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2021 HuntingNY Bow Harvest Thread


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Post up pics of your 2021 Bow hunting harvests here!

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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Whoops, posted in the wrong thread. Copy and paste

Really thankful for the extra half hour of shooting light! So while I'm putting on my boots at the truck I see eyes glowing from my headlamp about 30 yards away. A spike, a doe and a fawn stop and stare at me for a minute and continue on their way sort of in the direction of my stand. I sneak over to my stand and about 5 minutes after the new shooting time I see movement straight ahead. I have to assume it's the same group of deer but now there are 2 adult does, 1 clearly bigger than the other. The spike hangs around for a couple minutes at like 10 yards from me. He starts to walk away very cautiously and the smaller doe just about catches up with him. Had to be super cautious standing up and drawing back with 4 deer within 20 yards but I pulled it off. The spike was hanging around and stomping for another half hour trying to figure out what happened. What more can you ask for on opening day! 99.6 lbs dressed11bcaf7224f65a7d210f74da13bff60b.jpg

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My bad, kill the other thread!

I had a great morning, a spike and another small buck came in a and fed on acorns for almost an hour, then a lone fawn joined them. They stuck around a while then moved off. Maybe an hour later a doe busted me about 60 yards out (definitely wasnt taking a selfie like a 13 year old). She stared for a long time and finally came in. She walked behind my 33 yard tree and stopped broadside at what I decided was 40. As always its all a blur but I believe she wheeled at the shot because it went in high and back and exited her hip. After a long blood trail and a short grid search I found her. She may be the biggest doe Ive killed





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Doe to fill the freezer back up.  Tonite it just felt like the perfect night.  I just knew something was gonna come out.  Two doe came out just after 6pm right down the trail like they read the script.  I shot a bit far back and it exited back so she must have been quartered more than I thought. Backed out for a couple hours then went back to just see if any blood trail.  Had a good blood trail so kept going and it started getting just a few drops. But she was laying there right in the trail and went about 150 yards. Happy to get a good early doe! 



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My plan today was to get to my spot early wait until gray light and still hunt my way until I came across scrapes or freshest sign I could.  First step was getting over the stream that was knee deep or higher every where and running very fast.  Eventually I made it to where a tree had fallen across the stream and very carefully inched across it. 

I still hunted 3/4mile around with very little sign.  I was starting to get discouraged but kept going then finally the rubs picked up and all led to a spot I had scouted over the summer and new of some buck beds in that general area.  I was at the spot I thought would put me in the game.   As I was trying to pick out a tree to climb I noticed movement to my right and it ended up being a small 3 pt cruising with his nose to the ground.  Seeing the trail he took I split the difference between his trail and another above me giving me a 25 yard shot to both.  I was finally setup at 930 and ready to hunt.  I was setup roughly 60 yards from a big swamp

At about 10 I thought I could here something in the direction the blue jays were making a racket but couldn't see anything.  So I hit the grunt tube 4 or 5 times.   At about 1015 I saw movement coming up from the swamp and could tell right away it was bigger than the 3 pt in both body and horns.  He started to walk away from me so I hit the grunt tube and snort wheezed.  He stopped on a dime turned my direction and started making rubs and scrapes.  He held up at 45 yards and had a snack of green leaves.  Eventually he made it to 18 yards behind 2 trees so I could draw .  Only problem was he was heading straight at me and was preparing myself for a possible straight on shot.  Once he got to 10yards he had me picked out in the tree and took a small step to his right opening up the front pocket for a shot.  Before he could bolt the arrow was off and up to the fletching.  Instantly blood sprayed out and he bounced off some trees.  he went to make it up a small bank but did a back flip.  He went maybe 60yrds total before he died.  

So here was the only negative on the morning.  After the shot I turned to put my bow back on the hanger when I hear a stick snap.  I look up and there is a 80-100inch buck staring at me at 40yrds.  All I could do was laugh.  Didn't think in a million years there would of been a second buck. He new something wasn't right but couldn't figure it out.  I will be after him come gun season.  I will always be checking to make sure there are no other deer in the area.  I was so focused on the buck I took I never heard the bigger dear come in.

1/2 mile drag through a nasty swamp took forever but he's home and hanging in the garage.  I have to work the next 3 days so I think I'm going to run him to a local butcher.

Sorry for the long post.  Ill update it later with pictures.  








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My nephew Dom with his first bow kill. Was a emotional day.

Dom was determined to get his first bow kill with his dad's bow. My nephew Adam, Dom's and Kayden's dad, passed in 2011 in a house fire. So proud of theses boys, and I know there dad is too. 



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This was the first time I sat these woods this fall due (and only the third time I've even been in a stand) to all the warm weather, busy at work and the Covid......I had a small buck go by me around 8am then this buck came at 8:20am.  I stopped him at 18 yards with a grunt and made a perfect shot.  I let him go for an hour just to be sure.  He only went about 75 yards before piling up.  He dressed out at 152lbs.







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A Reminder --- WNY Buckhunter posted this at the beginning of the Thread ......

Only pictures with the associated story will be allowed in this thread. If you want to congratulate someone, please do it by clicking on the "like this" button for the post. There will be no exceptions.

Feel free to start a new thread if you wish to have comments in addition to posting the photo / story here.

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Got it done today. I'm in 8P and it seems the bucks are seeking now. Went to one of my stands near a bedding area. Put out some golden estrous scent.. It was about 5:00 and this guy came right in. 5 yard shot right under my stand. Walked off after the shot. Saw a tuff in his hair in shoulder. Thought I missed! lol but he wobbled at 30 yards and fell over. Double lung shot. Nice 2.5 year old 7 pt. I feel blessed!





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So the spot I was hunting has few lanes to shoot through with a bow. This doe really gave me a workout today and only bowhunters would understand the difficulty in taking a deer, let a lone an older doe.

3 times I was at full draw waiting for her to step into a lane and she froze and went the other way. I couldn't believe it. Finally she took the last step and I released. Double lung. She went about 100-150 yds. Got to try my new kudupoint broadheads. I'll give a review separately for anyone interested. First time using a single bevel and I was impressed 20211104_112643.jpg20211104_112648.jpg

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