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    Shot my biggest bow buck to date Monday morning! This 9 pointer was number 3 on my hit list! Let see what gun season brings! Good luck all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    As Tacks eluded to earlier, the end of the early archery season is almost on us. Although I love hunting with the rifle and look forward to it each year, archery is when I'm the happiest. I know many of you feel the same way. Next year will be my 42 year of legally hunting for deer in NYS, thanks to the Junior Archery Season that I jumped on in the fall of '76. I say "legally" because there might have been a time or two my old stomping buddy Steve and I carried some broadhead tipped arrows while hunting squirrels prior to being "with tag". Maybe not too.......... Since I was just a early single digit youngster I was in love with the bow. Grama Eleanor let me shoot some arrows in her backyard one day but then almost had a heart attack when she spotted me be a typical 7 year old, shooting arrows straight up then running like hell. Of course I'm happy with my archery season this year but wish I could have had more time in the saddle and better weather. Hopefully I can get out Friday morning and get a crack at a doe......that'd be nice. Here's to October 1st 2018 CHEERS!
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    This was my last day to bowhunt. And this year had the perfect scenario. Killed early meat does and was able to hunt just for a biggie! Passed on a broken up 8 and a 4 and a spike. I have never gotten a big wall mounter. So I was after a big 9 at both the places I hunt the most. So I spent allllll day in the stand yesterday and hunted agian there this morning. 100 yards from where this pic was taken. The people that let me hunt there took this in the field across from their house today. ( I did get 75 yards from this boy once but he was all over and chasing a doe). Had a great season. Saw over 90 deer in the stand. But gotta laugh that this is how it ends.....
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    Ran across the north field to pull a card quick. The boys have been busy over here... Wife told me to get my ass out there and get the 10 pointer. I said I need to sleep but she disagrees. So I guess I’m gonna scent free shower and hit the woods. Sleep when I’m dead....or at least after hunting season.
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    1).Get in a shed or barn somewhere, bring a pint (or two) of Old Grandad, and hope the roof doesn't leak. A rifle that doesn't fog easily and a good rest are important, shots may be fairly long. 2). Find a lonely neighbor lady whose husband is out freezing in the rain, shack up for the better part of the day, and forget hunting, Sunday looks more promising. Just keep an ear out, he may be coming back to use the clothes dryer, so make sure you have at least one escape route. 3) (Worst option). Get in a tent blind or under some sort of man-made cover. Prepare to get soaked, and freeze your ass off. Hope the blind doesn't blow away when you are sitting in it. Be ready for a very boring day, not many shots will be going off, and the deer are smarter than us, they already know where to to stay warm and fairly dry, thay're not coming out. Pray that your propane tanks in the Big Buddy heater don't run out. Try to make the best of your water-logged sandwiches and jerky. And by all means, leave your cell phone back in the truck or camp, if that gets wet and ruined you'll probably be so irate that you may just consider quitting hunting all together, and take up golf or start watching the NFL again.
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    Biz he has hypertrichosis. Here's another picture I found from his Instagram Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    My bow season was great. New truck, got a nice big doe for the freezer opening week, and October 21st I had this 7 point grunting and dogging some does around. I flipped the bleat can and he turned about 70 yards away and closed the distance for me to get a perfect shot at 30 yards. I have waited 4 years and passed up many opportunities at bucks, but I finally got a shot at one that I knew would put a smile on my face when I found him. I know he isn't big, but he will be the first buck of many in my lifetime.
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    I was in the stand 5 minutes and had 2 bucks come right to me, a spike and a small half rack 8. I let them go and I already regret my decision! Sent from my XT1080 using Tapatalk
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    11/16 Continuation of #2 track from yesterday. We got back on the track at 7:30 this morning and it took Luna a couple minutes to get locked back on, but she did. We advanced the track, finding a drop of blood to confirm she was on it, then she started her high pitched bark. She took us a couple hundred yards, then out of the woods to the road. I hadn't seen any blood in that distance, so I decided to do a restart at last blood. Sure enough, Luna again took us to the road. This time we called and got permission to enter the property. We followed the tracks in there but could see the deer was running strong after being shot last night, so we called it at that point. As we were on the track this morning, another call came in. An 8 pointer had been shot in the leg last night. The hunter and his friend went into the woods to look for it and heard it run off. They did exactly what they should have done....they quietly backed out. I had an apprentice (Phil) with me who will be tracking next year. I told Phil to get ready, this could be one long track. The hunter had to work today so his friend took us in. We saw a small area of blood as we entered the woods, and Luna took right off. We went by two very fresh scrapes and Luna started her high pitched bark and really started pulling. We followed long enough to see the tracks showed a deer running strong on 4 legs, so I picked Luna up and went back for a restart. This time she took a different trail and a short way down it, I found 1 drop of blood. We continued on and all of a sudden, there he was! He had bedded down next to a log and was quite dead. I wasn't there for the field dressing, but it appeared the deer had been angled toward the hunter and the bullet had hit the leg, then entered the chest. The track was only 150 yards long. Just goes to show you never know what you're getting into. I expected to find the deer on the first track this morning and didn't, then I expected a long chase on a leg hit deer and it was a short easy track.
