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Luna and Kunox’s Tracking Journal 2019


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One of the best threads of the year.

Wishing You, Luna and Kunox a safe and successful tracking season!

You guys are a spectacular team!

One of these times we have to meet up when you go to John's place. I'm "right around the corner". If ever I can help, just give me a shout.

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And here we go!



Opening day of early bow season and my first call came in 3.5 hours after sunrise. Since Luna has seniority, she always gets the first track.The hunter had taken a 30 yard shot through a small opening and the arrow deflected off a branch before hitting the 5 pointer. He had no idea where the deer had been hit as he watched it run off. He and a buddy began the track a couple hours after the shot. They followed decent blood for 125 yards before losing the track in a swampy area. Luna and I got there at noon, 5 hours after the shot.  We started at the hit site, and in a couple of minutes Luna had us at last blood. The hunter and his friend had only looked about 20 yards past the point of loss before calling.....well done guys! Luna was able to get past this point easily, and 50 yards further she showed us the buck.  He was still alive and took off, but 75 yards later we got close enough for the hunter to finish him with another arrow. It turned out the deer had been hit in the liver.


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