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    Well I decided to move out to my field stand after that picture.. I busted two does out of the field,, 20 minutes later I had two more feeding then I was able to to take this guy ...
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    Brother connected on a nice buck out of the new redneck this am!!
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    Getting gear ready for retro day... early 60s Sears 16GA armed with Sluggers. Shoots consistently six inches right at 25 yards so will apply Kentucky Windage should I get the chance.
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    Wow what a day. Ok deep breath and congrats to ..... @50calpeephole @UpStateRedNeck @SpacemanSpiff @Bolt action @Lomax @ATbuckhunter @The_Real_TCIII @MPHunter @BigVal And to @Just Lucky when he finds his buck in the morn! Hell of day and congrats on the bucks, does and yotes!
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    Well tonight at last light shot my target buck I have been after all season. He went down on impact, then got up and went into the woods. He was in heavy golden rod brush when I shot . Tracked him into the woods, and stopped. Have good blood, but didn't want to push him into the neighbors.Gonna be a long night. My father and I are heading out at daylight in the am to get him.
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    2 bald eagles just flew over my tree. Now that was worth getting up early to see.
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    I sat it out today, no sightings in the last few sits so I decided to get some work done around the house before I'm back at work tomorrow. I did pull my last two cameras and am happy to see they are still using the same trails, just the wrong time of day. Next time out will be Friday.
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    New gun to test out. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    I’ll be honest, I love hunting the morning, there’s something about getting up before everyone else, listening to old country music on the drive in, sneaking in in the dark and watching everything kind of come to life. I know that’s corny, but it’s true. However, I have taken far more deer on afternoon excursions.
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    So I settled into the Buckform for the second Saturday of rifle season. I didn’t really have high hopes as I hadn’t seen a good shooter all week nor had any of my cameras. But usually the second Saturday in my area gets some folks out in the woods more than usual. Also heard a lot of shots from the duck hunters this morning so think that got the herd on their feet. I had seen 12 does and fawns and was watching some does enter my field into the food plots about 200 yards away. A buck I call Hocus Pocus then casually walked out behind two does and started to feed. I knew once I scoped him that he was a shooter for sure so I took a deep breath lined it up and gently squeezed the trigger. There was a bit of smoke but I saw him kick his back legs like a mule and then run forward and the back and then he toppled over. I got him on camera a couple of times over the past month but he definitely was Hocus Pocus. Just glad to have been blessed to get him. Good hunting to all still in the woods
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    Classic "heard a twig snap" and holy crap this may happen! He came in from due north and the wind was going north and or west. I let him keep coming to about 40 and he locked up so I sent it. I knew I hit, him he mule kicked nice but he stopped again at 60 or so and I shot again but I think I missed, but he piled up. At first I thought I hit him in the hindquarters but upon inspection that looks a day old or so. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    11/29 I was called last night by an excited and nervous hunter. He told me he had shot the biggest buck of his life, and he and his buddy had tracked a little blood for about 50 yards. After losing blood, they backed out without grid searching. Well done! This buck only went 250 yards and we found him in his first bed. It turns out he was hit way back and would have gone a long way if he had been pushed. Congratulations Cameron on a gorgeous buck!
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    9 points for team 2! Now 2 weeks wait for muzzleloader.
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    Both amazing days but thinking 11/2/19 lives in infamy. Almost all of these were bucks but one I think and it was bow season. Both were awesome days for a lot of people. 11/2/19 Biz, bigpaul,Nomad,Green Drake, Steuben Jerry, Wolc, ChrisW, FLXmatt, sodfather,Al Bundy, turkeyfeathers,
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    Very happy. Not my biggest, but probably biggest rack in 15 years. Decided I'd cruise the hillside this morning, wet leaves and very little wind. On my way down the first long stretch of logging road my bootlace broke. So about 15 seconds into retying it I hear something very in squirrel like. Look down towards the sound and there he was. Gun up, he's standing behind a tree. Steps out after a minute, off goes the gun, down he goes. Shot went in the left shoulder and out the right low run cage, diaphragm intact, not a morsel of meat ruined, heart was just obliterated. Happy! Took a couple hours to get the quad down close, and then hoist him out if there then back out again. Little dicey, some side slippage getting out. The hill drops 1000 feet in half a mile, and that stream bed is deep on top of that.
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    We are early this year, we are usually late setting up, typically a few days prior to Christmas. I usually have such a difficult time leaving the woods this time of year, in hopes of a buck, so the tree gets put off. This year I was fortunate to get a nice deer early, so I searched our property as quietly as I could, for a Christmas tree. We set up what we call our “Charlie Browner”...it has been a tradition we have been following for about 6 years, Its a good time, we enjoy it.
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    New camp rules next yr, none of this...
