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Well, this is awkward, Biz?


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5 hours ago, Storm914 said:

How times have changed back in the day  many years ago you could make jokes about things like this and nobody got offended .

Do it now and its like you killed someone free speech is dead  i guess when it comes to these things.

O well i guess no Deliverance jokes then either . 

I will never give up my deliverance jokes. I do not care who is offended by them..............

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haven't met Biz but he's a likable guy, hence getting the attention for this thread.  i thought it was pretty funny and wasn't the least bit offended.  i have cousins, friends, and class mates from highschool who are gay. i even got placed in college housing with a gay room mate. been to gay weddings. i don't see the post as anything more than a coincidental joke about Biz.

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5 minutes ago, Storm914 said:

Wow you guys are showing incredible restraint . I expected  someone to post a picture of that parade with the guys wearing  the assless chaps and phallic looking balloons on their heads by this point . 

Times have really changed   .

So boring 


The funny part is Biz never made a post I don't think

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On ‎6‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 9:26 PM, Bionic said:

Yeah, everyone wants to be equal, yet all these type of people who claim they want equality,  go and make a big deal by having parades, and further make themselves stand out. That is what I dont understand. 

I think that would only hold true if they are indeed equal but these groups start out in the negative.  The rate of depression and suicide amongst these groups are higher than normal.  When you're constantly being told since you were you're worthless, a freak of nature, etc., sometimes a parade to help make them proud of who they are can be helpful.

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