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    Couple of little guys in velvet
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    What a difference in camera the wild game game me 3 photos of this 8 pt the browning 54.. you get what you pay for
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    Kamala hair smelled the best out of all the candidates.
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    What the hell do expect when posting that crap in this overwhelmingly conservative crowd ?? You are just beaming with pride for stirring up shit....Go peddle your papers elsewhere...
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    Possible future classman got to get a hands on experience at the academy tonight ,the hope is to recruit the next up and coming group or archers.
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    Reposting here in case any of my friends didn't see it in the Trail Cam forum. I was holding off on posting this until it was closer to fruition, but it seems a lot of people on this site jump to conclusions and are really nasty about it, so my hand has been forced. I am retiring in the spring of 2021 and have been making major moves towards the retired lifestyle I will be living then. I’ve liquidated some large assets and restructured my retirement savings in order to reinvest in my future outside of God forsaken NY state. I’ve had it with the the government here, from the taxes to the gun laws, and have unloaded everything that would hold me here. The properties have been sold and the investments have been moved. I now own 200 acres of beautiful deer country a little NW of State College, PA and plan to move there in the spring. I got a tip from my niece the owner wanted to sell it and move south. She lives right next door. The timing was right and I closed the deal in June. (I also got lucky on a deal for a 2020 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 recently when they offered 0% financing due to the virus crap. That will be my farm truck and hunting vehicle. I’m keeping the other SUV too.) I posted a trail cam pic of a bear on the land and another of some deer there. Those deer are inside a 20 acre fenced in goat pen on my land. They easily jump the goat fence to get in and out. My niece and her kids have goats they keep there. The mineral lick is for the goats in the summer. It’s removed at the end of August. Perfectly legal in PA. You can't hunt inside the goat pen either. That being said, I’m looking forward to my retirement and new life in PA in the spring. Was gonna wait until spring to announce it and just drop some hints along the way to see if anyone could guess where they were leading, but that has only caused some people to devolve into ankle biting critics, so there won’t be any fun in doing it. I’m leaving NY, and none too soon IMHO. I hope all of you guys who are looking to do the same someday make it happen. As far as HuntingNY.com goes, I wish it was worth staying on after I move, but I don’t think it’s worth my time anymore, so I wish all of the real hunters and intelligent patriots on this site all the best in the future. Farewell and God Bless! The lefties and ankle biters will not be missed.
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    My kid asked, “I don’t really know anything about her since I don’t pay attention too much to politics [honest!] but it seems like he just picked her because she is black (ya know BLM riots and stuff) and a woman. Isn’t that racist AND sexist? I mean won’t African Americans and woman just see that she was picked for those reasons and may not be the best person for the job?” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    OK. I know this is off color but I burst out laughing when a buddy sent me this. Yeah I know...misogynist and all yadda yadda yadda.
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    If Trump picked Harris the headline would read "Trump Insists On Being Black Woman's Boss" Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    The white behind his head is his face mask design. The white behind his leg is his tampon string. Glad I could help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It's because of the snow isnt it
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    This pick will certainly make it tougher for him in some of the toss-up states like PA. She is considered the farthest-left Senator. That means pro-abortion (anti-Christian), anti-gun, unrestricted immigration, universal health care, and green new deal. Had he picked a conservative leaning choice (not sure there are any of those left in the Democratic party), he would have had a better chance at the toss-ups. Now, his only "sure-things" are NY and CA. Covid gave him a shot, but he really blew it with this pick.
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    Bison burgers with goat cheese , fried jalapeños and sweet chili sauce and frozen fries air fried with Trader Joe’s elote sprinkle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I saw a nice young 10 pointer on my way home tonight, maybe a mile away from home. Loved seeing this.
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    Harris supports gun buybacks to get "weapons of war" off our streets. She also supports free health care for illegals. Not my definition of a moderate.
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    As the hunting season approaches I am trying hard to be as ready as possible, probably a case of going overboard but after going through that bout of Lyme it will put the fear into you, I figure I can not be too careful. An outfit coming up with a shot for Lyme disease would be great in my book. Al
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    I don’t have a cause. I think Trump Is a venal mono-syllabic asshat surrounded by fawning lickspittles and those who manipulate him to achieve their personal goals. I think he should be replaced and relegated to the dustbin of history. Not a Biden fan. Not a Harris fan. Probably disagree with half of what they propose, but at this point I’d go with Spicoli.
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    Im looking forward to seeing everyone and hopefully meeting some new folks (Im looking right at you Cynthia and Bill!)
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    Congratulations on the retirement Rattler. Just because your moving to PA doesn't mean you have to leave the forum. The internet stretches all the way to the southern PA border now!
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    I can’t wait to see Jenn posing with one this fall!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I could care less which side of the fence anyone sits on " Joe and the Ho " is Funny so I'm gonna laugh and laugh and laugh , until I decide not to any more ! Have a Nice Day everyone !
