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    Just finished this up for my son, gonna be hard to hide it for the next month lol we cut this tree down in out back yard this spring, I used the chainsaw and cut some rounds, treated them, sanded for days, poly coated them, and finished it. Was a lot of work!
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    Aforementioned yote. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
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    Been awhile since I checked in to this thread. My quest to shoot a certain mature buck has not worked out yet. No shots taken. I have seen deer most every sit though. And passed a couple two year old bucks, that I may, or may not regret shooting?....lol It has so far been a challenge, but I am enjoying the zig and zag games we are playing, and the all or nothing, of hunting a particular deer or two for the first time ever. As I get older, I have been wanting to do this. Sooo, we have two very nice mature bucks on the property. And decided this is the year. They are winning so far. But I'm cool with that. Still have a couple weekends to hunt. Perhaps I'll get lucky? Perhaps I'll lower my standards? Perhaps I'll stick to my standards, and end up with a tag in my pocket for the first time in many years? Who knows? But I am enjoying the season and the chase so far! I may even try to go back into the Pine Bush with my bow, to see if I can get redemption on that buck, that I had a close encounter with a few weeks ago? It's all good! I'm living my motto of "Shoot what you like. Like what you shoot". Congratulations to all of you who have gotten deer down! Every one of em is a trophy!!!
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    Out after a bday buck. In 43 yrs, I only takin one buck on my bday, so my self imposed restrictions have been lowered significantly.
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    Im most excited that the dec want to take control of crossbow and put it in and classify it as archery equipment , ending the polittical lobbing of nybh.
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    11/29 I was called last night by an excited and nervous hunter. He told me he had shot the biggest buck of his life, and he and his buddy had tracked a little blood for about 50 yards. After losing blood, they backed out without grid searching. Well done! This buck only went 250 yards and we found him in his first bed. It turns out he was hit way back and would have gone a long way if he had been pushed. Congratulations Cameron on a gorgeous buck!
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    forgot about this good piece of news Additionally, this plan proposes to expand legal deer hunting hours to cover a longer period of daylight, including the dawn and dusk periods when deer are most active. Currently, New York has the most restrictive deer hunting hours in the United States. Whereas deer hunting is lawful in New York only between sunrise and sunset, all other states allow deer hunting ½ hour before sunrise or earlier, or simply specify daylight hours, and 46 of 50 states allow deer hunting until some period (mostly ½ hour) after sunset. Ambient light conditions typically extend 30 minutes or more beyond the technical sunrise and sunset, and other states report similarly positive safety experiences of hunters and non-hunters during these periods as during full daylight
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    Good luck all. Haven’t been in the deer woods since Tuesday evening last week. Wife had some pretty serious hip surgery so I’ve been mom, dad and nurse for a while. She’s doing well and I’m partially glad I had to take a break. I’ve seen the deer woods open up after the first week and when much of the orange army goes home. Could definitely use another deer for the freezer, if not 2 for some sausage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just woke up and feel pretty good . Some head congestion but otherwise pretty good . I hope I’m turning the corner but I’ve had this feeling before when I woke up feeling good and the afternoon comes and feel like crap . I got the call from Erie County health department and first day I can come out of isolation will be Saturday.
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    Hey Everyone, I've been lurking for a while but this is my first post, it seems like a great forum with lots of insights into New York's hunting opportunities. I hunt in 3M near Chester which is a mix of mostly smaller woodland tracts strung together by rural/farm communities, in short I have limited land to hunt on but there are animals around if you are willing to put the time in, it seems. 2018 and 2019 were my first years, with does harvested in both, but no bucks until now. I have learned a lot in a few years (had no idea how important scent management was until last year) but thankfully things are getting improving with each season. This year I passed on does to try to get a buck, but I really hadn't seen many in person until today. At last light I took this one, a little light on antlers but full bodied. I actually thought he was a doe at first but after the shot I realized I filled my buck tag (pics of the landscape and harvest attached)
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    Brother connected on a nice buck out of the new redneck this am!!
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    That would allow them to make a archery course nessary for it and allow full inclusion as most hunters want.
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    That’s a better position to know what needs to be done than the state legislature. Half of those dopes don’t know a single thing about deer other than watching Bambi. Also, DEC has biologists working for/with them. It’s not about how many enforcement officers they have.
