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    I nuisance trapped a couple nice beavers yesterday! In the perfect world, I try to time my nuisance work with the open trapping season so I don’t have to dispose of the critter…I always like to use as much of the animals I harvest as possible. Thought I would share, along with photos, six things that I typically do with the beavers I catch. 1. Skin out and sell or tan the pelt. 2. Remove the backstrap and hind leg meat to eat. If you have never tried beaver meat, I highly recommend you give it a try! I rate beaver as some of the finest meats I have eaten. 3. I keep the skulls and either clean them up myself or give to my beetle guy…they typically get donated to schools, Scout groups, nature centers, etc.…I have a bunch that I use a props when they fit into various presentation I give. Sometimes I’ll remove the teeth and use as decorations/trimmings on bags, etc. that I make or use for medallions or trade at the primitive rendezvous. Fun fact, beavers have “metal teeth”. Instead of magnesium in their enamel like other rodents, they have iron…this increases the strength of their teeth and makes them more resistant to acid. They are also orange because of the iron…just like our blood is red (because of the iron). Beavers teeth also grow continuously. 4. I skin the tail out and use the leather for bow grip wraps on the bows I make…or tan to make stuff. Last year I tanned a small beaver with the tail (and claws) still attached…it worked out great and I plan to do that again. Some people extract the oils from the tail and use for lure making. 5. I remove the castoreum, dry and either sell or use to make lures. Beaver castoreum is used in both food and perfume industries…look it up, very interesting! 6. I then chunk up the rest of the carcass and use for bait! So there you have it…lots to do with a beaver! I challenge you to get the most out of your harvests, whether it is a bird, deer, or other critter! It is not only a cool learning process and respectful to the animal, but also very rewarding knowing that you maximized your harvest. Take care, Dino
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    New season is already on the way with some us shooting winter 3D . Stopped at Wolcott to shoot some indoor for an hour.
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    It'a a go Oakley comes home this saturday. He is unusual cause he is all white pink nose and eyes!
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    Just came up with number seven...tendons for sewing. just finished preparing tails. Looking forward to tanning them and making stuff!
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    stayed tuned in, because there is more to come in the following weeks.
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    Baked Smoked Gouda Shramp Mac n Chizz
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    anybody want this? appears unused and in new condition. I didn’t remove it from the box, but all parts look to be inside. Free of charge shipped to your door.....PM me if interested.
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    Lol, always pleasant when you get a sarcastic PM from someone who thought they should have gotten it instead of the person I selected.....just makes it easier next time as I can remove them from my list of people I would send something to for free.
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    Bill, that's almost a haiku. Sterling flat rock bear... Spray OFF to sky's eye then turn... Turkey tomorrow!
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    Wait until Pygmy chimes in with the seventh thing he did to a beaver last night! LOL
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    And that scent is STILL lodged firmly in my nose’s memory from my Maine Bear hunt years ago. Mixed with stale donuts and maple syrup it a steal treat when that wind blows back in your face during the late summer.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    no good deed goes unpunished......unbelievable. Anyway. This was very nice of you.
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    I am a big bear Silly human thinks 'off' will save him I eat well tonight
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    Davy Crockett the king of the wild frontier met them head on with tomahawk and knife. Al
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    He had a Very Long Life. Who could ever forget the movie Spartacus!
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    And a native Upstate New Yorker, born in Amsterdam, NY.
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    Ha! My access and budget for microbrews is limited. Tomorrow will be from Speights, a brewery in Dunedin, NZ. I realized on this trip I like amber and caramel, but don't like the bitterness of hops, so I had the Mid Ale.
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    The goose is (always) LOOSE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Also, your title is misleading, putting dogs in black face is not politically correct these days
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    So I have had this bow for awhile now it's a striker sringer 48@28 and dont have any arrows set up for it. I went rummaging around and found some feathers to make. I am going to start with 5575 32" gold tips and go from there. Should be pretty close to my set up now but every bow is a different animal. I am going try to keep posting pics of the project as I go. Hopefully this will be my Turkey bow this year. It's short and will do well in the woods or blind. Plus it puts an arrow down range pretty quickly.
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    Pulled Cards Feb 3 . Pics of does , button bucks , Turkeys , surveyors , and an 8 point . If you look towards the left hand top corner in the pics , you will see an Orange Strap . That is where we have a ladder stand that you youngest son killed a couple deer from .
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    Somehow I think there was a three way deal that included Larry's turkey.
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    Clearly the “sod”father made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Blink twice Jeremy if you feel threatened Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Meh Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I still use my ancient Herter's beam balance scale.. My reloading is not a high volume operation...I never load more than 40 rounds at a time, usually less, especially when working up a load, when I usually only load perhaps a dozen rounds at a time.. I enjoy the process, just relaxing and taking my time weighing out each charge...
