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Preferred weapon


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I hate the term “weapon”. That being said, I’ve taken way more deer with a bow than a gun. However, nothing beats the excitement of opening day of gun season. When you hear those first shots being fired…

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My views on hunting are much like when I go out to eat at the "Garden Buffet" at the Turning Stone Resort, I love trying everything.

My hunting consists of much more time spent on small game, varmints and birds than Deer which I try to get done and out of the way as quick as possible. 

So becoming proficient with decent quality rifles, muzzleloaders, shotguns, handguns, airguns and archery equipment to the best of my ability has been always been my goal and I like them all. I know my limitations and and use each implement accordingly.


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Bow. Killed way more deer with the bow. Plus it's warmer and during the rut. Older I get the less I like the cold. 

I do enjoy the couple days leading up to and opening day of rifle. Getting together with friends and going over plans and tactics is a good time. 

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Bow is my passion, and has been for decades now.

But for how much longer I don't know? My shoulders are getting kinda bad at 64. Though my athlete grandson has me doing a bit better this year, working out.

But I do actually enjoy each phase of the NY deer season. Bow, crossbow, rifle, smoke pole. 

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