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    So, you may remember my muzzleloader buck from a few weeks ago That I shot from 150 yards away: This is what he looked like after processing (sorry ) So at this point I was done. My one hunting buddy kept encouraging me to do something with the rack. Now, it's a nice rack, but my wife only tolerates so much. So I let him have it. He said he was going to try doing a European mount from scratch. He sent me several pictures of his progress, and I soon realized he was making it for me. So I graciously accepted it, and my wife even let me hang it in my office instead of the garage. (If you look to the right of the mount, its the picture after I shot. He mounted the head on a dowel that was at an angle, so when you walk into my office, it looks like its looking at you. Unique, for sure. A very nice and unexpected memento.
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    I have had so many good dogs through the years it would be hard to pick just one but the photo below is one of my favorites. His name was TJ and he was a good one, we had some pretty good days hitting the timber together.
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    with all the bad weather and post holiday catching up - need something to put a smile on our faces!!!!!
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    Charlie is so weird. But alas he's a good boy Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Our Shepard hound mix Rupert, smartest dog I've ever known.
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    We have three wouldn't call them puppies though lol 2 ukc blue tick coonhounds and my daughters 120 pound bull Mastiff he should be about 150# when he's done growing I had to dangle a piece of cheese to get them to sit still lol
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    Bleu, she is half Bluetick Coonhound and we think half lab. Can’t hunt worth a lick and doesn’t like water smh. She is the bestest though lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Our dogs Sophie and Jenny helping with kitchen remodel this summer. I look pretty tough at 6 foot 285 lbs. and tatoooes walking my poodles through town.
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    Just grabbed this at the downtown New Era store this morning...place was mobbed! Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Kinda like asking on the web how to clean money that was soiled by a dye pack. lol
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    Venison osso bucco puff pastries, homemade pizza, and porterhouse under the broiler. The Mrs new cocktail- vodka, ginger beer, pomegranate and lime Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I like these threads, like dogs way more than people.....good looking pups posted. Rescue, Pit-Lab cross- female; Injakazi (Inja for short, Zulu name)
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    Couldn't find does and had a bad case of blue balls?
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    I saw that on their site this morning, but it's $35.00. Bought this one for $20.
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    You sure Clara is a dog? Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Bragging about criminal behavior is stupidity at it's finest. We see it daily.
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    We usually start our predator hunting right after Christmas. But due to below zero wind chills, and very cold temps, we have not yet been out. Maybe I'm getting soft as I age. But we like to hunt for the experience, and enjoyment of calling in the predators we hunt. With this extreme cold, it just is not enjoyable for me to venture out. Looking forward to getting out after the weather moderates just a bit. Anyone else getting out after them? Anyone else saying it's just not fun to go out in these conditions? I do know this weather makes for some hungry coyotes and foxes. And could possibly be more conducive for hunting. But is it worth it? What'a ya think?
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    Like a PA one horn spiker?? Trophy in EVERY sense of the word. Is it or is it not 3" Dan, that'd be the toughest question pre-antler restriction days. Good times for sure!!
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    Looks sweet! Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Ill be there for the next gathering. Would be great to meet the local crew! Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    Weve got two mastiffs on the street, Walter and Hudson. Theyre brothers but with different families. Awesome dogs
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    Good thinking on his part! The wife can't say no to a gift like that!
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    That’s the price tag From FSW’s high fence silly
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    Very nice congrats on a beauty of a buck!
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    Mount came out great.....
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    Very nice euro and a great buck, congrats.
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    It has for me. Missing out on the recent full moon sucked, but just not worth it. I figure the coyotes will be even hungrier in March. Coincidentally, my cell phone trail cam picked up a picture of a coyote at 8:30 p.m. the other night. There is still time in the season.
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    I have been chasing a buck on my lease for two years now. If he was a busted up half rack I would wait. Cause he has been my nemesis and I would feel like i owe it to the chase to take him as a trophy that he is. I can always take a doe for meat. But if he is my number one I want him to be that if/when I get him.
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    26 hours of plowing. I'm done. I officially hate snow now.
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    Cuomo is Hillary without the likeability factor.
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    Henry? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've killed deer with handguns in both .357 mag and .44 mag at appropriate distances. The appropriate distance for a 9 mm would be about 15 feet. Even if you empty the magazine into the animal and kill it it's more 'shooting' than it is 'hunting'.
