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LIVE From The Woods 2021 Stories And Pictures Let's Have Em!


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13 minutes ago, mlammerhirt said:

That boy needs a new home on your wall! Double crab claw 12......that's a beaut of a 9h(I think) buck if I have ever seen one!

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Yes sir 9h! One of quite a few showing this year. High Hope's for sure 

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Finally back in a tree, quite sunny. Farmer is harvesting corn in big field way to my east, so hopefully some get chased out of there and head my way.f5f0adf70fe55580575e221e9bcb96f4.jpg

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Halon 6?

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7 hours ago, WNYTRPR said:

Legit watched a pine squirrel rip off my posted sign ,cross the creek with it,then struggle trying to get it through the briars .That’s a first .

So that’s where the missing signs went that I put up along the back of my parent’s woods.  I thought some aborigins (folks I don’t know) from the adjacent trailer park probably pulled them down.

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