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    My buddy just got this one. His wife already told him that there would be no taxidermy this year...
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    not the big buck i was looking for but any chance to thin these sobs
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    My plan was to shoot the first buck that was in range, and I did. A delicious spike. No buck shaming! He will be very appreciated by the cook of the house, who complained that I only shot big bucks for the last two seasons. Set up a tree stand in the “way back” of my property. Scrapes just showed up within 50 yards of it. 9:00 this morning I see him visiting a scrape and think, I should pass. Then I remembered my promise, and the quality of steak that comes from a deer that age. Then I learned some lessons on what happens when a deer gets too close to your stand. (I’ve hunted from the ground for years, stands only for gun season when I need a longer reach.) He was at about 18 yards. One lung. No blood trail at all. I was so sure it was a good shot. Couldn’t believe I didn’t hear him crash. Ran well over 100 yards deep into the thickest stuff on the property. Took a grid search to find him. Sooo thankful that I did find him!!
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    Just sat down on this bench with a scotch and cigar for a hour watching the rain. Love it, it's what it's all about. Hope the rain clears up for the morning hunt. Deep thoughts by john Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
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    I have to admit that I enjoy hunting with my crazy friends. Talked to my buddy David last night, he was at Walmart buying a 19” tv for our blind. Lol. Planning to run it off a marine battery. And HE WAS DEAD SERIOUS. He already added a heater. Phade will shoot a booner while we watch cartoons. Somethings just aren’t right. So here we are.
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    Like clockwork, already have to take a dump Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
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    Just shot buck , not finding arrow, but good blood, now gotta wait, and hope rain goes away
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    From the blind. He's already ate most of his snacks so mine will probably become his!
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    Doe down. Eighteen yards. Of course, I told my wife I’d be in shortly after 6:00 to take her to dinner. Better get to work.
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    As CEO of #NoTreestands, I would love for you to join our team. Your recent doe kill from the ground did not go unnoticed. If you kindly use this hashtag 100+ times in the month of November, we will send you a pair of socks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Why does everyone seem to need to shit in woods? I shit before I leave house and wait till I get home. Pretty simple method. I don’t even bother packing TP Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This doe was pushed into this big tuft of tall grass/bamboo by a six point as I was getting undressed at the truck. I calmly got my bow from the backseat, went around the back and got my release from my pack, walked around the front of the truck and got ti around 20 yards. She was hard quartering away so I shot just in front of her hip and got about 18" of penetration. She went a ways and the blood trail was terrible, her intestines plugged the hole. Sodfather came out and helped me track and it was a tough one between very little blood and the woods being soaked. Also the yellow maple leaves with the bright red splotches were a MENACE. I was glad he could make it and owe him big time. Shes a big girl, pic straight on doesnt show it. I have way too much stuff in the way of my scale but I'd bet shes 120+
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    We got a half half hour in. Awsome time. My daughter was haveing fun maybe a little loud but it's worth it!
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    Chasing starting in cattaraugus county. Had a small 4 with a brute of a 8 together chasing a doe. Couldn't get a shot. Ended up getting a big doe later on
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    Lunch at work Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Only the second hunt this year for me. I was Excited to get going lol
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    Everything changed when their CEO went rogue and starting paying gun control lobbyists. Since then, I went in once and used them to try out some new xbows then walked out. That company will never make a profit off me again unless they clean house of all the flaming Liberal gun grabbers!
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    First: Don't forget to set your clocks back tonight. Second: Don't forget to vote on Tuesday. Vote wisely. The future of the country is in the balance That ends this PSA.
