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My 2021 Buck, Surprise Mount


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My lifelong friend and hunting partner called me this morning. Said he needed a hand with something. As always, I told him I'd be right up. 

When I got there, he said come in for a minute. When I got inside, he gave me this!!!


It's my buck from last hunting season, done up with wood from the farm. And the scene replicates the spot where I shot him exactly!!!! I was totally blown away! The pictures just don't show the detail. Down to the epoxy that looks like wet ground. Even the old tires are there!  


His wife told me he's been working on it for weeks. I knew he did the euro, but had no idea about the rest. He said he wants to start doing euros for people next year. And wanted to try something different. I think he got it right! The buck itself was very unique. Never got one quite like it before. But with the way it's done now, it is by far my favorite! I am so fortunate to be blessed with a friend like Gary. He got this buck out, and hung, skinned, gutted, and cut up for me. As I was going through a serious medical issue at the time. I was not even supposed to be out hunting!

So this means so much to me. He even hand made me a picture frame to go with it!







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2 hours ago, Farflung said:

Grampy, very nice way to mount a Euro head. Is there a story behind the little truck tires?

The tires are from old hay wagons and such. Put there decades ago by my partners father when he was running the farm. 


Thank you all very much for the nice comments!!! I am so proud of the mount. It now means more to me than any other I have. Being it was hand made by my lifelong friend. So much time and thought went into it. We rode the same school bus together. Have hunted together all these years, and have not ever once argued over a deer! We encourage each other, and share in all the up's and downs of hunting, and life. We are truly like blood brothers. I'm so fortunate, and blessed, to continue to share a friendship with such an awesome guy. 


If any local guys want to have a euro done next year, let me know? Will be able to do dips and custom work too.

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