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    First and most importantly she is resting as comfortable as possible. Confirmed that at some point in previous 48 hrs. She had a heart attack. When they did the angiogram they found 1 artery 90% blocked and put a stent in at that time. Another artery had 40% block band they decided drug therapy was best treatment for that issue. She is bull headed an wouldn't listen to me. More tests to be done to assess the damage, they believe it's limited to the front of the heart but are not certain how much or extensive the damage is. They are telling us Sunday at the earliest for release from the hospital. With years of experience in pre hospital care I must say that RGH did an absolute top notch job today. They had 2 cardiologists and 6 nurses waiting for her arrival and as Judy put it swarmed her as she entered the room. It was non stop care and non stop updates on what they were doing and what they were seeing along with what they were gonna do for care. I must take a moment to say thank you to everyone that gave good vibes, prayers, and all the well wishes both on the live thread and in personal notes. Very much appreciated. Thanks again everyone I really do appreciate it.. Good luck to one and all. Sent from my LGL58VL using Tapatalk
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    Shot my biggest bow buck to date Monday morning! This 9 pointer was number 3 on my hit list! Let see what gun season brings! Good luck all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Deer or no deer, it really is a great morning to be in the woods..... But I really want to shoot a deer..
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    I thought I asked you to stay out of my stand
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    Wow! Let me tell you, today was a circus. The rut has hit full chase mode in two of my hunting areas. I spent the morning outside of New Berlin in 7m and before it was even light, the crashing and grunting started. Between daylight and noon, I saw at least 8 different bucks chasing does hard. It may have been more, but I am pretty sure I was seeing some of the same ones. During this time, the weather is good, then it is misting, then it is poring, then the sun is out. The wind was light to moderate. A little after noon the skies darkened, and the wind picked up, and I decided to get off the hill and head over to Edmeston in 4f. Before I could make it to the car, the weather went to hell. It was sleeting so hard the ground was covered like snow, and wind was blowing hard, and gusting even harder. I went drove over to one of the farms in Edmeston that has a pretty big gut in it with swamp and hemlocks. Even in the bad wind and weather, I saw deer out in the fields and crossing the road on my way there. I was going to sit in my car at the farm and let the wind die down, but I could see a buck running a doe in one of the pastures i had to cross. I let them get in the woods, strapped my stand to my back, grabbed my bow and pack, and hustled my butt across the pasture and into the gut. The winds were still blowing hard enough that I ended up staying on the ground for another hour. I saw at least another 5 bucks in this gut, with the quality a little better but still nothing I wanted to shoot. But what a day! Nothing like being in the woods with a bow when the chase finally kicks in. I was dressed for the weather, and the only thing that got cold was my hands off and on when i had my bow in them. My eyes are dried out a little from the wind. One more day, but I am struggling to get a big one to show up. That's why it is hunting. A state trooper friend of mine, got a nice one this morning. If the horns would have matched the body, it would have been a giant. I don't know if it will crack the 200 pound mark, but it will be close.
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    Have to make sure the barrel is all the way outside the door when you do that. It's damn loud inside when you don't. Don't ask me how I know This is just outside my living room. Put it up the other night just in case. It's screwed to the deck with fender washers holding it down. It's not going anywhere in that wind.
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    I just saw a big old boy crossing the road in front of me. I think he was a wide framed 8. I hit the gas but he was too quick.
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    Wide awake. I’ll be heading into the woods close by the house since I have a 9F tag, then driving to Cherry Creek. Good luck to all today looking for a last chance archery deer Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
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    I'll be using a Remington Model 700 BDL in 300 Win Mag. Why? Because it was my Dad's baby and I want to show it some love... I've used it every year since he passed.
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    Frankenstein 6.5 grendel AR. rock river lower with larue 2 stage trigger, upper is a 20" s.s put together by grendel hunter.com. Topped with a leupold vx3 3.5-10. Just put it together for deer this year so thats why.
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    0830 am Greene County. 20-25 yard shot. He came out of heavy brush, pretty loud, moving in a straight line to my stand. He ran a good bit but I heard the crash from my spot. Pse fang xbow.
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    As Tacks eluded to earlier, the end of the early archery season is almost on us. Although I love hunting with the rifle and look forward to it each year, archery is when I'm the happiest. I know many of you feel the same way. Next year will be my 42 year of legally hunting for deer in NYS, thanks to the Junior Archery Season that I jumped on in the fall of '76. I say "legally" because there might have been a time or two my old stomping buddy Steve and I carried some broadhead tipped arrows while hunting squirrels prior to being "with tag". Maybe not too.......... Since I was just a early single digit youngster I was in love with the bow. Grama Eleanor let me shoot some arrows in her backyard one day but then almost had a heart attack when she spotted me be a typical 7 year old, shooting arrows straight up then running like hell. Of course I'm happy with my archery season this year but wish I could have had more time in the saddle and better weather. Hopefully I can get out Friday morning and get a crack at a doe......that'd be nice. Here's to October 1st 2018 CHEERS!
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    I made a trip to west Texas for an Aoudad sheep , hog , whitetail , mountain lion , coyote hunt . I have a few pictures to share.
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    I will be out in my new Summit Climber with my 12 GA H&R single shot Deer Slayer. Got the Climber from my family as a Birthday Present last week, cant wait to take my first deer from it.
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    They are black when in estrous and are kicked clean soon after breeding. Buck will turn black as well and can be black am the way to their hooves if they are a dominant breeder.. They do make excellent attractants if gathered 3 miles or more from where you will hunt as deer will come to see who the new deer is.
