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    I hung this cal a week ago and pulled the card yesterday. The day time pic is from last year the night time pic is this year pretty sure it's the same buck he just grew an extra kicker this year He's an old buck
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    Actually, at 9:00 AM I thought I might be skunked....Not a LOT of nuts, but some cuttings lying around and I could hear cuttings dropping from the HIGH hickories and knew there were squirrels up there feeding.. Still, all I could was the occasional leaf moving... I finally identified a tree that had several squirrels working the upper branches...Moved back very slowly until I could see some of the upper limbs....I could tell by the foliage moving that there were several squirrels feeding.. I finally got a decent look at one and shot him....Within 5 seconds I shot 2 more, because they started abandoning the tree...Fun shooting....fast and instinctive shooting at squirrels running limb to limb... By 9:30 I had six on the ground and went around to pick them up...Found 5 two blacks and 3 greys.. Could not find the 6th..He may have been.. just stunned and crawled into a hole...Happens sometimes... Not a single bot fly larva in any of them...
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    The academy moved SE for tonight again. Hawkeye Bowman club open shoot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took a walk out back of my place with the new TriStar 28 ga to see if I could knock off a couple of Squirrels for the pot, it was slow and quiet and the bugs were biting. Saw one nice big one running along the ground at 20 yards for an easy shot and that was about it. So the 28 TriStar is cherry no more and the squirrel is in the pressure cooker as I type this. Al
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    If you don’t call the dec and state troopers you are the crazy one this has to be stopped or you are better off leaving the spot before something bad happens
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    Sloop Atomic red Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    That is quite an accomplishment. I'd call it a Boone & Crocket level achievement. Not many out there who have such discipline and determination.
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    I am going to check my favorite hickory grove tomorrow morning at sunrise...It is on State park Land and is a full 5 minutes from my house... Due to the heavy foliage, I'll be carrying my 1936 vintage Winchester M12 16 gauge with 1 oz. loads of # 6 shot....
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    Second or third trip to land ,pulled a card, did a little stand work, need to put up two ladders that are in position, but on ground .
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    They are definitely mowing down the brassicas all day long.
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    Don't let him Bully You!! File a complaint on him for appearing before you with a Rifle. I hope he does not Trespass on your land to kill that 500 Black Bear. He wants that Bear for himself!
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    This nut job is going to be nothing but problems. He is trying to intimidate you to get what he wants. Will no doubt cut straps on stands, steal cams, and any number of nasty things, to ratchet up the intimidation factor. To either get you to leave, or get his way. In his twisted mind, he's been there longer than you, and it's "his" land!!! First thing, is to tell your landowner what happened. And that you were threatened. And that you'll be filing a report with the authorities. Then follow through with the report. They have dealt with this kind of stuff before, and most times will handle it professionally. Use exteam caution while scouting, hunting, or any time you are using this lease. And don't let your guard down. Most of all don't give in to this A-hole!!
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    My neighbors took a little persuading. We have an understanding now . I will track any wounded deer that comes acrossed. They will call me and make arrangements for me to come up. Other than that stay off. Previose owner use to let them run the hill . He was a nice guy. They use to drive all week when we were working and we didn't see deer on the weekends . I am not the nice guy he was.
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    This dude sounds crazy, dangerous and capable of some ugly stuff. In my opinion you should call a DEC officer, Sheriff or both. He should not get away with a threatening tone like that.
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    Wow! Amazing accomplishment! That is inspiring!
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    Congrats! That's a great achievement! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Taking my best guess but believe it was around 3hrs at 275-325.smoker was being a pain with inconsistent heat.were done/not dried out thankfully.had never done sausage before,really good smoked!
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    I’m working through leftover pool summer beers. I’m trying to get through them all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow that’s a accomplishment , no doubt. That takes a lot of will power and stamina. Congrats..
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    Congrats.... Keep it up....
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    Can not wait to see the deer it drops... Good luck.
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    What a great accomplishment! Keep up the good work because it’s so worth it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I want to get one of those,18-1 ,right? I just had my bottom cam shifted over yesterday and my rest put back parallel with the riser,i think that made everything on my bow closer to where things are supposed to be. Before the switch my rest was over to the left and arrow was pointing left but flying ok. Now things are humming...Broadheads and fieldpoints in sync,no wobbles. Pictures of my first shot later.
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    So what they're saying is a civil rights group that stands up to defend Constitutional rights is a "terrorist organization". What does that say about their respect for the US Constitution and the Rule of Law?
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    Each year it takes longer, right now I’m looking at a peak rut around April.
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    No such thing,is there?
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    if you want tender squirrel cook them in some type of tomatoes in a slow cooker, the acidity breaks them down nice.