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    Wife wants out bad , our kids living here keep me here though . Once the youngest finds a solid guy , that may change things . So many friends and family have left already its tipping the scale for me . Had lunch with a nephew up from Texas today , he sold his law practice here , the buildings , his home and moved his wife and four kids to Texas , couldn’t be happier . His “ friend group “ from here are all talking of moving , their parents have all moved already. NYS is circling the drain , all the ones pulling the cart are leaving , the ones riding in the cart are staying , not a pretty picture. The tax picture in NYS in two years will be interesting
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    Hard to complain about this rage blood trail
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    Just dry enough to plow yesterday. Plowed up a ground nest of yellow jackets, they were pissed. Seven inches of rain in late July set us way back for planting. Hope to disc and plant today before the next round of wet weather. Never planted radish this late before, but figured might as well use the seed. Better late then never, I guess. Pictures to come.
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    Bill is not coming but ill be there
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    I am looking forward to it more than usual this year as well. This year has been so f’d up I am really looking forward to some sane quiet time. F COVID, F Rioters , F all the worthless Politicians, F the media.......F Terrorists, F the shady system abusers........ Man give me a tree, a bow and a deer! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    View from my favorite bow stand.
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    I finally have my time for deer season figured out I actually had a lot of time to schedule for once. The one positive note about working 3rd when I get out at 6 and take a 3 hour nap it's like having a free day off without burning time. 10/29-11/1. 11/4-11/9, 11/12- 11/15, 11/19-11/22,11/25-11/29 I might still have a day or 2 left I have to double check I'll probably use them during late season. I don't worry about taking time off at the beginning of the season because I have more time during the weekends to get out. Most of these days will be all day hunts I'm hoping.
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    Both of my sons that hunt shoot the two blade single bevel blades . My oldest sons shoots a recurve and his arrow weight is around 770-790 grains . Unbelieveable . Those blades with weights are pricey . He is a follower of Ed Ashby .
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    Picking Kamala Harris, was the best thing Sleepy Joe could have done for the Trump campaign! She leans WAY to the left, and is absolutely no moderate. Folks on the fence, won't want to go the Socialist route.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I work for it, spending a fall sweating hoping to see a bear, missing work and spending money is a tough sell for me. I'm sure I'll get it together someday. Instead i fill the freezer with goose, and ducks later. I think the foul is a better table fare... early season is great, lots of ammo, no plug, and dumb birds. Almost as good as turkeys. Did I mention hunting 30 minites after sunset for first season..... So I'm grinding, looking for the x all day when I'm on the road and smashing beaks on the way to work in the morning, during lunch, or evening feeds. You can wear your bow gear, Relatively low investment. Barrel for your deer shotgun or cheap pump with a bird barrel, with some steel. 2 dozen silhouettes. Many land owners seem happy to let you shoot the geese too! Find a field with some birds. Pattern the birds. Get some permission,, throw out your dekes the same way you saw the birds you scouted , hide like a mofo and smash!!!
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    You posted a lot that made good sense to me. No reason to leave HuntingNY.com for voicing your opinion. and being called out on it. We have lost some dam good members for the same reasons. Perfectly alright to voice opinionsb but be ready to be called out on them.
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    Don't blame you one bit! Wish you the best in your retirement and in PA. But don't leave the forum! Just because you leave NY doesn't mean you leave your (internet) friends. Hope to see you on here from time to time.....
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    Elmo, I am soooo stealing that.
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    Everyone goes through a rigorous screening test to make sure they dont have any crossbow in their dna . It's part of the reason we're attempting to reach the younger crowd ,before the crossbow coalition corrupts them with their grand gestures of no practice ,scopes ,shooting sticks and all day holds at full draw.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Really disturbing combination. Hopefully mail in ballots do not happen or we free Americans can kiss our freedoms goodbye. That is really what will determine the election.
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    I’m Looking to take down a GIANT! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Old Nation Brewing Full Earth IPA. Its unfiltered, I rolled it, and its good. It's got a hop like bite but not really bitter. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Just these two out tonight. With the days getting shorter the parade is getting less frequent. To be expected.
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    I expect more from people than a comment like that, I don’t care if they’re conservative, liberal or in between Sorry, I didn’t know this was a conservative safe space, sorry to intrude and point out a blatantly sexist comment. I’ve been a member of this forum since January, and most who have had some back and forth with me know where I stand politically. However, I’m an avid hunter, I appreciate the knowledge that is present on this board, and I respect political differences. I knew I’d get some banter for this post, I’m not naive. However, I won’t read bull crap like that comment and not call it out for what it is. On top of that, I know there are at least a few hunters on here that fall a little left of the fence. If that makes you uncomfortable, we’ll, that’s your own issue.
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    Smallmouth bass were swimming yesterday... tonight they were in my tacos.
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    Samantha found a Squidward tomato in garden Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Every year that truck gets better fuel milage, as pieces rust and fall off.
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    Only one way to find out. Crawl in with a pocket full of steaks
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