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    I knew I had a picture of my nova somewhere. It was my first car at 16. Not only did my parents let me buy but my dad showed me how to build an engine and change rear end gears . Way faster then any 16 year old should have been driving. I have time slips somewhere from Lancaster, I remember running a best of 8.20
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    Just retrieved this guy from the garden earlier. There is a small amount of clean-up to do. I will sun bleach for a few days, but over-all I prefer a natural look. This is my biggest skull to-date, the teeth seem to indicate some age. 4 years I would guess at. I am going to mount him on some driftwood I found on the beach a couple of weeks ago.
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    Haven't rolled sushi in like a decade and it shows. Grilled shrimp, avocado, and cucumbers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yup flew back through Philly tonight! Round 2 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oh heck, you're drawn in like "bugs to a light" with a title like THAT.
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    I'll be good....<<smirk>>.....
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    I moved a small Painted Turtle off the 5 & 20 highway today. The little dude was movin' right along but he honestly didn't stand a chance. I got out and stopped traffic so I could scoop him up and get him to the other side. I was certainly in more danger than he was at that point. I have no idea why I do stupid stuff like that. I certainly don't want my obituary to read, "Geneva man killed by NYC trash truck while saving turtle." That would be wrong.
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    VENison stovetop in cast iron
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    Looks like she's leaving me a present in my yard
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    Someone found my CZ premium 30-06 in its case on the side of the road. Don't ask .... (Don't put your gun case on top of the truck while loading gear to go to the range. No idea how I didn't hear it slide off either.) They did return it. Good honest young man!
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    been catching a few fish waiting for the big one they are showing up now ...my boat FISH HAWK
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    52. I normally tell folks I am 62 because they say I look great for 62. I look like crap for 52. lol Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes.
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    When NYC has a tick problem ,that's when.
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    Not mine but it is sweet. Would match my vette: Handles awesome!
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    WoW!!! Thats an awsome for/against stat! My daughters team got bumped in the quarters at the Happy Valley Classic at Penn st. But they jad a great time! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    5-6 cell phones, 3 wallets, Mac spark plug ratchet 3/8" drive, huge canvas tarp from a tractor trailer and many small hand tools. Almost all items put my life in peril but were easily worth the risk.........
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    Not everyone can pull that off Grampy! It works for me since I also have a Mary K caddy with 35" mudders.
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    Since I have my 2010 Ram paid off, Ive been starting to turn it into my toy. It is still a work in progress, as I have to undo all of the damage done by the salt, the original owner and a bad driver or two over the last 7 years. She wont be seeing any more winters unless its absolutely necessary from here on out. So far I have a Zone 6" lift in the front/5" in the rear, with Bilstein adjustable shocks set at 2.8" above factory in the front and Fox Nitro shocks in the rear, 35x12.50 Nitto Trail Grapplers on KMC X D Riot 20x12 wheels, a Flowmaster exhaust, an 1100 Watt sound system and some other misc stuff thrown on there. New front fenders are next, then next year will be a bunch more goodies including a Detroit locker, 4.56 gears, engine tuner, etc.
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    This count ?! [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Venison burgers with a dash of worchestshire sauce , salt n pepper and a bit of blue cheese crumbles topped with bacon. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is that a pair of Jorts you're wearing? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Steyr SSG-69 made in Austria. This is one of my favorite rifles, but hasn't been out of the safe for quite a few years. It's a .308 Win and a blast to shoot, but shoots best with match ammo, which ain't cheap. It has the set trigger which really brings it down to "hair trigger" status. It currently sports a Redfield 3-9x40mm Battlezone scope calibrated for 168 gr .308 Win bullets at 2800 FPS. Once sighted in @ 100 yards, just dial in the range needed and aim dead on. It's shoots .5 MOA consistently. Too heavy for hunting though.
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    I think he wants me to check behind his ear for.....ticks..LOL This area is a failed, 4yrs old, plot. Filled with mostly moss and weeds in the oak flats...rain has kept me from doing anything here including moving a winter cut tree. This is a very very moist area. I got 58 pictures of deer and one turkey in 2 days traveling back and forth through here even with no browse to mention. I does have a bedding Island and a bottom of hill 30ft wide buffer zone and trails going every direction. It is always where doe drop fawn, every single year and raise them mainly here...I have literally scooped them up out of water filled depressions in the ground to a drier spot near by..I never understood this still don't. I wonder if it's the dog wood brush I keep in the area.