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    Surprised I didn't see this posted and sorry if it was. Comments accepted until 12/28 https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/7211.html looks like they're trying to gain full authority to do some stuff they legally can't currently: 1. With respect to deer hunting, statutes should be modified to grant DEC full regulatory authority to: • set deer hunting seasons and regulate methods of take and bag limits in all parts of the state, not just a subset of the state. This would include: o allowing use of firearms to take deer during the regular season and eliminating acreage minimums and special season constraints in Suffolk and Westchester Counties (ECL § 11- 0907), o full authority to regulate crossbow use (ECL § 11-0505), o allowing deer hunting in currently closed areas (e.g., Nassau County and parts of Albany, Erie and Monroe Counties; ECL § 11-0907), o allowing use of firearms to take deer in areas that are currently restricted to bow only; • allow hunters in urban deer control areas to use some techniques that are prohibited under general hunting laws (e.g., bait, lights; ECL § 11-0901); and • set conditions under which hunters can receive some form of compensation for killing deer and can sell venison (ECL § 11-0917). 2. Set uniform minimum hunting age of 12 years. 3. Crossbow Hunting 4. Remove constraints for deer hunters on Long Island. 5. Prohibit wanton waste of harvested game. 6. Remove the prohibition on big game hunting in certain parts of Albany, Erie, Herkimer, and Hamilton Counties: ECL § 11-0907. 7. Allow DEC to regulate buck harvest standards: rescind ECL § 11-0914. 8. Allow Deer Management Permits throughout the Northern Zone. 9. Create tax incentives for landowners to allow public hunting.
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    No not yet. All of my gear has been buried in storage.Just got it all moved into the house a couple days ago. I will be out soon though. Gonna go get the smoke pole and 300 dialed in at the range tomorrow. Been a strange year for me. Didn’t bow hunt, missed opening day of gun, and lot of other things. I’ll be back at it full tilt next season though.
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    I dont know if I like this, its pretty sweet being the only one hunting at those times...
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    not sure how i like this one..... set conditions under which hunters can receive some form of compensation for killing deer and can sell venison (ECL § 11-0917). Don't tease me that the dawn and dusk would actually be changed to make sense!
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    My daughters this year with a Cuomo picture added for humor
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    94 acres with proper habitat management and hunting it properly ( wisely) you would be able to take deer off it every year. . Habitat and entrance exit to stands is very important. Most inportantnby far is creating a sanctuary on that property as thick and nasty as possibly and then stay out of it except in late winter when you can do maintenance work an shed hunt. 25 acres out of 90 would be so effective. Its not about food plots in ny its about cover. Especially undisturbed cover.
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    11/28 Kunox sprained his leg while tracking on Thanksgiving so he’s on the injured reserve. He’s on some pain meds for a few days and we’ll see how he’s doing then. Luna is openly taunting him about getting all the tracks. #1 Luna and I tracked a buck this morning that had been shot yesterday afternoon. The hunter and a friend had tracked for 250 yards and bumped the deer out of a bed. They wisely backed out at that point. Luna quickly took us past last blood and beyond, then at 0.8 miles, the 10 pointer was found dead in his second bed. I wasn’t there for the field dressing, but the shot looked to be in the liver area. #2 The hunter on this track is a neighbor of the hunter we had our 7.58 mile track with earlier this week. We were on some of the same property we had tracked on then. Lots of rocky outcroppings and small ravines. This buck had been shot yesterday afternoon. Luna took some time to get through the grid searched area, but then locked on and we were off to the races. At about the 1/2 mile mark, Luna went hot and we went close to 800 yards further with no blood. I stopped her and told the group of 7 that were accompanying us that I was considering a restart, and if Luna came back the same way, we’d continue on further. At that point, one of the guys said he saw some blood on a tree about 100 yards back. Well, that changes everything! Go get ‘em Luna. In a very short period of time we started to regularly see blood, and we got our first look at the buck. He was about 100 yards in front of us and it was obvious he was hurting as he ran off. The hunter took a shot but didn’t connect. I wasn’t watching the gps, but we went probably close to a mile before we saw him again. And again, a shot was taken but didn’t connect. We continued on, occasionally getting close enough for Luna to open up on it. At the 3.6 mile mark, he was found in his final bed and was dispatched by the hunter. The original shot had hit high on his left rear leg. #3 Luna and I went to track a buck that had left a lot of white hair at the hit site. The hunter had tracked a small amount of blood for 200 yards, then had lost the trail. Luna showed us 1 drop of blood 200 yards beyond there, but that was it. We ended up searching 2.2 miles worth, but never saw any more blood or sign of the buck.