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    Fun start . Let the dog out , he peed came back in followed me upstairs and crapped on the carpet . I went to get a bag and spray cleaner , he stepped in it and tracked it down every step and the hallway . That set me back 20 minutes , after hitting the snooze one to many times to start with . yet here I am
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    This is starting to look like an all time day for the forum! This deer has seen some sh!t but his story ended today Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    11/28 Kunox sprained his leg while tracking on Thanksgiving so he’s on the injured reserve. He’s on some pain meds for a few days and we’ll see how he’s doing then. Luna is openly taunting him about getting all the tracks. #1 Luna and I tracked a buck this morning that had been shot yesterday afternoon. The hunter and a friend had tracked for 250 yards and bumped the deer out of a bed. They wisely backed out at that point. Luna quickly took us past last blood and beyond, then at 0.8 miles, the 10 pointer was found dead in his second bed. I wasn’t there for the field dressing, but the shot looked to be in the liver area. #2 The hunter on this track is a neighbor of the hunter we had our 7.58 mile track with earlier this week. We were on some of the same property we had tracked on then. Lots of rocky outcroppings and small ravines. This buck had been shot yesterday afternoon. Luna took some time to get through the grid searched area, but then locked on and we were off to the races. At about the 1/2 mile mark, Luna went hot and we went close to 800 yards further with no blood. I stopped her and told the group of 7 that were accompanying us that I was considering a restart, and if Luna came back the same way, we’d continue on further. At that point, one of the guys said he saw some blood on a tree about 100 yards back. Well, that changes everything! Go get ‘em Luna. In a very short period of time we started to regularly see blood, and we got our first look at the buck. He was about 100 yards in front of us and it was obvious he was hurting as he ran off. The hunter took a shot but didn’t connect. I wasn’t watching the gps, but we went probably close to a mile before we saw him again. And again, a shot was taken but didn’t connect. We continued on, occasionally getting close enough for Luna to open up on it. At the 3.6 mile mark, he was found in his final bed and was dispatched by the hunter. The original shot had hit high on his left rear leg. #3 Luna and I went to track a buck that had left a lot of white hair at the hit site. The hunter had tracked a small amount of blood for 200 yards, then had lost the trail. Luna showed us 1 drop of blood 200 yards beyond there, but that was it. We ended up searching 2.2 miles worth, but never saw any more blood or sign of the buck.
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    Zero deer seen this morning but there is one less coyote in the population... Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Same setup as last year. I'm sitting on the ground facing south on the second Saturday of gun season. Second year where a ' good enough ' buck came in about 40 yds behind me moving west to east. I'm usually a little more picky, but with a new born at home, time is limited. That's two for the freezer this year and all i need. Wife will be happy because that means I'll be home on the weekends now.
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    I wouldn't call again. Buck make decent people do stupid things. Oh well lesson learned. There is still a bigger buck running around, but I had this one patterned prior to heavy rut but knew I had to wait for gun to get him because of his pattern. During rut he left chasing does. I waited till Thanksgiving to go after him figuring the shooting would bring him back to his core area. I seen him thanksgiving evening but had no shot with a shotgun. Yesterday evening I got closer and sat in the brush waiting and he showed but oh well, guess I will try for another Sorry I don't have a good picture of him, just off one of my cameras I have out to catch people trespassing
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    94 acres with proper habitat management and hunting it properly ( wisely) you would be able to take deer off it every year. . Habitat and entrance exit to stands is very important. Most inportantnby far is creating a sanctuary on that property as thick and nasty as possibly and then stay out of it except in late winter when you can do maintenance work an shed hunt. 25 acres out of 90 would be so effective. Its not about food plots in ny its about cover. Especially undisturbed cover.
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    Out here since 6 with little Squirrel. Nice morning. 33 degrees and no wind. This hunt is all about him. Hoping he can knock down his first bow deer. I have my bow with me, just in case. Don’t plan on picking it up tho. Good luck to everyone out this morning, especially the little ones. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Elway making a comeback today! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Good luck on the recovery I'm looking forward to pics tomorrow. No sightings on my afternoon watch back at it in the morning. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    You guys are funny. When liberal nuts were crying and freaking out in 2016, you mocked them and reveled in their misery. Now, you are them.
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    Sheds on the hide and deadheads cut and in the box from the last 3 seasons. I also use the cut off horns for furniture around the house
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    Don't know if this will upload, but I've got a hell of a job ahead of me getting him out of here. Bottom of a stream halfway down the hill. Probably my best deer yet. Not the tank, but one we've been calling bowhinkle. I was tying together a broken shoelace on my way down the hill when I heard movement, and there he was sneaking through a small saddle in the streambed. Happy pictures later in the harvest thread.