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    Huge buck came out of heavy brush and walked up a hill diagonally towards my ladder stand. Don't know if he smelled the evercalm that didn't seem to work the last several sits. Don't know if he heard my doe grunt call I hit maybe a half hour before. All I know is he was coming in my direction on a mission. Moving slowly I brought the xbow up and took safety off. Estimated he was around 20-25 yards when I shot. He took off and I heard some crashing in the woods. Followed an amazing blood trail a little over an hour later. Blood on both sides of his prints.
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    Will carry for the first time my dream rifle. Sako 85 Classic in 270. Hoping to start making memories with it, before passing it to my grandson.
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    Thanks guys, really appreciate it! I could use a break from the big thick cow skulls that have been keeping me busy lately. My latest still in progress.
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    We will be out no matter what. Only question is if it will be in a ladder stand or a chair blind. Both are set in good spots. Been a few years since I've got one on opening day. I usually pass up the small bucks and doe, that scoot by first thing, to make someone else happy, on the public land that borders ours. No matter the weather, my smile will be wide and bright, to make it to another opening day! This will be my 44th! Good luck all!
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    So I've been following this thread for the last few weeks. When weather permits, I read it from the woods. More often, I read it while stuck at work in the city. Last several sits were pretty uneventful... I took a bear w bow (first and only bow kill) then switched to xbow last week... Been hunting Putnam and Westchester (w bow) during the work week and private land in Greene County when I have a day or two off. Yesterday I didn't see anything all day. This morning I was out and in place way before six. Didn't hear or see anything. Knew I had to head back to the city in the afternoon so I was pretty bummed. Until 0830...
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    Moose burger with dash of salt n pepper , slice of 4 cheese blend. Thanks The Real TC for sharing Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well folks I guess I didn't know how true my statement of likely done hunting for the season was the other day. On here just trying to take my mind off stuff. Brought Judy to rgh by amb. This morning she is now going in for an angiogram. I knew when I saw the EKG that she had a heart attack. Now its up to the dr. To find out how much damage and if its stents or bypass as the next step. Good luck everyone the rest of the season.... May be reading more just to keep occupied. Shoot straight and most of all enjoy every moment as tomorrows are never a guarentee. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    Nice buck! I'm surprised you can see anything through that thick black beard!
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    11/15 #1 Luna and I went on a track early this afternoon looking for a buck that was shot yesterday afternoon. I met with the hunters boyfriend due to her not being available. After the shot they waited a little while, then started tracking. They went only a short distance before watching the deer take off running through the woods, so they backed out for the night. This morning the boyfriend and a friend of his got back on the track. They followed blood for around 400 yards, found a bed then lost the trail after the deer crossed a creek. They had done a nice job marking the trail as they went. Luna followed the trail to their point of loss, then had a bit of a struggle. Eventually she took us back across the creek and 50 yards down a different trail where we found a little blood. That was the furthest we got. Luna never seemed sure past that point. We walked all the trails in the area, went back across the creek and worked that side, and walked the edge of a field, all with no results. #2 I was called by a neighbor on the bordering road tonight. He shot a buck late this afternoon and lost the bloodtrail on the edge of a swamp. Luna got right on it and quickly took us to the swamp, then things slowed to a crawl. The swamp was too deep in a lot of places for her to walk, so I carried her along until I could put her on a trail she could work. She'd walk a short distance up, then turn around and come back to me so I'd go to the next trail. At one point she backtracked right past our ribbons for 75 yards, then decided the buck hadn't backtracked and turned around and went back where we had just come from. We ended following a trail that led us out of the swamp and lo and behold....blood! We started seeing blood fairly regularly and it was very fresh. Luna started pulling hard and I believe she was getting ready to tell me the deer was still alive by barking. I pulled the plug here and we're going back in at first light.
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    The Mermaid and I had lunch with bugsnbows and his LOVELY wife Sue today at Fran's Landing east of Addison... We had a great visit....They live in FLA but have a camp here in Steuben County and come up each deer season... Sue got a deer with her crossbow....Bugsy is still waiting for his..Hehehe... In any case, they are fine folks and we really enjoyed our visit.. I was also impressed with how much Chicken N Bisquits Sue can eat for a little girl....Hehehe.. Friday, I am looking forward to meeting Wildcat Junkie here at my house...He and his son are down for the opener of the ST season. and he is stopping in for a visit... He is bringing a couple of his beautiful custom blued metal and walnut rifles along for me to fondle.....<<sigh>>...