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    The first year that I had my woodworking shop (1992) probably 95% of the lumber I used was salvaged from old furniture on the side of the road for trash pickup. I even had a few customers who would bring me stuff they didn't want any longer and ask me to build something they did want. Example: A nice maple bunk-bed that was no longer needed was turned into a pair of end tables. The kids had grown up and moved on, but the sentimental value kept the couple from selling or trashing the bunk-bed. The sentimental value was transferred to something that was useful in their lives.
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    That's pretty sweet, I would be in the drive way opening and shutting the door for at least an hour.
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    there's no shame in my game.i'd say 50% of my furniture is from the curbside.long islanders are consumers if it ain't broke they still replace it!!
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    Happy B-Day Bob. Enjoy it! Nice to finally hit 35 years old I bet.
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    This is my daughters new team, we had our first tournament this weekend out in Perry. We went 6-0, 75 runs for and 9 against. They were a buzzsaw I know, hunting site...but I'm pumped! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yep 16u. Year 8 we have been doing travel. Man how the time flys. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    my best find ever was back in the mid 70s...I was riding my bike along the road when I found a watch lying in the middle of it. I picked it up and it was still running, but the crystal was broken. It turned out to be Seiko automatic watch, at that time (as I remember) going for about 200 bucks in the sears catalog. We had it cleaned and a new lens put in it, and I wore it for years. I still have it, and pulled it out a few years ago and decided to have a local watch repairman clean it up. He ruined it, and scratched the bezel to hell. Boy, was I mad....hated to pay to get it back, but I hated to part with it. I have owned a Seiko ever since. The 2nd best find was on my paper route....I saw a rifle muzzle sticking out of a garbage can. When I pulled it out, it was most of a Winchester 94, (missing the butt stock and a couple internals). Dad and I completed it, and I had it for years.
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    Forgot about the Weber Grill......I was doing a job off Klein Rd (Chestnut Hill Ct IIRC) and it was by the curb. Garbage day was still a few days off so I knocked on the door and said WTH? House was sold and they didn't have room to take it! I had my work van so I just bear hugged the SOB and heaved it in. $150 worth of new burners, grates and so TLC and it was like new. Since my Grill at home was still in good shape, I took it to my Uncle's cabin and it worked flawlessly. He sold the cabin a number of years later and it was left for the new owners. Long story but great score.
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    Found two Stihl chain saws in there cases within a mile apart. No damage at all !!
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    I guess the reality that even we have limits as to how far we can solely finance every fix to all the worlds ills. It is time for countries to begin taking individual responsibility for cleaning up their share of the mess that they create. We do. Trump is simply saying that we no longer will play the role of the fool when it comes to matters that impact the entire world. Frankly, I am glad the message is out there now that we no longer supply free meals. Even we have our limits. We have to apply pressure to the different countries to act environmentally responsibly, not supply all the resources to do it for them. I think that is Trump's message and determination, and all I can say is, "it's about time, what took us so long?".
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    Here on Long Island you can cruise some nice neighborhoods on Sunday evenings and find all sorts of great stuff. People throw out stuff that works, just want it gone. Power equipment is the best.
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    He gets this way at least once a month..... sometimes even TWICE a month! He's gotten much better since he's gone to the short reply format. Dick!
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    She actually did say something to that effect a few years ago. And she was entirely serious about it. It was about the same time that another Democrat genius proclaimed that an island in the Pacific was going to tip over because of over-population on one side. Ahhh, the best and the brightest.
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    Mama made gumbo for dinner Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    When in Canada 4 man scramble. We only shot 6 under. Not much help Winning score was -11. I did hit driver and 5 iron into 12 feet on a 529 yard par 5. And of course nobody sniffed the eagle putt. Hit it pretty good. 2 more years and I can play on the senior tour lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Little grub for lunch on the golf course Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What? No carpet for the bed? Nice truck!
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    I've got a 20 year old tractor and a bunch of 30+ year old chainsaws and woodworking tools. And some socks and a pair of jeans from the early 1980's. I'm like a walking museum on a job site. ;-)
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    Gone but not forgotten as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am enjoying the fact that we have a president who can look beyond some of these liberal feel-good issues and make some measured decisions that rely on something other than emotion for a change. Watching the left go through another emotional meltdown also provides a certain measure of satisfaction too.
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    If Cumo gets one where the sun doesn't shine we will see some government interaction. Until then it is every man/woman for themselves unless there is way to get them taxed to raise revenue for the state.
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    As the wind blows with you and your kindle, Grow. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk