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British Columbia Mountain Goat Bowhunt

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British Columbia checked all the boxes you’d want in a mountain goat bowhunt. Lots of nice goats, check. Beautiful rugged mountain, check. Insanely epic vistas at every turn, check. Grizzly bears, check. Sunshine, rain, wind, and snow all in one day, check. Brutal climbs to get into goat country, check. Backbreaking pack outs, check.


I had great bowhunt and was very fortunate that it encompassed the total experience. The sense of accomplishment with each obstacle that was over come is not something that I will soon forget. My outfitter and guide were fantastic and worked very hard, and I super impressed all the way around. You’d be hard pressed to find better people.


Well, here he is. He was aged at 7 years old by the Bylaw wildlife officer. His Horn length is 9 1/2 and 9 ( broken tip). We spotted him on a face of finger ridge the evening before at about 730 pm and although we didn’t see him in the morning we still made the 4 and half hour climb. We managed to find him and I was lucky to make a 12 yard shot. I am excited and yet humbled at the same time. It was an awesome experience. d96a74b38fd7ddad519a1408fe20a434.jpg








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Thanks guys ! The rain fog let up a bit today. We spotted two bears, I made a half ass stalk this morning on six footer knowing it was unlikely I could catch up to him the way he was moving …anyway I got within 80 yards of him but he beat me to the timber.
Seen a another bear in the afternoon but he was smaller and I passed the stalk.
I think I will hunt tomorrow and just relax on Tuesday my last day, everyone here deserves a well earned break.


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That’s awesome , how about some details on how you closed in and made the 12 yard shot. Just awesome … 

Well it’s complicated.

We spotted him about 730 pm the night before and he was on the face of knob that comes out off a very narrow saddle. We couldn’t relocate him in the morning but we were pretty sure he was still up there. We made the 4.5 hour climb pretty much knowing we were swinging for the fence and we might miss.
Anyway after we made it to the top we found that he moved into a bed in some timber, the face was frozen over so I could get close enough to take a picture but not to safely shoot. We knew that we came out of his bed his only exit was through the narrow saddle. There was only two spots he would cross, one at 12 yards and the other lower at 58.
I put myself in between them and pined him down while freezing my balls off until he got up from the bed. He went to the spot at 12 yards and was quartering to me too hard. I was already drawn and needed him to either take a step turn broadside or turn one more step and face me head on. He faced me and I took the easy frontal. He was dead in about 30 yards and then tumbled 300 yards down the slope next to the shoot we came up. Lucky it warmed up enough that we could now dig in and get down the slope vs coming up the rock shoot we came up originally. In any event that’s why he was so dirty and thankfully he didn’t have any damage.
While we were caping and quartering him snow hit us again and basically whited us out. Took us about an hour to get pictures and put him in our packs for the trek out. After we descended another 600 feet or so the snow turned to rain. The total pack out took us about the about an hour longer even though we started down the sloop lower. I guess 80-90 pound packs slowed us down a bit … it was a brutal pack out.
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Congratulations, he is an awesome goat. I know all of the emotions that you are experiencing right now. I think only a person that has gone through all of the physical and mental challenges can understand what you went through to take such an amazing animal.  I believe a trophy goat that you just shot is the most challenging animal any hunter can hope for.


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