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    In since 6. Little Squirrel’s first sunrise on stand. No movement yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tucked in with my boys in 9h.....sitting a couple hundred yards off the edge of a cut corn field between bedding and food. The squirrel count has been pretty good so far keeping us entertained. They have also pounded oreos, and goldfish for the past 2o minutes! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Doe down to refill the freezer. Crazy morn in the woods, it felt like mid season. Got in the mosh pit stand in 6S before light. A little before 8 I hear walking here come two does walking right at me. I draw on the first and bigger one and she comes to my stand straight in at like 4 yards. I have to let down and turn as she goes by and no she is walking straight away . Finally she turns at 25 and I send it. Think it's a good hit as she takes off. Give it 15 minutes and get down. Find arrow and blood on it up 12" about 10 yards away. And a blood trail. Decide to get back in stand and give it a 1/2 hour. Just get sat back down and three more doe come in they get to within 38 . Thought about it but unless it's a layup better just worry out the one I got. They walk away then come trotting back looking over their shoulders. I get ready and I hear grunt grunt grunt phhhh. There is buck behind them somewhere. They keep looking back in the woods then come out in the field. I have a perfect 30 yard on a big doe but I hold off cause of the buck. Well he never came out. 10 minutes later 4 more different doe come thru and skirt me at 40 in the brush. Finally after they are gone for 15 minutes. I have to go look for my deer. Start following blood and can tell it's a definite lung hit cause it's spraying. After a few find her laying in the middle of the horse field about 120 away. Yes!!!! Hit her double lung and then hit outside shoulder. She had been laying there prob after 2 minutes. Decent sized doe and it didn't have any fawns so it is a freezer filler. Earliest I've even filled a tag. Great start to the season. And a great day in the woods. Thank you everyone for all the rooting for me! And pic of bloodying up the new truck! Lol.
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    Doe down story in the harvest thread later after a cold one
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    View from our deck. Maybe I should grab the cat and a couple of chickens to set in front of my stand?
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    Hahaha he fell asleep Another tree napper like jerky lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Great morning so far. A bunch of doe, and these two boys right under me fighting.
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    Seven deer seen, 2 unknown, 3 does, and 2 bucks. Had one close but I couldn’t get drawn on him.
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    This morning started out hectic with a long walk to the spot I wanted to hunt and was the first time hunting out of my saddle. I got situated about 12 feet up in a very skinny maple tree probably 6” in diameter . I had great wind as long as nothing came from behind me . Wouldn’t ya know I noticed some deer crossing train tracks behind me and worked their way to my side. Doe came about into a clover plot that didn’t take for us this year but she was still eating the premature plant. She walked right towards me and I knew I would get to attempts to draw on her if she doesn’t bust me only being 12 feet in air. She presented herself with a 10 yard shot slightly quarter to. I released the arrow and she jumped for a second then walked about 20 yards. Then she just stood there and didn’t move. I thought to myself did I miss that shot. She walked off slowly but I couldn’t see any blood coming out of her . After a bit I got down and had to find my arrow. Covered in blood and that was my first relief. After waiting another hour I started to look for blood trail. Tracks and Jeremy K came back to meet me and start tracking . She walked about 60 yards and found her . My arrow hit a little high and a little back . Regret putting my 20 yard pin on her but got lucky I guess. Not a giant doe but my first deer hunting out of a saddle so that was cool.
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    A member of the JV squad came thru earlier. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Cheese n garlic sausage pie, with dollops of ricotta, red sauce, fresh chopped garlic, basil/oregano
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    I sat for 12 hrs today. I didn't see anything until just before 5pm when 3 doe came in and ate around under my stand for 5 minutes. I shot her at 9yrds. She piled up 50yrds behind my stand.
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    Up havin coffee. Waited many years for this morning. Just woke up Little Squirrel. Wind 3 mph out of the north. Hope the moon isn’t too bright. Good topic for a new thread (maybe later) New Moon or Full Moon? GL to everyone out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bumped a small 8 getting into the woods. Had a nice minute long staredown at 10 yards. He went to where I was going so then we had another staredown not to long afterwards. Shortly after starting my climb I saw a cute red fox at 10 yards farting around. So far excellent! #ThankYouForLessOverzealousModding #WeDemandUnlimitedLikes #WeDemandADislikeButton
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    There's not many things I would miss bowhunting whitetail for but my son's wedding makes the short list. He has rented a gorgeous Mansion on the NC coast for the setting. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    This beast was taken about a mile away from my place. If only..... I don’t know the young man who got this slob, a buddy of mine sent me the pic. He’s set a very high bar for the future.
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    9 deer 2 BIG bears!! We’ve never even seen bears before or on cam! My son is excited to say the least.
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    Both brothers connected with does this morning...looks like a butcher party later! (Got my brothers monogrammed butcher coats for Christmas a few years back...and of course one for myself!).
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    Current situation. But I have a feeling my ass is getting wet soon. No deers yet heard a turkey .
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    My neighbor raised and released 105 pheasants sept 1st. Pretty cool hearing them cackle in the morning.
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    1st Deer camp dinner of 2020...bean soup with pork 3 ways!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hope you get in some fishing while you're down there....Oh yeah..Congrats to your kid and his bride !!
