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Motorcycles: Who Rides?

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Who rides?! Hell yeah I ride, well...rode, had to give it up a few years ago due to a medical issue... in fact my entire family rides. I got my first bike, an RM 80 in 1979, I'll never forget my dad b

As I'm looking forward to spring, I'm not only looking forward to some kayak fishing, but breaking out my 2 wheeled ride. I'm curious who here rides, and what are you riding. Now, don't be jealou

I don't know why I can't add pics? 

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1 hour ago, Splitear_Leland said:

You know, all of the tough guys riding crotch rockets laugh at me, but I don't hear them laughing when the light turns green.... and they get so far ahead of me that I just can't hear them anymore :)

I live near a place where motorcycles like to stop.

I always pull in and back my Honda right in line with them and give them a "good day for a ride, huh"

And I do that stupid hand wave thing that motorcycle folks do when they pass each other.:rofl:


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Took my test at 16 years old on my father's '76 CB750K. 

A month later promptly wrecked my brand new '86 VF500 Interceptor. I bagged alot of groceries making payments while it sat in pieces in the basement. 

Rode an '83 GL1100 Goldwing for many years. The last of the stripped edition w no bags. 

Always wanted a big twin but got hooked on big 4 inlines from Japan. Current ride is a '80 KZ750E1. 

Always torn in the warm months between riding and fishing. 

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I don't ride as much as I used to, but I used to commute on my HD. Currently the wife and I carpool together, and my main riding buddy doesn't ride any more. 

My 88 HD Electra glide, which currently is awaiting funds for overdue maintenance is off the road for now. I have about 80,000 miles on her. 

My rider the past three years is a 2004 Yamaha Tour Star Deluxe, which is a great ride, but proportioned for someone smaller than me. I really need to get a custom saddle, but the funds are low on the priority list. For some reason I cant find any pics of either that I took! This is a stolen pic from the internet of the Tour Star. 

I really hope to get the HD back up to snuff...She fits like an old shoe, and I have a few extended trips I want to take that the HD will be much more comfortable than the Yammy on. I have taken the HD up to the James Bay in northern Quebec, and around Nova Scotia (leaving from NY). I want to circle the Gaspe Peninsula and New Brunswick, and hopefully get up to Newfoundland on her. probably both trips solo it looks like.

Image result for yamaha 2004  Royal star tour deluxe

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Who rides?! Hell yeah I ride, well...rode, had to give it up a few years ago due to a medical issue... in fact my entire family rides. I got my first bike, an RM 80 in 1979, I'll never forget my dad bringing it home hanging out the trunk of his Eldorado. When my oldest was 13 and my youngest was 8 I started the "life-long addiction" all over again for them when I brought home a trailer full of dirt bikes for their birthdays. Even my wife rides and still has a Yamaha TT 125 to put around  on, last year I picked up a Honda Rancher for the new lease and she said, "well, if you're getting a toy, so am I". I tried to explain the 4 wheeler was not a toy, but a piece of equipment so I can get deer from the woods without having a another stroke, no dice, she got a dirt bike.

  From Hondas to Ducatis, I have purchased just about every make and model over the years. Here are a few that I had on my office computer... Thats my wife with the black Heritage about 15 years ago and me with the Yamaha about the same time. Although I can't really do long rides anymore, I am always looking and thinking about another HD, in fact I was looking at the new Road Glide...damn they are expensive. Maybe someday I'll pick up an old one just to ride around the block.





P1010179 2.jpg





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17 hours ago, squirrelwhisperer said:

Makes me miss mine more now lol. I once told her I wanted to get another and she said, "You got rid of it for one, now that you have two it's ok?" Couldn't argue with that logic...so I bought a vette. Shoulda seen the look on her face!

Sweet bike Belo

A vette or something more exoctic than my pontiac g8 is in my future 3 year plan. Even still, it's hard to sell the bike when the most I'd get is $3k and it doesn't take up a bunch of space. idk...

16 hours ago, chrisw said:

Had a GSXR until someone smashed into it while it was parked and totaled it. Now I'm onto a cruiser and it's way more comfortable, don't have the need to go over 100mph anymore anyhow.

Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk

If I could 1 for 1 swap my crotch rocket for a cruiser I would. I love to rip now and then, but would much prefer a nice comfortable ride at this stage of my life. But I dont ride enough or want one bad enough that I'd sell the rocket then dump money into a new bike. Will see where life takes me, maybe someday when the kids are older.

15 hours ago, Bolt action said:

Had a GSXR a few years back. Man that bike was fun to ride. Top speed I hit on it was 140 coming down 390 at 4 in the morning in April. Fun in the moment, but in hindsight it was dumb for more than one reason. Eventually the wife said that if I want kids, the bike had to go. It was an easy choice, but I do miss riding. Every now and then I peak at cruisers on CL.. @chrisw that's a nice looking bike!

best I ever did was around 140 too. On the 219 on the way to sunset beach down in Irving. Back pre-kids when the wife would ride on the back. The wife, mom and dad do not like the bike for all the reasons everyone else has given them up. I don't even disagree with their opinion. But post college not many people have ever been able to tell me what to do. I'm also not a wheelie stereotypical crotch rocket rider though.... but i do ride like an ass sometimes. 

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1 hour ago, Steuben Jerry said:

Flutie Flakes on the trophy shelf - excellent! We have that one and the blue one.

What's to the left of the Flutie Flakes box?

Terrell O's haha. This was down south at our MS home a few months after moving in and in the process of getting the garage setup. 

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12 minutes ago, Nomad said:

No comments about my tight jeans, I’m disappointed fellas ! 

I didn't notice any "panty lines",  but then I didn't look that close..

Check with Paula and Cynthia....

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2006 Heritage soft tail. I didn't get a chance to ride much last summer.
I have been down 2x, once in the rain in Pennsylvania, and other a deer ran into me. Can't wait for spring so I can get it out. 
Should add some crash bars

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Been riding all my adult life, don't put on the miles like I used to. Today I lean toward older classic bikes that I like to tinker with. The top three in this list are gone, the bottom four I still have and ride a bit.


Chronologically in order of acquisition.

1970 Honda CB 750

1978 HD Electra Glide

2003 Honda Valkyrie

1987 Honda CMX 450

1974 Honda CB 450

1974 BMW R 90/6 Airhead

1974 Honda CL 200 Scrambler









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I normally throw this up on the Harley Davidson Forum, but I have a gift card for $575 in HD Chrome cash that can be used at any authorized HD dealer for service, parts, clothing, etc.  Will sell it to a member for 75% of value or $430.  It makes sense if you are hitting the dealer for work or clothing.  Always goes quick when I post it on the HD forum.  I have it from a rewards card and don't have a Harley any longer.  So if interested, let me know.

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I can't remember all the bikes I've had? I do remember 

67 Triumph Daytona 500

71 Yamaha 650

73 Yamaha 650

99 Suzuki Marauder 800

03 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500

03 HD Road King

My wife is still riding her 1st, 98 Yamaha 650 classic. My daughter had a 98 Suzuki 650 Big Thumper(single cylinder).



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