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    I toss them in a crockpot with some cream of mushroom soup. Sometimes mixed with a rabbit or two. The squirrel is always the best tasting and very tender after about 6 hours on "low". For prep, all I do is skin, gut and cut off the head, feet and tail. The remains goes into the crockpot as one big piece. Easy prep, easy cook, and great tasting "almost free" meal. The squirrel tastes so good that I never mind spending the time to pick every last bit of meat off the bones.
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    Yeap. Ours starts 11/6 then for the next 2 weeks..
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    Did Sanchez just figure out how to throw out more runners? Throw to the extreme first base side of 2nd and have the SS cover make the tag on the runner’s calf. Shorter throw. Bradley was out easily on a tough pitch to throw out a runner....add this (along with pitchers pitching 1 inning per night EVERY night) to my Crappy Metrics philosophy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If I can get out of work early on sunday I was thinking of taking a walk around 4R on some stateland. Good luck to anyone going out! Sent from my Samsung Chromebook 3 using Tapatalk
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    He sounds like a fighter....My money is on him to be the first one with a deer on the ground.....
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    Pinot Noir followed by red sangria at work lunch. Beer tonight coming Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just don't see anyway Dustin is winning. He has better stand up than khabib, but when someones wrestling is that good, you tend not to throw as much so I don't see him being able to use that advantage he has. I think its another 5 round mauling by khabib and then maybe we'll see him fight Furgeson. Furgeson is in my opinion khabibs toughest fight, but I still think Khabob gets the W.
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    I have a feeling hes a 1/4" out of the bull and thats the "wheels coming off" at his skill level lol
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    I know that but never do. Its like I need to fix it NOW!
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    Culver's process is pretty good. Only improvements I might add/use are: Know the rope string included with ladder stands? Throw it away and invest in some thicker, better rope. Secure one end between platform/last step before raising the stand. IRC, you need ~22-25' lengths pre-cut for each side of ladder for the typical 15-18' ladder stands. I always use a 2"x2" stake or crowbar driven into the ground on the outside of the base of ladder if you're erecting the stand like you do an extension ladder. This helps to keep bottom of ladder in place while raising it. This is only step where a 2nd person would be helpful. Once ladder stand is erect & against the tree, you can carefully make slight adjustments for positioning on tree & getting platform semi-level. When in place, install vertical brace and as Culver mentioned place a ratchet strap criss-crossed around tree just below brace. Then you can cinch the better ropes around tree and to ladder section between 1st/2nd steps, tightly! Depending how tight you have gotten the supporting brace, ratchet strap and ropes - now you can go up the ladder carefully. Depending on my nerves that day, I have even looped a long ratchet strap around the tree and gone up ladder while slinking the strap up with me. When you get near the top, you can temporarily put that ratchet strap in place just below the platform section. Just a little added security when you 1st climb onto the platform w/o any straps installed yet. Believe every one does this, but I use 2X straps, one at "claw" and other at base of platform. Reverse process for taking down a ladder stand. JMO, so take it or leave it - The rope string and flimsy ~500# ratchet straps included with most ladder stands are crap!! Give them to the landowner or a neighbor, they'll love your gesture! I always invest in ~1/2" rope and a min of 1000# ratchet straps. The 1500# straps are better, 2k# straps are the best. IRC, around the platform you'll need ~10' straps and a longer (IRC ~15'..?) one for supporting the vertical brace. These upgrades are $$, but IMO make the stand exponentially more secure. They'll even make a cheapo ~$100 ladder stand as secure as the more ruggedly built & expensive models. Only other thing I do that helps me where I hunt is to place a PT 2x10/2x12 & ~22/24" long under the base of the ladder. Keeps stand from sinking into the ground &/or mud. Finally, two people are not always better for erecting a ladder stand, unless both are totally in sync with each other & what's going on!!
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    Pasta Grilled Chicken Cauliflower Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Damn! Glad you are OK. You may feel it in the morning though. Shock can many times hide an injury or pain. Hoping you didn't bust yourself up and even in the morning you are OK. Be careful out there folks! It doesn't take much to really mess yourself up.
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    Hope you don’t wake up dead tomorrow! LOL
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    I put up most of my stands alone . I do the same thing . sometimes I use rope instead of the straps . I didn't get old by being careless . I have some of those ground swivel spikes in the garage somewhere and gave a set to one of my sons . Neither of us have ever used them .
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    I will admit that I am dumb (not that you are) and have done the same thing, including the fall. Glad both of us walked away with serious injury. I think my extra built in cushion saved me. lol
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    Let me look around, I think I have a set somewhere. I dont use ladder stands much anymore, so you are welcome to them if I can find them.
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    I did one Sunday put up alone. I put the steps along a second tree ao I have the support bar locked in then go up another few feet and ratchet off the the second tree. Then I climb up and ratchet the top. Only way I'll do it alone. Unless I am using these. https://x-stand.com/product/the-duke/ it has a lock jaw system. Unfortunately I only have one of these out of my 7 ladders.....
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