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    Pet peeve of mine and one that reallllllly irritates me first thing in the morning. THE COFFEE CHEMIST. I usually make coffee at home before work. If I do stop for it on the way in it is usually because I am running later than I want to be. SO this type of person is NOT the one I want in front of me. They get their coffee and then proceed to the table with the cream and sugar. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. They add a little sugar and a little cream. They stir. They sip. all while standing squarely in the middle so no one else can use the ingredients. Today was the day that I had to finally say something and the look on this guys face was priceless. I finally had to ask him. "It's a hard habit to kick once you start. why would you choose to start drinking coffee today?" He looked at me bewildered and said he has been drinking coffee for decades. I followed up with "oh. I am sorry. I would have thought that after all that time you would have figured out how much cream and sugar you like" He didn't find my comments as amusing as I did. Rant over
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    So I havent been on the site much lately, as Ive had a ton going. I figured Id update this though and share some pics of my new toy. The kids decided I should name her Vanessa, so I went with it. At first I was thinking of a bunch of modifications that I wanted to do, but since Ive had her, I decided to really trim down the list, as shes pretty much perfect the way she is. So far I installed some new puddle lights, and it already had a light window tint. Im going to add a JLT "cold air" intake, although these cars come with a great flowing intake and ram air from the factory. I just want the JLT to open it up a bit and hear more supercharger whine. Ill spruce a few other things up under the hood as well, to set it off a bit from other Hellcats, but thats about it. She is a bad ass ride, thats for sure. I actually had an Orange Lamboghini Diablo pull up to me at a light on Monday. I asked him if he wanted to go, but he shook his head and said "I dont want none of that." I guess he knew better hahaha. Pics are from when I detailed it the other day.
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    Mirrors, video cameras and hearing aids........gimme a break. You were all (mostly all) born with two decent ears. I sure don't want to be bothered with all the above while I'm on stand, that intense deep listening is sooo much of the hunt I'd hate for it to be unnatural. As always, YMMV
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    Just wanted to show again, how simple you can do a plot as long as some moisture is present.. I broadcast these QDMA RR beans into green growing jungle in Early June. Then rolled over the 3 and 4ft tall vegetation same day with a poly roller and rain in near future. My intentions were to spray the same day or the following day, but my sprayer broke so i did not get a chance to terminate this growing vegetation. The rain came, as well as hot weather.. The bent over vegetation acted as a green active sauna for many days as it layed down over seeds, which aided in germination process, retained moisture and protected the green growing sprouts. I took this pictures about 4 weeks after broadcasting seeds the day I terminated crop. Since the jungle has been terminated I will seed a nice fall blend into it. The green growing jungle keeps deer browse down, compared to having a mono culture of soybeans growing as well. Id imagine th ebeans will be getting wiped out when i get there soon to get the fall seeds in.. will try to remember to post more pics.. This plot is full of soybeans, even though it does not look it.. Deer feed on many weeds too
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    Never heard of it, I try to only travel north. maybe Mike Rossi or Shits in Trees know about it
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    First two shots with the longbow and a broad head at 20yds. Not bad.
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    We just played “up” in a 16U showcase outside Boston. 190 teams from all over the northeast and our first game is against the Rochester Lady Lions lol. We had a great weekend we went 2-1-2 and most were low scoring competitive games. Our top pitcher is moving on she has a real chance at D1 so she will do nothing but showcases next season. Emma hit the snot out of the ball and threw out 2/3 runners I was really proud of her. She had a nice moment with her coach afterwards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Skaneateles is now on the back burner,,,,Weather conditions on Erie look very good the next few days, so my buddy Howie and I are heading out to Dunkirk tomorrow.....
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    What a flight! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Must be a roamer. This is the only pic I have of him out of a dozen cams soaking since May. Not a clear photo, but it almost looks like it’s growing out from behind the base of his ear. Injury? Cull?
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    https://assembly.state.ny.us/leg/?default_fld=&bn=S02450&term=2019&Summary=Y&Actions=Y&Text=Y&Committee%26nbspVotes=Y&Floor%26nbspVotes=Y# I read supporters said this law was needed to protect children from accessing firearms to commit suicide. More children are dying from illegal drugs and texting while driving. So do we need a law that requires illegal drugs be locked up and cell phones be locked up while driving a motor vehicle? So the same politicians in New York State who claim to care so much about children dying from guns, support murdering children by abortion.
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    I'm back home now. Working on editing all the pics.
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    I refuse to say grande or tall or whatever else Starbucks calls small, medium, large when I am forced to go in there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Holy $hit- I never seen Jermey without his Ballcap on! How do he tuck all that under there! I have never been or heard of Onion Town. However I am now intrigued. Thinking of taking my canoe for a down river trip this weekend with some friends Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That's correct. I'm the truest hillbilly on this forum. I use to shit in the woods for fun!
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    I gave it a shot a while back. MUCH better than McD's.
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    I'm never going to say preserve hunts is same as free range or wild animals. I have been on a few. Worst one I was on was 70 acres high fenced . Domestic animals . Pets even . 3 hrs of wandering through the petting zoo i went home . I refused to shoot an animal. Owner actually got belligerent about my snobbish attitude. Told me he would sue if i gave him a bad review. I told him good luck with that . Best preserve was over 500 acres and animals were tuff to hunt . Animals ran at a snapped branch had to be approached down wind . Closest thing to real hunting . Still was a target rich opportunity. It is what you make of it . I think it's a great place to start new hunters. It's a good time as far as group hunts . Bringing home the groceries could never be more fun.
