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    While doing some stuff at the farm today, found this deadhead. Never saw him by eye or on camera. Real nice one for this area.Would have liked to have seen him while hunting last year. A nice mature buck. Would have been really nice this year. No idea what killed him. Picked clean.
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    Stayed up tonight and got my hunting arrows done . Easton 330 hexx ,50g of brass with 100g tip , 405g total weight.
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    Cooper and I have been working regularly for the past couple weeks I think he’s ready to go... A little photo shoot afterwards to boost the ego. Earned his senior hunter title last month
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    Put this in the what’s in your smoker thread....oops. If you live in the Brooklyn area you know what a treat this is. Spumoni Gardens - thick crust with cheese THEN sauce with a sprinkle of cheese. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This nut job is going to be nothing but problems. He is trying to intimidate you to get what he wants. Will no doubt cut straps on stands, steal cams, and any number of nasty things, to ratchet up the intimidation factor. To either get you to leave, or get his way. In his twisted mind, he's been there longer than you, and it's "his" land!!! First thing, is to tell your landowner what happened. And that you were threatened. And that you'll be filing a report with the authorities. Then follow through with the report. They have dealt with this kind of stuff before, and most times will handle it professionally. Use exteam caution while scouting, hunting, or any time you are using this lease. And don't let your guard down. Most of all don't give in to this A-hole!!
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    I leave 2 weeks from today for Eagle Lake Maine! it's starting to get real!!!
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    Fish fry of clams shrimp crab cod and calamari
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    Took a walk out back of my place with the new TriStar 28 ga to see if I could knock off a couple of Squirrels for the pot, it was slow and quiet and the bugs were biting. Saw one nice big one running along the ground at 20 yards for an easy shot and that was about it. So the 28 TriStar is cherry no more and the squirrel is in the pressure cooker as I type this. Al
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    I was given a charbroil smoker. Smoked salmon with vegis. That sweet looking pepper turned out to be a FNK'N hot pepper. Haha
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    Funny, our office selects a charity every month to support and this month this was it.
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    My Ex Mother - in- law coming back to life !
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    As I carried two 40# bags of softener salt into the house yesterday, it really hit home that not so long ago I was carrying that much weight plus another 24# on my body. The difference is astounding.
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    Come and get it.... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
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    R.O.U.S. Rodent of unusual size “The Princess Bride” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Congratulations! When I first clicked on this link I thought you were going to tell us that you had just gotten out of a cold swimming pool, but this is even better news!
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    So next Time I come Fishing we are going even further up the Salmon River?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Dinorocks and I shot some at his house Shared this gem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dam what a downer this lease Seems more trouble then it is worth .Hope it works out ok , good luck
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    Good luck, My friend !!….I know what you are dealing with... If push comes to shove, one shot dead center mass right through the sternum should settle it... Oh.. Wait a minute....We're talking about the BEAR, aren't we...??
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    Yep. He said as much. I didnt want to post this because i am not 100% convinced its true, but the neighbor to the north sent me this pic. He said its zoomed in from a pic his wife took with her phone in their yard. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I won one yesterday at a raffle and am wondering if anyone has one? I think it's a cool gun but am tempted to exchange for a rifle or another waterfowl gun. Or keep and have it be a safe queen (wouldn't get much use)
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    Hopefully he met plenty of Does before he went !
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    CTE is real ,lots of people take the macho role and like to talk about back in their day or all the stuff they lived through . My son is only 3.5 but i'm already decided not to push him into contact sports . Lots of people are doing horrible things later in life because of trauma they receive earlier in their life.
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    Glad to hear of the safe travel and looking forward to the pics!
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I absolutely hated that show, however it’s seems the cast had a great time together. https://m.ranker.com/list/behind-the-scenes-brady-bunch-stories/mariel-loveland
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    That J.O. of a Governor in NJ won't allow hunting for bears anywhere but private land, and most NJ land owners are against bear hunting. Sooner or later a bear will kill another person there and he will still be against bear hunting.