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    Since he last took those pics he added satellite dishes on top of each box. I think he said he's got the porno channels, so the rain and wind won't bother anyone occupying them. LOL
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    Well my 2 buddies and I got our limit of pheasants by 1030 am, would have been 9 am if I didn’t miss 2! Got a rabbit also.
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    I guess if it makes the wife happy you better do it.....poor guy....forced to hunt by his nagging wife. Lol. Good luck. Hope she's right. And even if she isn't she probably still is.
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    I bet a quarter of those shots are at deer, people will just hang them in the barn till Saturday morning Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    keep yourself as dry as possible and try to find a sheltered place to hunt. If you are out of the wind in those features the deer will be too. I have spent whole days in the rain and there is no need to barrel protect like a muzzle loader. I also wouldn't worry about oiling your gun like you mentioned. I wouldn't want to inject the smell, honestly. When done hunting I would break it down. dry it well and get it warmed up, then put a light oil on all the metal parts to ready it for the next outing. Good luck.
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    Yessir saugerties Catskill area. Not a big social media guy, not that I have anything to hide.
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    0830 am Greene County. 20-25 yard shot. He came out of heavy brush, pretty loud, moving in a straight line to my stand. He ran a good bit but I heard the crash from my spot. Pse fang xbow.
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    Agreed, my son asked me tonight if I could always hunt with a gun all season would I, not a chance bows the way to go. My passion level drops off after bow season. My dad bought his original parcel of land back in 82 or 83 so my childhood was Daisy red riders, crossman pellet guns and a nice Hoyt bow. My dad would get these large paper targets with a deer on it and tape them to cardboard and rest again bales of hay and I'd shoot all the time. When were kids we also would sling arrow straight up thru the trees then run like hell, fun times. My son has really turned up his passion for hunting this yr and made me watch YouTube videos of kids shooting their first deer tonight. Sadly he's got a few more yrs before it gets real for him.
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    Heres a good chasing sequence for you
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    Always interesting to see what guys show up with on opening day. I'm taking my old Winchester model 94 30-30 that my Dad said if I got half he'd get the other half, 30 years ago this year. So definitely have to take that out for the opener.
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    If my superpower was eating ( and it just might be) the Lima bean would be my kryptonite. Blah. I like almost anything but Lima beans.......nope. not on a plane, not on a train, not in the rain,.....nope. lol. Glad there weren't any pics even.
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    My last sit for 2017 archery season and I have a very itchy trigger finger. Really want to take a deer with the xbow. In the swamp stand till dark.
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    Hmm, a side piece could keep me warm (and occupied) in Saturday's weather. Too bad I don't have one lined up!
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    50cal Traditions ML as usual. Probably wont see any action though. Sis will be on the trigger first with her 20ga. Mossy 500 right beside me.
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    Awesome! Now all I gotta do is shoot a decent buck! No easy task around here! But now I have added incentive! A buck skull carved by you, would really make a great "trophy" mount!
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    Maybe make a deal with a good processor. He displays a couple of your items and sale info and supplies you in heads. You raise price a couple bucks for his cut. That way also if someone wanted a doe or buck they shot done it would be right there. My butcher would prob give me hundreds but ima long way from you bud lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Any we are lucky enough to get will be shipped TYD. Hey, an artist needs his canvas!
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    I butcher my own and would be happy to give them to you. We are butchering at my SIL's place this year in Cheektowaga near the airport. Ill keep you posted.
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    Just a yearling, but honestly I don't care what anyone says, this was my first kill, and it was a 40 yard double lung shot. Here it is! Killed Saturday 11/11/17 at about 7 am.
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    Highest kill day of the year Southern Zone Gun Opening Day in NY !
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    A blind is your friend...I got my buddy heater ready
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    You are kidding right ?! If not , slather some vagisil on. You’ll be ok. Crap weather or not , no way I’m missing opening day sit. 25+ mph winds and half inch of rain. Yes , sucks but no happier place than the woods.
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    Actually at 125 lb. average weight it would be a little over 5 1/2 tons
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    LAST one, I promise..........
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    Amazing session IPA, compliments of Turkeyfeathers. Cheers Jay!
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    Well I saw two does on the way out, about ten minutes after legal. I pulled an audible and left the stand in for Friday morning, I’m not ready to call it a season. Ducks can wait until next week Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I have taken AR's to the next level. I don't shoot ANY deer. TOP THAT!!!
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    This is my last sit of archery, I have that sinking “summer is over” feeling like when we were kids Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Just hunt the public land I hunt, not too many deer so no shooting to scare you!! We hunt public land almost every opener. Have only been shot a couple times. Nothing serious, we all know from the season length thread that the pumkin army can't shoot worth a damn so usually nothing more than a limb or flesh wound. Good war stories for the bar at noon getting liquored up before we go in to start driving everything from Granny's back yard to the town center!
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