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    10/2 Track #1 HEAVY rain throughout this track. Hunter shot a doe last night, believing he hit her high. The arrow was never recovered. We tracked past where he had marked blood last night, but of course it had been washed away. Luna ended up tracking the doe .84 miles until we had a property line issue and had to call it. It appeared she had never bedded. We jumped a deer near the property line, but don’t know if it was her or not. #2 A 68 year old hunter shot his first bow buck last night. We were on the way back from the first track which had been 65 miles away, so rather than drive home to swap dogs, I saved the time and miles and Luna got the call. . She didn’t seem to mind. The hunter and his son tracked this buck for a couple hundred yards last night, wisely backing out without grid searching when blood became hard to find. Luna never wavered on this track. She took us .46 miles in a big circle, to a beautiful, big 8 pointer. He had come right back to within 75 yards of the stand he was shot out of. The buck had been gutshot, and luckily hadn’t been pushed into the next county. The hunter could not praise Luna enough, saying he was going to buy her a big juicy steak. #3 This track was only 4 miles from the second, so Luna lucked out with three in a row. The hunter shot this 8 pointer last night, and knew immediately he had made a poor shot. The arrow struck the shoulder, only penetrating a few inches. He and a buddy waited a couple hours and then tracked approximately 400 yards, marking blood as they went. He and his father went back this morning and advanced the track a short distance. Luna made short work of the 400 yards, but despite repeated restarts, circles, etc. we did not advance it. Based on the shot description, this buck is most likely still around. #4 Darn it, another high shoulder shot. This one was at 0700 this morning. The 8 pointer fell down when shot, then jumped up and ran away. The buck ran toward the nearby neighboring property line, so the hunter followed the sparse blood trail only 50 yards before backing out. The neighbor joined us on the track. As suspected, Kunox took us to the neighboring property. We went 3/4 of a mile seeing very little blood along the way. At this point, Kunox went hot, indicating a live deer which we never saw. I found a bed, but there was no blood in it. Kunox was pulling hard, and 50 yards away we found one drop of blood. Based on the shot description, distance traveled, and so little blood loss, the track was called.
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    No need to block out that word...You can say “ Thank” on this forum . HOw was it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was hunting caribou in NWT with an Inuit guide, George Konana... I shot my first caribou, a nice bull... While he was butchering the bull, he set the liver aside, and then punctured the bloated stomach...Caribou bloat almost immediately after they die... They just hit the ground an inflate... He cut off a slice of the raw liver dipped it in the stomach contents, and ate it, and licked his fingers afterwards... George said " There is too much here for me, do you want some..??" I said " **** you, George ".....
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    Ooorraahhh. Semper fi Tell that communist to back inside his bubble and dribble. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
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    Need to call it a morning and continue splitting wood. A red fox stopped by to eat some pears from under the tree. No partridges in the pear tree yet.
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    Yesterday’s evening hunt was miserable. On and off rain with a couple of downpours mixed in. The weather forecast was completely wrong. I would have stayed in if I knew that was going to be the weather. For this morning I’m giving this stand one last sit before giving it a break. Cameras are showing pretty consistent doe movement in the morning. Just about every other day. They didn’t come by yesterday so I’m hoping today. I’m in and settled with 30 min before sunrise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hope he is OK, Got to wear that harness every time even in a ladder stand. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    That's because most of the Academy hasn't hit the woods yet! Lol By that I mean 2 buck Larry hasn't hit the woods yet!
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    Coho salmon with bok choy and shiitake mushrooms with a wasabi mayo Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He's back!! I believe he's a 14 pt now!
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    Hoping the rain holds out until I let this free as I don’t want my sinew to rehydrate!
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    Shot this last evening and had to let her lay until this morning. The shot wasn’t the greatest, so I back out. She was laying 50 yards from where I saw run to. Meet the freezer for team 4. Enjoying God’ s great outdoors.
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    It was a great opening day for me. I saw 5 does and fawns this AM. Decided to go out close to home tonight to a spot I haven't scouted or ran any cameras at all this year. I knew there is a lot of oaks in there and should be dropping. I went in and found a good tree and climbed up. It was slow except for raccoons eating acorns all afternoon. An hour before dark I had a small 5 point come in behind me, followed by a young 8 point. They feed around at 10-30yds for half an hour then they both go on alert and are looking to where they came from. 5 minutes later I see another buck coming, noticeably larger. He came up and stopped at 12yds and I sent a Spitfire through his lungs, he made it 50 yds. I'm happy to have him but hunting through November without a buck tag will feel odd! Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    I went out to some state land this afternoon. I had a spot in mind but scouted some on my way in. The best sign was where i wanted to go from the start,a nice mix of oaks and good cover adjacent to a field. I found lots of fresh droppings but also spooked a doe and fawn. I was on the trail,so hopefully that was not a big deal. I climbed into one of the biggest oaks,probably 3' diameter at the base. It is the best tree,right on the edge of cover. Acorns have been raining down,now come on deer. I am loving my saddle setup so far.
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    Back at it now till dark... hope today is better than yesterday. I will say this new spot is great 7 deer in two sits is way more than I would normally see at camp Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Irish Sausage and Blood Pudding , eggs toast juice coffee !
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    Best place in the world for a nice nap .... in my opinion !
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    Family First Always .... the surf casting !
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