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    This guy literally snuck up behind me without me knowing. I turned to look behind and it sounded like the Kentucky derby at the bell as he bolted. I quickly saw a rack and hustled to turn around in the stand, holding the tree with my left arm and pulling up to shoot the shotgun with my right. As he ran, he cut behind the stand giving me a 60-70yd ish broadside shot which I took one handed with the rifle quickly rested on a bow hanger. Didn’t quite have the gun well shouldered and paid the price but it was a good double lunger. Exciting few seconds. Not a huge rack, decent mass but short tined. Dressed at 177.2 less the gambrel so call him 175. Good end to a season with far less hours in the stand than normal. Forgot my tags so I had to head home and Natalie happily returned with me for the recovery. Maybe it’s time to shoot a doe. With the little time I had, I didn’t want to waste it on a doe so far. But if I get out again, the girls should beware.
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    Well, it happened. I harvested “the big one” (as per my youngest daughters orders, and the one that me and my oldest daughter came across once). Day two of rifle season 2020 is one to remember. Coming onto this handsome buck who was strutting his stuff as the king of the hill was an an amazing experience. I walked from my spot towards a path several deer crossed, and there he came down a hill. I stopped in my tracks as my heart began to pump harder and faster. He had three doe right behind me and one spotted me. I thought I was toast. Then another smaller buck pushed the three doe out and walked over to this big fella. The two bucks stayed in one spot over 40 minutes. I didn’t have a shot and there were deer all over. Moving at this point was not an option. Sure my legs went numb after watching them hang out over 53 minutes without presenting a shot, but I got him. The two bucks finally made their way down the hill towards the opening for a shot but my rifle misfired. I had to pump it the get the next shell, but they spotted me in doing so. I had to rush the 75-85 yard shot without a scope. My body went into shock mode. Did I get him? To top this crazy morning o ff the shot was a clean shot, and he didn’t travel far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Loo
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    I used to hunt this old timers property in the southern tier and rule #1 was at anytime a yote ran past you....there better be a shot taken....#2 was keep the gun on the deer and even if it flintches put another round in it.....the hills on that property were to steep to let a deer run for cover towards the river! Sent from my moto z3 using Tapatalk
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    Nope I have done it . As soon as they pass me I put the call in
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    My lunch break was busy again today. I went to church with my daughter, ate a quick meal, finished my euro, then washed her car and my suv. I was ready for a little relaxation this afternoon, so I got all Elmer fudded up and headed for my most comfortable stand, made from an old 8 ft, full sized truck cap. Our venison supply is in ok shape, but I think this spot gives me the best chance at a coyote. I missed getting a shot at one a couple winters ago, when I neglected to open the front window. I am all set with that now, and it is wide open. I could not jimmy open the child proof latch with my leatherman tool from the inside, but I went out and released it. They lightly hit my bait pile last night, and this is the area where I heard most of the yipping during the night It is also the only stand that I could get to with a south wind, without tipping them off in the sanctuary/cover areas where I think they, and/or deer may be hiding now.
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    Just my opinion, but I’d spend money making habitat improvements on my own land before I paid for a lease if I had to choose one. If you can or are doing that already, then yeah more spots is great. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I picked up Hinton in a different yahoo league. (In ESPN he’s a QB). My Flex was going to be Murray, so it’ll be a game time decision for me. As for this league, this week... I concede. Go Bills!
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    I will pray that he finds it. It sounds kind of like a high back hit, since the deer went down at the shot, then got up a few minutes later and ran off. A few years ago, a buddy had that happen at my place. I heard a shot, then he texted me that he had one down. I sure wish he had used his trigger finger on something other than his cell phone. That deer got up and ran away. It bled good for a while, then petered out, and we never found it. We looked for it for a few hours that day, and I went out again at night with "blood glow". I used my whole supply of that, advancing the trail a couple hundred yards, but it was getting very sparse near the end. Now I just try to keep on good terms with The Man upstairs, for help in recovering deer. They all end up exactly where He wants them to go. If that turns out to be "deer heaven" (my family's food supply), I know that I am doing ok. We have been eating good for many years.
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    Well I'm back home after our flights got delayed and we spent an extra 20 hours in Chicago. Going out for the first sit of gun season, cameras are hit and miss activity but I'm itching to go sit! Hopefully you guys left me a deer or two. Sent from my moto g(6) using Tapatalk
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    I never take it off during firearms season. I believe in the saying "Be Safe Be Seen." I do not believe that blaze orange in any way scares off deer as they are esentially color blind. valoroutdoors.com
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    7 pointer this morning trailing two does. Dropped in tracks with 6.5 creedmoor shooting 120 grain hornady GMX bullet, entered high shoulder exited neck.
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