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Ok guys what are you using to hunt deer this year


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Bow Mathews drenalin 

Crossbow:mission 400mbx or centerpoint whisper 380

Gun: Henry single shot 30-30. Marlin 1895 in 45-70, browning blr in 30- 06 , savage 99 in .308( hope to get one with savage  )

20 ga mossberg , and 12 ga browning both shooting breneke slugs

 Muzzleloader: 50 cal cva kentucky long rifle, 50 cal knight pistol, 50 cal cva Kentucky pistol.50 cal Cva Optoma rifle . 

Depends on day and what the hunt will be if driving or standing or still hunting... 

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My 23yr old Excal Exomag. Thing is a deer killing machine. I pull it of it's hanger a week before bow season, fire five shots and I'm ready to roll. I know I just frosted some vertically aligned balls with that statement but hey, I nail one or two every yr with that Xbox

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I will use my matthews halon-x I bought used two years ago,60# with 30" draw and 570 gr arrows with cutthroat single bevel up front. I would not mind filling three tags with bow if I can.

For gun season I hunt with a wolf in-line scoped muzzleloader I bought from a friend for 100 bucks 8 years ago. That is all the gun I need as I don't hunt a ton after bow season,unless my freezer is empty. I do love fresh snow to hunt in though. I may have to try tracking this year in a big lot of state land I have not hunted before.


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15 minutes ago, doebuck1234 said:

Mathews switchback with FMJ arrows and grim reaper hade fixed blades

Mossberg 500 12ga with Remington copper solid sabots

Those copper solids are great , I killed a pile of deer with my 870 and copper solids . 

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Matthews Traverse (because any other bow make is unacceptable of course)

Browning gold edition rifled barrel shotgun topped with a Leopold VX2 3-9

Ruger American .30-06 topped with a Leopold VX3 3.5-10

CVA Optima MZ .50 topped with a Nikon 3-9


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Hoyt Hyperforce 65# with Muzzy MX-3s

Wicked Ridge Invader with Rage extreme 4 blades

In the off chance I gun hunt... Savage 110 in .270 with 130 gr. ballistic silvertips

I doubt Ill use muzzleloader or shotgun

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bow: Diamond Provider with 525ish gr Victory arrows and NAP Doublecross heads

xbow: Carbon Express but I doubt I'll use it this year. 

Gun: Savage .308 and the new "MSR" in .350L

smokepole: Traditions Vortek Ultralight, although usually by this time my freezer is full and I've had enough of the cold.

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Bow..... PSE about 65lb draw

Gun/Rifle.....  257 Roberts, 300 Rem Ultra Mag

Small game... Mossberg 500 12Ga.,  and sometimes my Dad's old Ranger double barrel 12Ga

Muzzleloader......   CVA 50cal.

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I have a new Mauser M18 in .308 all sighted in and ready to go, but since spring I have been shooting in a weekly black powder league, mostly using my Lyman Great Plains flintlock  in .54, black powder and cap and ball. I hope to use that most of the season, but I have my GPR in percussion as a back up for sloppy weather..really foul weather I will likely use the M18. 

I sold my inline. No fun, and I shoot my cap and balls better. Thick north woods, range isnt a concern. Unless they are too close.

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Pa early muzzleloader- T/C Encore.

Ny xbow- parker Centerfire XXT

Ny/Pa rifle- Browning A-Bolt II stainless stalker.30-06, Browning A-Bolt II Hunter .243, Savage Model 14 in .250, Remington Model 7 7mm-08, Savage 99 in .308-depending on the weather and my mood.

Ny Muzzleloader- the Encore.

Pa late Archery- Parker crossbow.


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Bow Martin cougar III.

Crossbow PSE coalition: only reason I bought it was I had $150 gift card to bass pro. It will never replace my bow. The only real advantage I see with it is its easier to sight in and to use in a ground blind.

Gun my go to is my 444 marlin but I also like my 6mm Remington and my S&W 629DX in 44mag

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I have three single shots that have yet to earn their stripes on game. two TC Encores, one in 338 Win Mag and a 45-70 along with a Henry 357 mag. I went with a scientific method of choosing, Eeny Meeny Miney Moe and the winner was????

The Henry



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Elite Synergy and Valor
Xbow is probably in my future here this week due to ongoing shoulder issues (along with PT tomorrow)
20G H&R Ultra Slug....I would cry if something ever happens to it. Dead grown ass man serious. Cry.
CVA Scout and Weatherby in .243
CVA Cascade in 350 L (this may be used in all three states I hunt this year)
CVA Wolf / Traditions Vortek ML The Wolf for poor weather or close hunting.


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