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    Mosaic Cream Ale , get it while you can !
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    Made some spicy n sweet red sauce that simmered all day with Costanzas roasted red pepper and mozzarella sausage - over spaghetti and garlic knots as a side Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The scale has found a new home, I'm sending it to the first response I got via PM....Nytracker is the lucky recipient.
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    nah man. you've just got your head in the sand on this one. Your track record on this site is ripe with conspiracy theories and opinions, so we shouldn't be shocked that you're trying to read between the lines for something that isn't there. Hunting should be regulated. Unregulated hunting is what caused so many problems in the past. I wish people would be responsible and we didn't need regulations, but people are not.
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    That RCBS 5-5 is a good quality solid scale. I did the opposite a few years ago Grampy, I purchased a digital scale to try out thinking it was an upgrade. It seems accurate enough but when it comes down to actually loading my shells I get out my old Lyman beam scale, I am just more comfortable using, it has many years of a proven track record with total reliability. Al
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    We have a good bear population here where I hunt in 4H. See them often enough. Depending on the time of year. Never had an issue with them. Even had a huge boar stick his head in the ground blind I was bow hunting from, a few years ago. That did raise my heartbeat quite a bit, I must admit. As our noses were no more than a foot apart! Kinda looked like this!!
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    I upgraded to this scale, a year or so ago, from the digital I was using. And love it!! I like to be certain on my powder measurements. This is a very nice, and very accurate scale for reloading. So nice of you jjb, to think of someone else that will get some use out of this great gift!!! Always amazed at the generosity of the members here.
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    Maybe you will find this more jovial; Bear Warning! by Christian Lau, on Flickr
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    Would like to see a real updated study done in an area say like ours that have a real four season years. I would bet they would dispute this study a lot. Of course our hunting season being long would put deer on their table for many months because of poor hunters but I would bet deer would be a very steady line across the study in areas that have real winter’s. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Beaver is best bait for fisher and black bear that I know of . Dec uses it at camera traps for Fisher, and many books tell of bears tearing beaver houses apart looking for them. You said it was a favorite meat and the critters seem to agree
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    I have a adrenalin, and I never hold my bow and draw longer than a few seconds.. I never understood why people do? Perhaps I just hunt different.. I set my stands so deer come from behind me, they pop out at 10 to 18 yards either broadside or 1/4 ing away, head goes behind tree I draw aim and release.. simple head movement looking over my shoulder is all I need to confirm its deer I want to shoot or not.. I use my ears, I do not want to watch a deer coming for hundreds of yards.. My personal experiance is deer are spooked by the hunter moving into position , more than drawing their bow ,and by setting visual stands by the time the deer get to them they re all worked up and draw at wrong time or move while deer is in view.
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    Elites for the win! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Damn. You argued that all the studies were for western coyotes and not applicable here so I provided one that only dealt with eastern coyotes in relation to deer populations that showed no decrease in overall deer population, but that's not good enough because ... reasons. Or at least because that's not how you see things in your tiny little corner of Delaware County. So then you go on to question the researchers and the funding org as their name is highly suspect. Let's see what these ponytailed, lefty, anti, liberal, quiche-eating radical hippies have to say on hunting. Seriously, dude.
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    That E35 is a shooter..........has been in my radar for a bit. You can always find great deals on them at AT. Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    hey you get out of here with your science! I know what I see in my backyard and these vermin need extermination!!!
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    I have one in stainless steel. Bought in 1978. BTW the video shows it with upgraded target grips which I also have, but prefer the Pachmayr grips for more control. The original grips are quite small. The video's gun is also newer than mine because it also has a frame scalloped on both sides behind the cylinder, mine only on the left. (Makes it look more like a Colt SSA in the holster)
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    I love the fact that any member can mention/visit any area around the world and another member has a food/bar/attraction recommendation ..:.y’all are a well travelled bunch! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Australia and New Zealand. I will make a post with some pics soon.
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    I just kept thinking to myself, what if the thermal has an issue … can't wait months to get back out. $140 for some security is a good deal I guess. lol
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    Well, my Darton is a 1986 and I hunted with it from 1993 until this past fall. This year I broke down and bought a brand new Bear Vast. So about every 27 years or so I guess. I think there's something wrong with it though. It doesn't make any noise when you shoot it, there's no vibration, the arrows fly flat and they go so fast you can't watch them in like with my old bow!
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    I have my original bow (14 years old)cause it works. I’m not much of a “gear guy” so I stick with what works for me and change my strings every few years and traded out the whisker when it hit scrappy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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