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    I got the Cabela's grinder foot pedal: link They are annoyingly expensive, but very useful if you are using the grinder to stuff casings. I wonder how hard it would be to rig a foot pedal from an old sewing machine. Basically the same thing.
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    I buy LEM products straight from the manufacturer. Its just not wise to scrimp on apiece of equipment like a grinder. I bought the LEM big bite #12. Just super impressed with it. The thing just eats meat.The year after we got it we decided toget the jerky attachment so we could make chicken jerky for our dogs as treats. The jerky attachment with the foot pedal works flawlessly. the wife trimmed 18 pounds of chicken breast today and filled the dehydrator. i took a pic of the jerky for you to see what you what it looks like.
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    Reading this thread Im going to have to get my boots on and its not for the snow...
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    Storm, Hunting places with low density, you only true advantage is knowing the land. The closer you are, the better the chance you can learn the place. Where do you live? The best place might be nearby. Sterling forest in the lower catskills can have good deer, but you need to do your homework. Another good tip is to find a place where a forest fire happened a few years ago. Shawgunks had a big one in 2015, that place will be in the upswing. They did reforestation work, I am not sure what they planted. 2,000 acres burned. This place will be better hunting each year. IF your 914 means an area code, this can be a day trip for you instead of a weekend only place.... With crossbows being legal in NY, you have a chance to get a buck on foot in pre rifle season. Maybe not the best chances versus a gun, but seeing a deer during peak rut time will definitely put some fire in your boiler to get up there for rifle season..... http://www.watershedpost.com/2015/fire-burns-over-2000-acres-shawangunks Call up the local forester, get a better idea where the fire was, and what they did to restore the place. Find an adirondacks hunting book, and learn where the deer like to be.... Salerno brothers have videos. I have a few of these.... http://adkhunter.com/books-dvds/ Here's some info on the fire.......... http://www.watershedpost.com/2015/fire-burns-over-2000-acres-shawangunks
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    First off, Carbone's holds the pizza title in these parts. No contest anywhere close. Best part of moving back to Alden was Carbone's. I also recommend the steak and bacon sub.... I graduated with a savage. Also know of the gillmores. They are basically my neighbors. Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    I think a .22 would suffice to hold up a McDonald's to get a Big Mac to eat. I'm sure there will be at least a few of them open even when the SHTF.
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    Hoping it’s not another ranch deer with story to follow later.
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    I installed a generator transfer switch this summer......lets me switch over and run the furnance, sump pump, some lights and the fridge and freezer. The best investment I have made in a while. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Doesnt surprise me a bit that Shady isnt practicing, why test the ankle before game time. Give him a shot Sunday and send him out there. We can beat the Jags of the past few weeks but mid season they were a truly good team. Their defense is ridiculously good, best passing D in the league vs Tyrod Taylor
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    No, this is what you get when a small group of elitists like NYB are allowed to influence the legislators that push through laws that deal with things that they have no knowledge about. If NY hunting laws were passed purely by a real wildlife management agency or committee, I doubt we would see as much stupid, arbitrary nonsense go through. Things change and evolve over time, if you cant or wont adapt, you get left behind. Its always been that way and it will always be that way.
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    Got my tickets but don't check it till I hear someone in our area won..
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    Hello all I’ve been a long time reader of this site and finally decided to make an account. I’m 23 years old and have been mostly a duck hunter for the past 6 years. This past year I’ve gotten into Turkey hunting in Roscoe NY and this January I will be Deer Hunting on Long Island. Happy New Year to everyone and stay safe out there in the woods!
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    For those of you that don't understand the "arbartrary" requirments.. it all has to do with keeping crossbow and 70 lb compound on equivalent level.. I'm all for this.especially if they are to be full inclusion in archery season.. it restricts range and keeps the field as level as possible. As far as tec.. you could make a 500lb Windlass with 1 13 lb projectile bolt and kill a deer at 300 yards otherwise.. ( some idiot would try it..) http://www.bowhuntingmag.com/bow-reviews/crossbows-vs-compounds-comparing-apples-to-apples/
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    I got to sip on a couple fingers of Pappy-Van-Winkle last night at a party. I had no intention of going out but my friend is a mile and a half down the road and when he called I couldn't pass it up. It was like angels dancing on my taste buds.
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