was a tough sit this am for sure. Once the wind died down I had a great feeling we were gonna have some action. All I kept hoping for was to hear somebody's gun roar, all am long.... Not a deer seen by the 4 of us, so TCiii and I did a slow mooch towards my dad and my buddy. Cell service is awful and TCiii and I were slowly making our way along when I got a text from him and knew I was a bit ahead of him on our parallel drive. Then the phone rang, and TCiii had a a couple doe sneak between us right back to where we had come from. I decided to get up a touch higher where I could see a clearing in the hardwoods and wait. A few minutes went by when I caught a glimpse of a deer heading up the hill right at me from the opposite direction. I saw a rack, that was at/outside the ears and looked fairly tall. At that moment, regardless of age, size, or inches I knew I wanted to take him. I dialed in the scope and waited for a shot. The only one I got was a walking, heavy quarter too, and when I sent it I immediately saw a giant hole in his side as he piled away right down towards TCiii. I started my track and had good blood right away and a clear disturbance from him running. He went about 80-100 yards and I found him laying under an apple tree trying to get up. I gave him some time to "go to the light" and he finally mustered up enough to get up on all fours so I sent another round his way (still have to do autopsy to verify I hit/missed). He gave up and I waiting to TC to come so we could walk up together. Turns out, my dad had gotten out of his stand and headed to the ridge for a better view and must have bumped this deer back to me. He was full of #1 and #2 more than I've ever seen on any deer, so he must have been laying there all morning. What a great Thanksgiving it was, and I was glad to spend it with my hunting Family. I am blessed to have punched 2 buck tags, that's for sure ! First kill with the 308. Hornady SST 165grain did awful things to him.... #Team1000 Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    This year we decided to do 2 straight weeks, 1 week of Bow and 1 week of Gun. Typically we do a week of Bow and then come back a few weeks later for Gun. I was able to get full draw on a Shooter at 15 yards during Bow but, couldn't get the pin on him quick enough as he was in hot pursuit of a doe. Fast forward to the last morning of our 2 week adventure, this guy steps out broadside at 50 yards in an open field! I put in over 100 hours in the stand thru some bitter cold temps and high winds but, it all came together in a matter of seconds.
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    Yes. Years ago I wore Blaze orange pants, blaze orange jacket and blaze orange hat. It was hand me downs from my grandfather. I was head to toe in orange. Still killed bucks from the ground.
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    Stiff and sore. Pulled a back muscle or two but I’ll live. Glad I don’t have to shovel or plow today!
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    Actually I prefer that those stands are right up against the Thruway. Only leaves them one way to shoot. It's the ones I see 50-75 yards off the Thruway that give me concern.
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    Ok now I’m really sad I didn’t get one of his weird messages Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hahahah That’s amazing can I come with you guys Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Are you insinuating that stormy got Boofed by papist and they had a booty baby because that just made my day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6S. Oneida County. Town of Marshall. 150 gr .308 Win handload. Sunday 11.17. 7:35AM. 20 yd shot, 40 yd recovery. 180# dressed. Doe #1. Sunday 11.24. 4:15PM. 40 yd shot, 5 yd recovery. 110# dressed. Doe #2. Sunday 11.24. 4:15PM. 50 yd shot, 5 yd recovery. 130# dressed. Very fortunate, grateful and lucky! We shall not want for jerky lol. Congrats to all the others with great deer.
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