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30 minutes ago, Hock3y24 said:

Dude I’m wide the hell awake. Sucks lol

Same here brother ..I forgot to grab my doe bleat can and I went in my cabinet in my room and picked it up and it made noise the wife was ready to kill me she was asleep she was like u start rattling horns iam gonna throw u out in your truck till morning lmao

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Low temp high pressure. Feeling “deery”. Not overly expectant but hopeful nonetheless. Still trying to figure out where they are moving. It’s like hunting a new patch of woods all over. Seems like everything I figured out last season is out the window. I will be happy just to see a deer within bow range.
Good luck to all you gun guys and to all the hopeful bow guys!

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I wonder if there will be any deer killed today,haha.

I will try to do my part,I will take full advantage of the extended range with the muzzleloader and sit at the edge of a half bowl with great visibility.. I will sit right where I have found deer beds before.. 

Good luck all!

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