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I got a pic tonight on my moultrie cell cam and I can't tell if it's a big ass coyote or a fawn. What do you guys think? A friend of mine did a bunch of coyote hunting not far from here about a year ago and said there was a really big one around.


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Here is a deer from this morning. There are at least a dozen deer nightly hitting this corn. Had running deer pics and coyote pics last night. 


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I don’t see a yote tail in pic 1 but my eyes ain’t what they once were.  Lol

guess it doesn’t matter since you clearly have yotes based on next pic.  

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10 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

The more I look at it, the more I am convinced its a deer.   That rear end is way to round to be a yote IMHO.

That's exactly what made me think deer. The rear end is big and rounded.  Also a closer look at the pic the upper 90% of the hide looks to be the same color/shade and the lower portion looks to be much lighter in color.   In the pic the lighter color stays consistent from the belly all the way up to the throat. Making it look like a white belly and white throat.  Also it has decent belly sag. 

 I could be just seeing what I want to see.

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