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    Very happy. Not my biggest, but probably biggest rack in 15 years. Decided I'd cruise the hillside this morning, wet leaves and very little wind. On my way down the first long stretch of logging road my bootlace broke. So about 15 seconds into retying it I hear something very in squirrel like. Look down towards the sound and there he was. Gun up, he's standing behind a tree. Steps out after a minute, off goes the gun, down he goes. Shot went in the left shoulder and out the right low run cage, diaphragm intact, not a morsel of meat ruined, heart was just obliterated. Happy! Took a couple hours to get the quad down close, and then hoist him out if there then back out again. Little dicey, some side slippage getting out. The hill drops 1000 feet in half a mile, and that stream bed is deep on top of that.
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    Venison Rueben dogs, courtesy of Mr and Mrs. @turkeyfeathers !
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    I don't think Crossbows are cheating in any way. If full inclusion with early Archery- more Hunters like me who have little or no interest in Deer Hunting would be out there . I know my interest would skyrocket with Crossbows included with Archery.
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    I'm all in for the new DEC plan!! Long overdue. Take back the common sense role of deer management, from know nothing, big city politicians.
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    Pickled venison heart with onions.
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    I would be very happy with that outcome.
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    Opening day campfire with my Dad, and our buddy Dave, who has an 18 year olds heart and carries the donors memory with him as he gets to see hunting seasons again which he didn't think he was going to. More important than missing a slob buck that morning. But I'll keep reminding him!
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    Nov 29th - 54 degrees, finished up some yard work wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Full moon to help celebrate the Last fire of the season. Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk
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    By definition, all government purchases are third-party purchases. The government spends other people's money on things it won't consume. It doesn’t care about the price or the quality. Thus, there will always be waste in government spending. That is why, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, government should do only those things that a man can’t do better for himself. If 300 million Americans were free to buy health insurance for themselves, just as they buy their own life and home and car insurance, then that little gecko on television would offer us health insurance with a little more coverage for a little less cost. And he wouldn’t be the only one. Insurance companies and hospitals would be working night and day to get our business. Quality would go up, and prices would go down. It’s already happened with laser eye surgery. It used to cost $2,200 per eye. Now it can cost as low as $500 per eye. That’s the way free enterprise competition works…every time. But when the government gets involved, costs go up, waste and fraud go up, essential medical services are denied or unavailable. These are the hallmarks of government healthcare bureaucracies around the globe. The sooner we make health insurance a first-party purchase again, the sooner Americans will get the health care they want…finally. Presented by Bob McEwen
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    Well after chasing a big 10-pointer all season without any success, today I went kayaking nearby and found this other 10-pointer dead in the water. Looks like he recently died, I don’t think he was shot because all his organs are intact. Well good to know he lived a long life and passed on his genes.
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    Something I thought was interesting from my brothers buck today. 4 yrs ago I shot my main frame 10 with a sticker for 11pts, anyways mine had what I call a colic, hair stood up behind his neck. His buck does as well, could it be a relative?? Who knows but cool none the less!!
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    @Just Lucky I didn't want to put a damper on your spirits or give you bad juju last night but anytime I've heard that a deer falls instantly, flops around then gets up and runs off it generally doesn't end well unfortunately. Happened last week to my buddy actually, shot, deer fell and was flipping his neck up in the air, before you know it he was on his feet and gone, followed ok blood for 200 yds then nothing. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    9 points for team 2! Now 2 weeks wait for muzzleloader.
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    Well I decided to move out to my field stand after that picture.. I busted two does out of the field,, 20 minutes later I had two more feeding then I was able to to take this guy ...
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    So I settled into the Buckform for the second Saturday of rifle season. I didn’t really have high hopes as I hadn’t seen a good shooter all week nor had any of my cameras. But usually the second Saturday in my area gets some folks out in the woods more than usual. Also heard a lot of shots from the duck hunters this morning so think that got the herd on their feet. I had seen 12 does and fawns and was watching some does enter my field into the food plots about 200 yards away. A buck I call Hocus Pocus then casually walked out behind two does and started to feed. I knew once I scoped him that he was a shooter for sure so I took a deep breath lined it up and gently squeezed the trigger. There was a bit of smoke but I saw him kick his back legs like a mule and then run forward and the back and then he toppled over. I got him on camera a couple of times over the past month but he definitely was Hocus Pocus. Just glad to have been blessed to get him. Good hunting to all still in the woods
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    Same setup as last year. I'm sitting on the ground facing south on the second Saturday of gun season. Second year where a ' good enough ' buck came in about 40 yds behind me moving west to east. I'm usually a little more picky, but with a new born at home, time is limited. That's two for the freezer this year and all i need. Wife will be happy because that means I'll be home on the weekends now.
