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Live From The Woods 2022 - 2023 Edition!


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2 minutes ago, BowmanMike said:


And @phade,you always have pics of these fat bucks on here,I am starting to think you have a fetish,haha.

I have some friends who went to college at UB and Syracuse. They always called them "Buffalo snow pigs" and "Cuse Snow Pigs". They really wear down the college dorm bunks, but usually good for BJ's during bulking season. Lots of cloudy/gloomy days in those parts of the states. I guess they eat all day?

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My next Full Moon is Saturday, when I take my daughter whose home from college to Arthur Ave for Full Moon pizza!!!

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Remember if the sauce is on top of the cheese it’s not pizza!

- @Jeremy K

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So i got home from work at 130 am  was gorgeous out stars calm and spotty frost . Got to bed at 2 . Woke up 530. Perfect out   hiked back  over county line about a mile amd was in stand at 630..  at 7 there was movement behind me..its very thick and i could only see flashes of deer.  At 715 i heard an appe being crunched in front o stand  ..there it was 15 yard walking away.     Dropped it with shot at base of neck between shoulder blades..  nice simple retrieve when i walked back to get tractor and  my knife... i never take a knife.. superstitious.  Plus  i habe to get vehicle to retrieve it so i just get one then..  have 4 weeks off end of month and beginning of nov.. guess camp cook and turkey / bear hunting will be my niche...
Was that the intended shot placement ? If so I hope all those hunters you mentor haven't been instructed to take a spine shot....

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3 hours ago, BizCT said:

what type of plant is all that red stuff on the ground?

Mountain laurel.  I can tell you it's not fun to drag an animal in that thick stuff. The positive, it's very easy to see fresh sign and game trails. They bed right in that stuff. I usually don't hunt in it but I got lazy today and didn't walk to my usual spot. 

Great bear terrain. I shot a bear a couple hundred yards away a couple years ago and that's all what is behind my brothers house that killed the bear Saturday. 

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