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Many stores are receiving ammo shipments weekly and some more often. In the sunbelt, Rural King has assorted ammo placed on the shelves daily, but it goes fast. Shotgun shells are plentiful, rifle cartridges availability varies and pistol ammo almost non existent. Today, (Florida) I picked up 2 boxes of 85 grain 25.06 Winchester ballistic Silvertips (a varmint and coyote load). It was pricy, $35 for a box of 20. They also had a substantial amount 6.5 Creedmoor (which I don't own or  need).They had 130 grain elk loads and a lighter "match" load. So, just cause they have it, doesn't mean they have what you need. I had a little better luck at Wally world. While their shelves were pretty empty the had lots of  Remington core-lokt PSP 100 grain for my 25.06, so I bought 4 boxes at $24 per box. My advice would be to keep looking, especially if you travel.  Around here gun stores are out, but hardware stores often have a few dusty boxes left.

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