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    I will be carrying my trusty NEF single shot 25-06 ............
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    1).Get in a shed or barn somewhere, bring a pint (or two) of Old Grandad, and hope the roof doesn't leak. A rifle that doesn't fog easily and a good rest are important, shots may be fairly long. 2). Find a lonely neighbor lady whose husband is out freezing in the rain, shack up for the better part of the day, and forget hunting, Sunday looks more promising. Just keep an ear out, he may be coming back to use the clothes dryer, so make sure you have at least one escape route. 3) (Worst option). Get in a tent blind or under some sort of man-made cover. Prepare to get soaked, and freeze your ass off. Hope the blind doesn't blow away when you are sitting in it. Be ready for a very boring day, not many shots will be going off, and the deer are smarter than us, they already know where to to stay warm and fairly dry, thay're not coming out. Pray that your propane tanks in the Big Buddy heater don't run out. Try to make the best of your water-logged sandwiches and jerky. And by all means, leave your cell phone back in the truck or camp, if that gets wet and ruined you'll probably be so irate that you may just consider quitting hunting all together, and take up golf or start watching the NFL again.
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    My bow season was great. New truck, got a nice big doe for the freezer opening week, and October 21st I had this 7 point grunting and dogging some does around. I flipped the bleat can and he turned about 70 yards away and closed the distance for me to get a perfect shot at 30 yards. I have waited 4 years and passed up many opportunities at bucks, but I finally got a shot at one that I knew would put a smile on my face when I found him. I know he isn't big, but he will be the first buck of many in my lifetime.
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    So a bittersweet, but nonetheless exciting and satisfying end to my bow season. I have been bowhunting now for 9 years now. I bought a used Mathews switchback in 2008, the bow technology is now 12 years old and I am starting to get itchy for a new one. So pending good health and financial status this may be her last. I've been fortunate to harvest a deer with the stick and string all but 3 season including my largest buck. We moved to Mississippi in 2014 and I was only able to harvest a doe in 2014 on a return trip home. Last year marked my first full bow season back in NY in 3 years. I was going on a 3 year archery dry spell and 3 year buck dry spell. Despite my dry spell, I had self imposed not shooting yearling bucks with any weapon and had wanted to wait to shoot a doe until late bow. These restrictions did not void me of opportunity, but they did leave me eating tag soup. My plan was unchanged this year, however as I passed small bucks and many doe early on it became clear that the fun of archery was starting to become lost. It was becoming work. If this season went without an arrow being flung I'd be entering season 4 without the satisfaction of that sound an arrow makes and the sense of joy and accomplishment of a good clean archery kill. As I entered this past weekend I had decided that anything but family groups, bb's and spikes were fair game. Add in 2 years of some really odd and funky luck, I was out taking a few shots Thursday and my drop away just snapped in half and went flying. I'm thinking I just cant buy a break and before swapping it for my old whisker biscuit i glued it with some 2 part jbweld plastic epoxy. I fired a dozen arrows Friday and she held. I still didn't feel super secure going into the woods Saturday. However, at 7:45 on a very crisp cold morning this 4 pointer made his way down a run to my left at 20 yards. I drew as he approached the shooting lane, his vision obscured by brush and as he approached he gave me a slight quartering towards, but mostly broadside shot i let the arrow fly. Instantly i saw blood spurt from behind the shoulder. I watched him run about 40 yards through the pines, stop, then another 20 before he tipped. The tail fluttered a few times and I began fist pumping 25' in the air. For I knew he was no monster buck, but I was forever excited to have another archery kill. Moral of the story for me is this. If you've been bow hunting less than 10 years, you really need to get out there and just keep flinging arrows. Time will come when I can be more choosy, but we shouldn't also deny ourselves what makes us happy. He weighed in at 113 lbs dressed and he will be tasty for sure.
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    I usually pass smaller bucks but couldn’t at 10 yards. Heart shot. Went down after 30 yards. Allegany County.
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    Excited, Grateful, Shocked and Embarrassed all at the same time. Almost 10am Sunday morning, I'm about to pack it in and I see a small 8 chasing a doe hard. Already filled my buck tag so she's exactly what I'm looking for. they don't come in front of my stand but go behind it. it's open enough for a shot but I have to be careful not to hit my bottom bow limb on the back rest of this 2 man ladder stand. She gets within 25 yards and I stop her with a MEH. she's quartering away and I definitely rushed the shot. I really should've taken an extra second or 2 to compose myself but it all happened so fast. she went from a full sprint to a dead stop in an instant, right in the only shooting lane I had left. I thought the shot was just a touch high and back but she was quartering away and I thought I saw blood pouring out of her. I gave her a little time and started following blood. find a huge pool 5 yards from impact that within 15 yards trickled down to just a drop. now I start to worry because there was nothing beyond that. I'm about to back out and come back in a few hours when a sun ray through the trees is shining on my arrow. it's completely covered in light red blood. but still, nothing else I can see on the ground. I start to worry a little bit again but a big white belly catches my eye and all is well. she didn't go 60 yards. I turn her over to see how bad my shot was and find out it was way worse than I thought. you can just barely see it in the pic of me dragging her. so I'm really mad at myself because of this entry hole and completely stunned that she is laying here dead. to my surprise the arrow didn't even touch stomach or liver. must have went right over top of them because I have a nice big slice on the underside of one of the backstraps and one lung was turned to shreds. I'm so grateful for her but I don't think I'll ever rush a shot like that again. got extremely lucky this time. 110lbs dressed