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    I’m in for the last hour. Picked a stand all wrong for the wind and it looks like it wants to rain. My daughter didn’t want to come out so I’m trying to come up with a “on the bright side”. It might just end up being hey on the bright side I didn’t get blown out of the tree. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It’s going to require all of my salesmanship to keep my sponsors from dropping me this season Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Sounds like my typical Friday night! [emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I just shit my pants. Gonna roll with it. May change my luck Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    First, The New York Times is a leftist rag that supports bigger, more invasive and oppressive government any chance it gets. It's writers believe the government is the solution to whatever ails America. This article is a prime example of a one sided propaganda piece that gives no space to any counter point and passes opinion off as unquestionable fact. Notice how it calls for an outright ban as if it has the right to pontificate on the matter with authority, without offering any other solution. That's a totalitarian mindset. Second, there are major disadvantages to non-lead bullets when compared to conventional lead bullets. Price is just one factor. They do not expand well at low velocity. They foul rifle barrels faster. Copper barrels are much harder to un-foul. When used in smaller, lower velocity rounds like the .38 Special or other pistol cartridges used in rifles, they do not expand well when striking the game animal. There are currently no .22 LR or other .22 rimfire non-lead rounds that I'm aware of, or they are not common in the market. Available copper ammo suppliers are not currently capable of meeting the demands of hunters for even one season, if conventional ammo was suddenly banned. If mandated by law, supply and demand rules of economics would wreck havoc on the price of ammo for years. Third, though it is true Bald Eagles will die if they ingest lead fragments, there is no actual evidence they are dying from eating animal gut piles, or dead animals shot with lead ammo and not recovered by hunters. More likely they are eating lead in scraps thrown in dumpsters behind deer processing facilities that are not required to cover their dumpsters to prevent it. Also, in areas where lead ammo has been banned, such as the region of the California Condor, the death rate of these birds due to lead poisoning has not changed, indicating the problem lies not with hunter's bullets, but somewhere else. Finally, the Federal government actually provides permits to windmill farms, to legally kill hundreds of raptors, including bald eagles, every year, considering them collateral damage in the quest to support "green energy" from wind sources. Choosing to ban lead ammo for hunters, places the burden of raptor relief squarely at the feet of those who have the least ability to fight back with a powerful lobby. There is also the well known desire of the government, to infringe on the 2nd Amendment rights of it's citizens in every way it possibly can, to minimize the ability, or the desire of it's people, to engage in lawful firearm ownership. Banning lead ammo gives it one more way to impose oppression on the public regarding it's ability to exercise a Constitutional right. I think we should all be concerned with raptor deaths and doing our part to minimize it, but it would be much less oppressive to educate hunters using lead ammo, to bury gut piles, or not gut animals in the field. Any law should only be directed at pressuring "for profit" processing facilities, to take measures to prevent problems. It always bothers me when public entities, with little understanding of an issue, choose to scream for "simple", "common sense" solutions to problems, that are actually quite complicated. Like the adage says, "If you think the problems the government creates are bad, just wait until you see their solutions."
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    8J scrapes are still being used every day. Haven't seen any bucks with does, harassing, seeking, trailing or anything. It's just gotta happen soon though!
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    No Dicks for me!!! I will not contribute one cent, to a business lobbying to take away any constitutional right, from anyone! The only way to make a statement, with anything you disagree with in government, happens this Tuesday. Get Out And Vote!
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    Countdown is on: Only 12 hours til I'm finally hunting this season!!
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    Big pot of chili and couple hot dogs Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    Just got in for my first hunt of the year. My 5 yr old wanted to go so we are in a ground blind that I'm not even sure I can shoot a bow from. Oh well he's having fun. Tomorrow morning I'm hitting a good stand.
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    The sun still rises at sets at approximately the same time , the deer don’t turn back their clocks . If you didn’t adjust your clocks or simply don’t look at them , nothing much changes for you .Be like the deer . One year I forgot to “ change “ my clock , the alarm went off at 5:30 , 4:30 for those who set their clocks back, we all still got to the hunting spot at the same “ time “ . Some thought they got up an hour earlier lol . If it bothers you psychologically don’t turn them back for the rest of the season , of course if you still work your boss may not care for it ..... The Mrs. calls it “Larry Time “.
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    I bet you vote for Cuomo also. Nothing like financing your own demise.
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    Thought I lost my tin almost had a heart attack.., it was in my sweatshirt pocket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got in my stand. A little drizzle coming down but not bad so far. Scrapes are torn up all over back here. Gonna sit as long as I can, 30+ mph winds predicted for this evening. Hopefully they hold off. Good Luck all!
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    Got this guy fri afternoon at 530. 42 yard shot.
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    weather looking good for tomorrow. I have that 10 point Buck coming and going at 9 am and 1 pm along that ridge.
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    New set up I made today . I finally get to get out tomorrow. Don’t think I’ll sleep tonight feeling like my kids on Christmas Eve!
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    I agree. If every gun owner voted against him the last time, we would have Astorino in office.
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    this old girl has more than her share of character and I hope to add a lot more as it’s the only rifle I’m carrying this year. Pic taken today with the first fresh rub I’ve found in the Dacks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I love you Man !!! Life is too short to hunt with an ugly gun...Wood and blued steel for this old white boy …..
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    Well, leftovers for dinner but my lovely wife is happy to see a nice doe hanging in the barn. Celebration beer. Bronx Brewery Built for This NEIPA very tasty.
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    . Little small to let one rip. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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