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    I’d stave on her load out . It’s been many many years ,but here’s our typical run down . Oatmeal, Pop Tarts, pancakes for breakfast . PB&J for lunch, yes we carried in full jars and used wraps as bread gets crushed in a pack . Dinners , rice or noddles ,with summer sausage or a similar meat , tuna in foil packs too . First night was generally steak and baked potato, bring steak frozen ,by the end of the day it’s still fine . snacks, gorp, bags of M&Ms , Tang of course to kill the taste of iodine we used to purify water, when we didn’t have time to boil it , always bring a box of bisquick , only need water to make pancakes, and once in Colorado we baked bread in a Dutch oven we rigged up with it . Hum hot bread with Strawberry jam .... she can have her little 200 calorie bar . We always went where we could fish , which was often the sole point ,so lots of fish . We’d only go one day in up to ten miles , then camp there for a few days , so we’d didnt mind heavy packs and was well worth eating well .
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    That’s a good sign. Hopefully the brandishing thing is a big mistake on his part and he’ll be a respectful boundary neighbor. I’d keep a couple of cheapie trailcams near your line.
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    We lease with basecamp and they do absolutely zero for you after you sign. They could not care less Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Glorious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    They’re in Woodbourne
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    PH was 4.3 on a new winding plot I put in this year. I was set on liming and planting only rye but I got a great deal on radishes so I figured why not? Two weeks later this is what I ended up with WOW was I suprised. I did spray Plot Max but not much else. I'm posting so anyone with really low ph doesn't get discouraged and either doesn't plant anything or only plants rye or wheat. This is also a no till plot I just dragged a tractor tire behind my ATV. My puppy decided to do wind sprints up and down the middle of the plot which seems to have hurt the radishes more then the ph.
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    What is with people? Lease costs you hundreds/year if not a grand or two per person and he just thinks mowing the spot entitles him to using it?
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    My neighbors took a little persuading. We have an understanding now . I will track any wounded deer that comes acrossed. They will call me and make arrangements for me to come up. Other than that stay off. Previose owner use to let them run the hill . He was a nice guy. They use to drive all week when we were working and we didn't see deer on the weekends . I am not the nice guy he was.
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    This dude sounds crazy, dangerous and capable of some ugly stuff. In my opinion you should call a DEC officer, Sheriff or both. He should not get away with a threatening tone like that.
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    I have no problem with anyone being on the line as long as they are not shooting in at us. He already made it clear that he shoots our way and thinks its a problem if we put stands on our side anywhere near him. I am going to contact the lumber company on Monday and let them know as well. I am also having a very large and very official looking sign made for the gate. The last thing i want to do is have any kind of confrontation so I will always remain calm and if I need to I will call the sheriff or dec. in fact I may tomorrow anyway. He basically threatened me with a gun in his hand today. Twice. Not putting up with it. His anger over the other other neighbor to our south is amazing. He was trying to shoot across the corner of his land into our land and thinks the other landowners are the problem. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I hung this cal a week ago and pulled the card yesterday. The day time pic is from last year the night time pic is this year pretty sure it's the same buck he just grew an extra kicker this year He's an old buck
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    I am a big fan of the Savage 99 lever action rifles, I have an older Utica model in 30-30 that was my Dads and special to me because he worked there before going into the Navy during the War. Personally I have always wanted straight stocked 99A model in 250-3000 and I keep kicking myself for not buying one when they were being manufactured. Anyhow I hit the Syracuse gun both in the Spring and in the Fall always keeping an eye out for a 99A in good condition at a decent price and today I hit pay dirt. I found one in great condition barely used for a price I could live with so I took the plunge. Been a long time since I have been this pumped over a firearm, scanning the internet vendors for dies, brass, scope bases and bullets. Al
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Egg sammy with roasted corn, onions, peppers and American cheese with a splash of ketchup on toasted WonderBread! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    saw this on a maine moose outfitter site - one moose all packaged up - wow! lol
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    Cooper is starting to really get it and growing up. 15 months old and just earned his 3rd pass . Will go for his 4th in August and will have his jr hunter title.
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    That's a special kinda crazy
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