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    I’m a Coffee snob. But my order is simple. Cold brew or ice coffee straight black. Either the coffee is good or it sucks. Milk, sugar, etc. should not be put in coffee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I like deer with odd racks, I bet you see him again..
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    You need to fertilize with a little salt and pepper
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    Grilled flounder with salad potatoes and fried bananas
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    Sweet, I'm going on Zillow now
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    Not that I've ever been hungover but Mcdonalds steak, egg, cheese, onions on the bagel sammich is the ticket full of grease for the cure washed down with an ice cold orange gatorade
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    Tanak threw 4 innings today. Cashman is down to 53 minutes or he gets hung off the side of the GW bridge!
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    I believe they can take either sex as TF and Virgil said. BUT. I think that is only a valid option for ONE deer. They can't take two deer on that weekend. 1 deer and 1 bear.
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    Yeah.. this is huge... I would only by recurved limbed X Bows...
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    Ranger is not a dwelling. He would only get the house, shed, pool, etc. If Twins don't win WS, i send him a pay-off statement from my mortgage company and he makes the payment.
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    that's a good point and a good way of looking at fenced hunts. They're not really any different than getting groceries, and shouldn't be treated the same as hunting.
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    It's really for Frammel Reyes. He's 24 years old and built like an NFL tight end. Bauer had one good year. Rest of his career including this year he's been average.
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    It most likely broke in velvet , friend shot one here few years ago bent back and down and grew back up..
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    You sir made my morning!!! I am going to steal your statement and response, if you don't mind. It's perfect! Got a Coffee Chemist at the Stewarts in Altamont!!!
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    Still has three-ish weeks to gain a little more mass. I won't be shooting him as I'm interested in a couple of big boys that I've seen in person while brush hogging. I've seen one of them several times but he has eluded a dozen trail cams so far. Although I still have a few cards to go through. Sheesh, letting the cams soak for so long gives me a tedious job going through the cards. One card has 13,000 + pics, but there was a vine that grew in front of it. Smallest card had 900 photos.
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    I actually am surprised it’s taken this long for the NY Democrats to start rolling out more useless gun laws. But as the saying gos never waist a tragedy, the shooting in California has everyone on guard again. Its only going to get worse guys..
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    The weather and wind looks great from tomorrow thru Sunday on Erie. I am gonna make a run tomorrow morning....the boat is all rigged up and ready to roll! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Love Space Kitten but we are biased because it local. It’s “maltier” than the rest on the list... but very drinkable. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow into this:
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    Voss's Signs in Liverpool NY near Syracuse. I think I paid $120 for 100 shipped with name and address in 2014 aluminum. Link - http://www.vosssigns.com/product/108vpoa/
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    Yeah I too do not see me utilizing this new software, I have mastered the old software to the point I can operate faster with the 2 channel versus the 12 channel pattern rec, I would be going backwards if I “upgraded”. Thats exactly it. I have a “work arm” a “good all around arm”, and soon will build an arm just for everything but labor. thank you, its really exciting for me
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    Dinner. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fried Green tomato. Made BLT extra thick bacon lettuce with sriracha mayo. Forgot to take a picture of the Sammy. Lol Sent from my ASUS_A002A using Tapatalk
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    My pleasure. Thank you for the support! honestly, now that this system is operating correctly, and decently dialed in, I am learning a lot about it. I am now able to ask questions about certain things on the software, and how the system responds to my muscle commands. I am finding out that with this Pattern Recognition system, that once you flex your muscles for the pattern needed for a hand movement, the system has to analyze every signal being sent from your muscles....SO, that means there is a lag of about a quarter, to a half second for the hand and/or wrist to move to your command. I am NOT a fan of that AT ALL. My old 2 channel system has an INSTANT response time, ZERO lag. Also, I am noticing that the hand opens/closes at full speed whenever I “tell it” to open, or close....that is NOT ideal. My 2 channel arm thats painted, I can move that hand so slowly that you can literally hear it creaking, like meshing of gears slow, or I can make it move as fast a it can, all by the strength in which I fire. Realistically, I would not try picking up an egg with pattern recognition, since it is not proportional in speed....keep in mind, I am using the EXACT SAME HAND for both systems, exact hand. My prosthetists had a little bet amongst themselves that I would, or wouldn’t like this pattern recognition software. I laughed and asked why? They said they thought I would not like it since I am apparently so good at 2 channel control, that it is like watching someone with a real hand thats actually a myoelectric prosthesis. They think I am faster with the 2 channel system than what pattern recognition is capable of. Pretty crazy...
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    Beer thread hijack Sangria with lots o fruit , vodka and triple sec Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What makes the yield better? Is their fat more palatable? Less sinew? May need a chest girth chart to verify your report. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Once the rut kicks in it’s bucks covering miles and miles looking / chasing a hot doe. Plots or not : be in a stand and opportunities will happen.
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    Hoping to shoot tomorrow. Did adjust my range and put a hang on up 6ft just for a little practice shooting elevated. Pigs 10,turkey 20,deer 30. Going to move bag out to 40. And probably pig out to 25.
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    Desert fresh picked blueberries Second quart I’ve picked and lots more not ready yet. Hope the blackberries are as thick when they come in. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's the sound of camera trigger I'd say
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