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    Classic "heard a twig snap" and holy crap this may happen! He came in from due north and the wind was going north and or west. I let him keep coming to about 40 and he locked up so I sent it. I knew I hit, him he mule kicked nice but he stopped again at 60 or so and I shot again but I think I missed, but he piled up. At first I thought I hit him in the hindquarters but upon inspection that looks a day old or so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Don't know if this will upload, but I've got a hell of a job ahead of me getting him out of here. Bottom of a stream halfway down the hill. Probably my best deer yet. Not the tank, but one we've been calling bowhinkle. I was tying together a broken shoelace on my way down the hill when I heard movement, and there he was sneaking through a small saddle in the streambed. Happy pictures later in the harvest thread.
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    This guy literally snuck up behind me without me knowing. I turned to look behind and it sounded like the Kentucky derby at the bell as he bolted. I quickly saw a rack and hustled to turn around in the stand, holding the tree with my left arm and pulling up to shoot the shotgun with my right. As he ran, he cut behind the stand giving me a 60-70yd ish broadside shot which I took one handed with the rifle quickly rested on a bow hanger. Didn’t quite have the gun well shouldered and paid the price but it was a good double lunger. Exciting few seconds. Not a huge rack, decent mass but short tined. Dressed at 177.2 less the gambrel so call him 175. Good end to a season with far less hours in the stand than normal. Forgot my tags so I had to head home and Natalie happily returned with me for the recovery. Maybe it’s time to shoot a doe. With the little time I had, I didn’t want to waste it on a doe so far. But if I get out again, the girls should beware.
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    At 8am my good friend takes a shot at the lead deer in a group of 4. He felt the shot was a bit back and was down on himself pretty hard. He still won’t tell me how far of a shot it was so I assume it was a chip shot. I tell him to stay put and don’t move we need to give it time. We get a text group going to devise a plan to get on that deer mid day before the rain comes in. The plan gets assembled and now it’s a waiting game. 10:45 hits and the game plan goes into motion. We got boots on the ground so I decided to come out of the hut and stand on the balcony leaving my daughter inside nice and warm with the windows closed. No idea why because our guys where a good 400 yards out yet but this Big buck gets out of his bed. I’m instantly tracking him in the scope but I don’t have a shot. He gets behind a bunch of trees so I look back inside my hut hoping to make eye contact with my daughter to tell her to stay still and plug her ears. She’s already up out of her seat ears plugged looking at me. I give her a thumbs up and turn my attention back to the buck. He hits the main trail and I instantly know where he’s going but I don’t have a gun rest out on the balcony. He gets behind another tree and I drop down to a knee and take the best shooting position I can given the situation. He steps out from the tree offering his head and front shoulder. I just want one more step from him so I can see his entire boiler room and tuck a shot just behind the front shoulder. Wouldn’t you know it he catches something and snaps his head over looking right at me still only offering up his front shoulder. It’s now or never he’s only moments away from bugging out of my life for good. I squeeze the trigger zeroed in on his shoulder. Bang the gun pops off and he drops down into the infamous death run. I can see red coming out of the exact spot I was aiming at. He travels 20 yards in a heart beat and all of a sudden his legs are under him and his head and tail are up running through the woods. He jumps up onto the dike slows down and walks out of view. WTF just happened I’m dying inside! This is going to a very painful wait. The guys on the ground are blowing up my phone. I tell them what happened and to continue with the game plan and let’s find the first deer shot. The buck and myself need time. Thankfully we recover the first deer and now 3 guys are headed my way 45 min after the shot to check out the hit sight and walk the dike where the buck was last seen. No blood and no hair at the hit sight but blood on the dike. Seconds later one of the guys on the dike spots the buck getting out of his bed and he tosses a shot down range in desperation just before the buck hits the water and runs out of life. We now have a dead buck in the creek that needs recovery. A 200 year old row boat and one very very wet hunter later the buck is on land and I have my hands on bone. My initial shot went though the shoulder hit 1 lung and nicked the heart. The desperation shot never connected. I’m very thankful for the group of guys I hunt with and to be able to share this moment with them and my daughter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First year hunter at 16, first shot and first deer! She passed on 3 other bucks one was a nice 8 pt. She thought shots were not great. I applaud her. Nothing my girl can't do!!! FYI we are on the George Washington bridge and she says U-turn I need to back it was so great!!! I have two girls and just love how they are so cool with Dad! Congrats Teddi!!!!!
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